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MORE PICS & Video – Vice Raid - 61 PRC Dolls Detained; Solicting in Food Court,- Hotels, Jalan Pasar; 14 Male Customers Included; 6 No Valid Passports

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has no such raid stories for sure because this are news that do not matter to them -"holier-than-thou" as CSL said.

For Chua Soi Lek Sex Movie stories & video Clips
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MORE PICS & Video – Vice Raid - 61 PRC Dolls Detained; Cyber Café near Food Court, Jalan Pasar; 14 Male Customers Included; 6 No Passports.

ABOVE: The PRC were seen soliciting fro sex at the Food Court in Jalan Pasar, where all the latest electronic goods and gadgets are sold ad BELOW: one by one they were herded to an internet cafe for checking

= == = == = = and BELOW: Can see or not?. The girls are ever ready, no panties or there is a hidden G-string one?

Saturday January 5, 2008

61 China women held over vice

KUALA LUMPUR: Police detained 61 Chinese nationals in a vice raid at a food court in Jalan Pasar here yesterday. City deputy OCCI (intelligence and operations) Asst Comm Ramli Mat Arshad said police detained the women believed to be involved in vice activities.

He said police also detained 16 men aged between 25 and 45 of whom 14 were believed to be their customers, while another two were detained as they tried to stop the raiding team from carrying out their duties.

ACP Ramli said that six of the women did not have passports while the others entered the country with social visit visas .

ABOVE & BELOW: Once their particulars were recorded, they were sent marching to the waiting police trucks

He said that initial investigations showed that the women acted as patrons at the food court and picked up and negotiated with their male customers there before adjourning to nearby hotels to carry out their illegal activities.

He said the food court was famous for having foreign women soliciting for sex.

ABOVE & BELOW: The bare back ones are sexy

The police raided it 21 times last year and detained 90 women from China and one from Indonesia.

ABOVE & BELOW: Off they were sent marching to the Police trucks. Do not mistaken the one in scarf, not a PRC but a local. If you listen to the clip, one Indo was also caught.

= = == == = == = == === == = == =

ABOVE & BELOW: Up the truck they go

= == == == == == == == = == = =

ABOVE & BELOW: See thru also must go. When will they come back again?. So many gone 61 + 30 in BB = 91. Thanks to the Government lust for the "tourist Dollars", the open air Visa on Arrival make it very easy. If they change their identities and get a new passport, they can easily enter again on a social visit pass. Good luck to them.

= = == =Watch Video Clip 2min & some in Slow Motion (1/2 Speed)

= == = ==Video Clip loaded 3 min 31s, (+ slow motion)

= == = =

= = = == == = == =
see also the related Raid on Dec 30 at BB, Go
= = = Watch the Video Clip 1 min 26 s

= == = =Dr Ayam came to the rescue

Senator helps halt demolition of infamous Peng Hwa

Charles Ramendran
KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 7, 2008): The demolition of an imfamous food court on Jalan Pasar where foreign women, especially Chinese national, hang out to offer sexual services came to a halt when City Hall workers pulled out following the intervention of a senator today. City Hall's officers and demolition machinery comprising of backhoes and bulldozers arrived at
8am and served the order to tear down the Peng Hwa Food Court to its owner Kang Lye Hin. Soon after the demolition team began mowing down the food kiosks which are also owned by Kang but was located outside the food court.

ABOVE: Dr Lee the ex-MP (who lost to Wee Choo Keong in the Election) but was "fixed" by the retired Chief Justice and awarded the MP post; more popularly known as Dr Ayam, being the advisor to the Poultry Dealers Association and not the "kei lo" advisor to the Chinaman "ayam (kei)" in the notorious BB red light areas.And BELOW - the 40 NGOs and not 80s as in the STAR & NST.

However, after 16 kiosks were destroyed, the demolition came to a brief stop following the intervention of Bukit Bintang Barisan Nasional chairman and MCA Central Committee member Senator Dr Lee Chong Meng. Over the next several eight hours, Lee negotiated with City Hall deputy director (town planning) Ismail Yusof who was at the scene urging him to spare the food court building for at least three months more to enable Kang and the other traders to find another location to relocate.
He made several calls to City Hall's director general Datuk Salleh Yusup and finally at about
6pm, Lee said City Hall had agreed to delay the demolition until the end of March. Lee said he sought the consideration of City Hall to temporarily call off the demolition as the Chinese New Year was nearing and it would be very trying for them should they lose their source of livelihood now. "Let us celebrate the Chinese New Year and then they can close the place down.The owner and traders understand that they have to leave the place but all they ask for is three more months," he said.

Ismail, when approached, told theSun City Hall had given ample time to the owner by serving three notices between last October and December, urging the traders to leave the place. He said the notices were ignored and the owner did not make any application to delay the demolition then but was frantically doing so now at the eleventh hour, just when bulldozing of the eatery is in progress. The land on which the Penag Hwa food court is located belongs to a Chinese clan association which refused to renew a rental tenancy agreement with Kang. The association wants to build a four-storey building and had informed Kang of this in April last year. Both parties took the matter to court and Kang is believed to have lost the case.
09:15PM Mon, 07 Jan 2008


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Few of the girls' nenen is quite big.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

peng hwa has now open up on jalan pudu for 2 weeks now and are as notorious as ever. Not only there are loads of china dolls but loud music to disrupt the nearby resident and disruption of traffic by so many illegally parked cars. I`m sure Dr Ayam looks like a fool now for bailing them out the first time. Today 6 january 2009,there was a raid, at least 40-50 china dolls were taken by the immigration officers. Serves them right. The fact that this even happen again to the same food court after 21 raids shows how bad corruption in this country is. Its so sad, feels like theres no hope for Malaysia.

cheng boy

12:39 AM  

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