Monday, June 12, 2006

A belief in GOOD without EVIL is realistic; a state of GRACE exists for everyone; changing beliefs; emergence of the CONSCIOUS MIND with COMPASSION

The universe is of good intent; evil and destruction do NOT exist except as a scenario. Evidence of evil in the world appears to our senses in order to let us know the consequences of the beliefs we hold, but mankind will awaken from that sadness as from a bad dream.

Any misunderstandings, crimes, and atrocities, real as they are, are seldom committed out of any intent to be evil, but because of severe misinterpretations about the nature of good, and the means that can be taken towards its actualization.

Quite simply, a belief in the good without a belief in the evil may seem highly unrealistic to you. This belief, however, is the best kind of insurance that you can have, both during physical life and afterwards.

It may outrage your intellect, and the evidence of your physical senses may shout that it is untrue, yet a belief in good without a belief in evil is actually highly realistic

You were born into a state of grace. It is impossible for you to leave it. You will die in a state of grace whether or not special words are spoken for you, or water or oil or milk is poured upon your head.

You share this blessing with the animals and all other living things. You cannot fall out of grace, nor can it be taken from you.

You can ignore it. You can hold beliefs that blind you to its existence. You will still be graced but unable to perceive your own uniqueness and integrity, and blind also to other attributes with which you are automatically gifted.

A state of grace exists for everyone when you are fairly happy and content in your daily joyful life. It is practically speaking the cause of your sense of well being and accomplishment.

It is a condition of your existence. Often it may seem your conscience tells you that you have “fallen out of grace” and that some inner, mysterious joyous sense of support no longer sustains you. But conscience is an untrustworthy guide speaking through the mouths of mothers, fathers, teachers and the clergy – all from distant years and each of whom had their “own” ideas of what was “right or wrong” or “good and evil”. These people are of course fallible.

As a child you look towards adults as “godlike” and their words fall with great weight because you are at their mercy for support and it was quiet necessary you accept those earlier beliefs from the elders before your conscious mind could form its own. These are the raw materials – the spiritual and mental fabric of ideas you have to work with.

But in adolescence some of the beliefs will be easily abandoned or altered to fit the expanding pattern of your experiences as you grow older. Still other beliefs will remain with certain changes. The beliefs must be revised to fit your new image while the main pattern remains the same.

Look at the colorful concepts the idea of original sin and the way they affect your behaviors and experience. The concept existed long before Christianity initiation and was told in various forms throughout centuries and in all civilizations.

It is actually a tale symbolically representing the “birth of the conscious mind” in the species as a whole and the emergence of self-responsibility. It also stands for the separation of the SELF who perceives – and therefore judges and value – from the OBJECT which is perceived and evaluated. It portrays the new consciousness seeing itself unique and separate, thus man came forth as a creature of distinction; abandoning all things which were given – no judgments or distinctions were necessary and all responsibilities were biologically foreordained.

Again the good and evil and the freedom of choice came to the species aid. The evil animal was the natural predator. Animals have a sense of justice that you do not understand and built-in to that innocent sense of integrity there is a biological compassion, understood at the deepest cellular levels.

For example, a cat playfully killing a mouse and eating it is NOT evil. It suffers no guilt. On biological levels, both animals understand the roles they play. This does not mean they will not struggle to live, but they have a built-in unconsciousness sense of unity with nature.

Man on a conscious level and with compassion achieved emotional realization.

The hunter is forced to emotionally identify with its prey. So to kill is to be killed. The balance of life sustains all. We are to preserve life consciously, then, as the animals preserve it unconsciously


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say we are born and we die in a state of grace. To say this means you must think that we have done something that makes us worthy of punishment. If this were not true then we would not need grace. If that is true, you must agree there is good and bad and consciquences for both. Also it must mean there is also something or someone that extends that graces to us.

If i take a gun and walk through a town and shoot evey child i see for no reason, explain to me (and to the parents of those children) how what i did was not evil. And don't campare a man mudreing a child to a cat killing a mouse for food to survive. Animals operate based on neccesity and instincs, man oporates based on reason and conscience.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is one question, whose answer matter more then any other through out history and this is it: Did Jesus Christ survive his own death? If he did not then all of Christianity is worthless. If he did, then he is divine and his words, his works, and his prophecy have merit over any man made philosophies that contest them.

The night that Jesus was betrayed and arrested his disciples deserted him. The fled into hiding, and when confronted, even denied ever knowing him. They had lost all faith in him, and were no longer sure he was the Christ. Jesus was tried, and the Roman ruler found no fault in him worthy of death, but fearing the rabble-rousers decided to have him crucified so as not to loose respect or position among his peers. Jesus was beaten scourged, and hung on a cross. Crucified and dead he was taken down and sealed in a tomb were he should have been quickly forgotten just like all the other self proclaim messiahs. So why wasn’t that the end of his story? Why because, the grave couldn’t hold him. An angle rolled the stone from the tomb and Christ walked out as the first fruits of the resurrection. Easy to say, but hard to believe. So why do I believe it?

For one thing there were hundreds of witnesses. People don’t have the intelligence or the organizational skill to pull of a heist of that scale. You can’t convince large groups of people of something as preposterous as a man surviving his own death, unless of course it really happened and they had witnessed it themselves.

Secondly, all those disciples who had earlier deserted Jesus and gone into hiding were suddenly stepping forth in confidence and proclaiming that the messiah had risen. Why would men do such a thing if it were not true? What did they have to gain from fervently spreading such a lie? Why was it that they were all willing to suffer beating, stoning, and exile if their story was not true? Why did all of Christ’s disciples continue to proclaim his resurrection even when their lives were threatened? Why did all but one (John, exiled to patmos) give their lives for the message that Jesus had risen from the dead? Why did thousands of Christians suffer persecution in the early church if they were not %110 certain that Christ was indeed the Risen Christ the Son of the Living God?

Finally, why has Christ’s message and His Kingdom spread to all the earth? Why did it not die off with his crucifixion? Why have countless Christians throughout history suffered and died to protect the fact that Christ has risen, and that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no man comes to the father but by him? Why have his words always proven true? How do you explain the miracle of the Holy Sprit sent by Christ that lives in all believers? The evidence is overwhelming. To ignore it can only be done with a cold hardened heart, a heart that does not fear God, a heart of selfishness, and heart that claims it’s own deity over God’s authority. The fate of such a heart to too terrible to consider, but if you have such a heart you must. Christ brought a message of a free gift, but a gift cannot be received until one reaches out and grasps it. He is willing; the gift is his mercy and grace. You deserve death and eternal torment, but Christ in his love, offers you eternal life. Will you accept it or will you reject it? Today is the day of salvation, tomorrow may never come, death is always crouching at the door. Decide, if Christ rose, follow him for He is God. If he did not then he is either a lunatic or a lair and you may resume your reign on the throne of your own creation.

12:20 AM  

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