Sunday, January 20, 2008

MORE PICS & Video – Vice Raid -26 China Dolls (22-50 yrs) & 11 Customers Detained at Jalan Pudu Food Court; New Faces Arriving to Replace

UPDATE : Last Days of Peng Hwa on Jan 31 2008

ABOVE & BELOW: The days of Peng Hwa are numbered. The owner of the Plot has given an extension and after the CNY it will be demolished for a new building. It will be sweet memory for all who have been there.
= = = == = == = == == = == == = ==
ABOVE & BELOW: Some PRCs were there for lunch or drinks with the older folks. For some of them, the "spirit is willing but the body is not".
A note for all young mamak special cheongsters
Sexuality & Old AgeBeliefs Play a BIG Part

To ensure at older age your desires are still intact i.e. the spirit is willing and so is your body - change your wrong beliefs.

Excessive sexual behavior obviously will be considered depraved by those most afraid of their sensual natures. But for young adults if you believe sex is GOOD but old age is BAD, then you will find it IMPOSSIBLE to consider exuberant sexuality as a portion of an older person's experience. Trust yourself for greater self-understanding and you will need not project repressed tendencies upon others
As humans we are all animals, if not what are we, vegetables? We are here - our spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body with sex. Cheers

= == = == == = == = = Original Post Below:
The more they were arrested and taken away and deported, the more Fresh Faces arrived to replace them - courtesy of the Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan. Tengku Adnan launched a one-stop kiosk called "T-Station" which offers various services including e-banking for tourists. It also supplies information on tourist spots and packages.
The minister hoped more T-Station kiosks would be placed at strategic locations like hotels and tourism service centres as it would help boost the industry.
Malaysia aims to draw 22.5 million tourists and generate RM50.3 billion in revenue from the industry this year.

ABOVE: This is the Tourism Minister who can "do no wrong" (& even accused Lingam of being drunk in Day 4 of the Royal Com Inq) and who can raked in Billions of tourist Dollars and all the PRC - China Dolls using the effective VOA (Visa on Arrival ) for all & sundry including all the prostitutes.

In yet another raid over 26 PRC were taken in for coming in on social visit passes and without proper work permits. And in the same eatery that was raided a few weeks ago. The modus operandi is "Free Food first or Drinks & then Paid Sex". Unfortunately in all raids 11 local customers were also taken in for questioning. The 50 year old must be the Mama san.

ALL were taken in to a nearby internet cafe which also served as a "contact viewing & choosing point" where their particulars were recorded.

According to a visitor to that place it is the Peh Wah Kopitam, Pudu Pasar. "More quiet & clean than Peng Hwa. Is a place to drink beer & having PRC GROs to accompany u...but u need to pay them tips (butterfly style)"

= == = = == = == = After recording their particulars all were send marching up the waiting police trucks

= == = == == = == == = ==Away they go all the Beautiful PRCs back to China and come back again officially through VOA with a new identity

= == = == == = == = == == = == = =and also all the unlucky customers being at the right place and right time in that Kopitam

= == = = =Watch the Video Clip (within Clips, reverse mode) 3 mins 26s (plus 1/2 Speed Slow Motion)

= == == = == =loaded now

= == = == = == = =

== = = == = == = = and in Johore Baru, Thai girls were taken in - sorry folks no Pics to show - the Star cannot afford the space

Sunday January 20, 2008; STAR

Cops nab seven Thai hookers

JOHOR BARU: Seven suspected Thai prostitutes operating in terrace houses in housing estates were nabbed in multiple police raids. The prostitutes were ostensibly offering massage services. Four men, believed to be the customers, were also caught. A tip-off led seven police personnel headed by C/Insp Zulkifli Yusuf to a house in Taman Bukit Mewahat 9.45pm on Friday. During the raid, three women from Thailand aged 32, 33 and 27 were detained. Two locals, believed to be customers, aged 21 and 29, were also detained. Police also seized condoms, massage oil and various other items from the premises.

Less than two hours later, police raided a similar house nearby and detained four women, who were also from
Thailand, aged between 30 and 32. Two men, both aged 30, were also detained. Johor Baru (North) OCPD Asst Comm Ruslan Hassan said the women tried to fool the police by saying they were offering massage services for RM30 per hour. “However, we seized several items that suggest otherwise, and they were acting suspiciously. The women had proper documents that showed they have been in the country for over a month,” he said. ACP Ruslan explained that initial investigations revealed that the women nabbed were from two separate syndicates

= == = == = = Did you miss the last Raid on Jan 04 08? Go H E R E ON

MORE PICS & Video – Vice Raid - 61 PRC Dolls Detained; Cyber Café near Food Court, Jalan Pasar; 14 Male Customers Included; 6 No Passports

for previous raids, go Utube look for MsiaRaid

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UPDATE: Day 6, RCI -January 21, 2008 13:53 PM
It Is Not Ahmad Fairuz, Says Lingam

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 (Bernama) -- Lawyer Datuk V. K. Lingam today denied that he was speaking to former chief justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim on the telephone in the controversial video clip. Lingam, 57, who took the witness stand before the Royal Commission of Inquiry, said he never had Ahmad Fairuz's telephone number and neither did Ahmad Fairuz have his telephone number. "Until today I have never spoken to Ahmad Fairuz on the phone," Lingam said when questioned by conducting officer Datuk Nordin Hassan on whom he was speaking to on the telephone in the video clip. "It looks like me," said Lingam when asked whether he was the man having a telephone conversation in the video clip. "You (Nordin) can ask me a hundred questions (on the same matter), I will tell you the same answer. It looks like me," he reiterated. Asked whether he knew the person who recorded the video clip, Lingam said he did not.

= == = ==
January 21, 2008 12:58 PM
Lingam Was Not Drunk When He Spoke On The Phone, Says Witness

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 (Bernama) -- Lawyer Datuk V. K. Lingam was not drunk or intoxicated when he spoke on the telephone allegedly brokering the appointment of judges, the Royal Commission of Inquiry heard Monday. Loh Gwo Burne (ABOVE), a 34-year-old consultant, said there were "drinks" taken but he was of the opinion that not much drinks were consumed on that evening in late December 2001 in Lingam's house in Kelana Jaya. "I don't think that even by the end of the night, Lingam was drunk," the 12th witness said in the inquiry which entered its 6th day today. To a question by his counsel, Alex De Silva, on whether Lingam was "staging" it, Gwo Burne said: "No, sometimes I could hear a male voice on the other side (of the telephone)" but he could not hear what the person on the other end was saying.

The video clip was played once again in the proceedings. After watching the video clip, conducting officer Datuk Nordin Hassan asked Gwo Burne whether the contents of the clip were the same as the one he had recorded, to which he said: "Yes I believe so". To a question by De Silva, Gwo Burne said he did not interfere with, edit or doctor the contents of the 14-minute video recording when transferring the data from the memory card to the computer and from the computer to his laptop."In my memory, the video clip is the recording that I took in 2001," he said. Gwo Burne earlier told the inquiry that he and his father, Loh Mui Fah went to Lingam's house that night as they were invited for dinner and also to discuss some of their legal matters with Lingam, who was their counsel. He said he took his Sony 707 camera along because he wanted to try it out as it was a new camera with a recording function.

Gwo Burne admitted that the recording of Lingam's conversation as well as the conversation between his (gwo Burne's) father and Lingam after Lingam finished speaking on the telephone was made by him at Lingam's house without his father's knowledge. He said that initially he was taking photographs of a vase but half-way through, it was switched to the video recording mode. He then decided to continue recording because he was bored and fed up with Lingam because Lingam was always talking on the phone. Gwo Burne said Lingam was constantly attending to other matters and talking on the telephone. Lingam went out to buy wine, talked to his (Lingam's ) sister who was also present during the dinner and when Lingam finally had the time to sit down to discuss their legal matters with them, he was on the telephone again, he said. To a question by Nordin on whether Lingam was aware that he was recording the telephone conversation, he said: "I do not believe so". Lingam made a brief appearance at the hearing today when he was called for identification by the witness. Gwo Burne identified him as the man who was speaking on the telephone in 2001.

= == = = == Go H E R E Updated details On

MORE PICS - LINGAM insists on ORIGINAL Copy for Authenticity despite confirmation & was Tipsy with Drinks’; What was the Original Motive For Release of Clip? Revenge? Business man Loh could not get his Fees Refund, Lingam was the Lawyer for Loh’s Father and Lingam was Sued by Loh’s Mother. Complicated?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect these photos must be supplied by insiders of corrupted police and RELA. This is very unethical act like RELA took and showed a Malay girl working in disco in the media.

Visa free for Asean countries has atrracted more prostitutes from Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Besides million of Indon illegal immigrants are hiding behind your backyard.

Abuse of visa free facility by Asean countries is far more serious VOA.

Why people like you keep silence on Indon prostitutes and workers? You know the answer, that is racism.

Editor for

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiyah Editor,
Don't jump to conclusion about insider info, Rela & etc. Adjust your Satellite dish properly and you can tune in to these pics & video clips - courtesy of the local electronic media.
Watch the clips and see for yourself and Go Utube and look for more under MsiaRaid.
What is there to hide for these China Dollse? All fully clothed. A thing of beauty is a joy forever if they don't grow old!

9:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

Police conducted the raid has to make sure the face of "suspects" cannot be displayed in TV and newspapers.

This is human rights basic standard used by any civilized countries.

It's open secret that Indon chick outnumbered China and Thailand chick in Bolehland. Almost every cheap hotels at cities in Sabah have plenty of indon chicks, lest not mention Bangsar and Chow Kit areas.

I wonder why highly publicized raids are always targetted on prostitutes from China and Thailand except Indonesia.

Sorry I forget these local TV medias are controlled by UMNO and serve as a political tool to humiliate and degrade Chinese and India people.

2:30 AM  
Anonymous mohd nor abdul manaf said...

I agree that this Visa On Arrival must be scrap. It is a bad idea and bring in more problems than benefit to Malaysia. These women from China have abuse and betray the trust given by Malaysia in granting them Visa On Arival and come here to prostitute themselves. There are many so called tourist from india that is also misuseing this Visa On Arrival privilege given to them.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Sundarraj Jayaraj said...

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2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

peng hwa has now open up on jalan pudu for 2 weeks now and are as notorious as ever. Not only there are loads of china dolls but loud music to disrupt the nearby resident and disruption of traffic by so many illegally parked cars. I`m sure Dr Ayam looks like a fool now for bailing them out the first time. Today 6 january 2009,there was a raid, at least 40-50 china dolls were taken by the immigration officers. Serves them right. The fact that this even happen again to the same food court after 21 raids shows how bad corruption in this country is. Its so sad, feels like theres no hope for Malaysia.

cheng boy

12:41 AM  

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