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Video –SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 Months He submitted Reports; Meetings, KIV; Now Special Committee - Eyewash?

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Video –SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 Months He submitted Reports; Meetings, KIV; Now Special Committee - Eyewash?

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The Ruth Group created an interesting post today on Video �SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 Months He submitted Reports; Meetings, KIV; Now Special Committee - Eyewash?
Here’s a short outline

Malaysiakini has lead weekend story Experts: BN to suffer poll losses and this would not be surprising now that Hindraf has woken up the Indians to realize that they have been misled and hoodwinked for the past 50 years. Some of these anger and protest would be retranslated to the opposition votes. And has the latest coverage On FRU accused of firing tear gas at close range = == = == == = Samy Vellu has failed the Indian Community when he failed to stomp his feet and put up eno

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Video –SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 ...
The Ruth Group created an interesting post today on Video â�“SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 Months He submitted Reports; Meetings, KIV; Now Special Committee - Eyewash? Here’sa short outline ...
Democrats @ 2008 Presidential Election -

Video –SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 ...
The Ruth Group put an intriguing blog post on Video â�“SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 Months He submitted Reports; Meetings, KIV; Now Special Committee - Eyewash? Here’sa quick excerpt ...
2008 Presidential Election -

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UPDATE: Dec 02 07 10:23pm
Mohd Toyo MB Selangor spoke and confirm there was no "ethnic Cleansing" there in Kampong Meda six years ago. He was he was there almost every night and it was the biggest challenge to his Career
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Samy Vellu has failed the Indian Community when he failed to stomp his feet and put up enough tantrums when dealing with the Umno leadership. But what can he do when BN is in effect a coalition of UNequal partnership with UMNO in effective control and pulling the strings. The moment he makes too much noise, he is shown the exit. That is why Hindraf "reiterate that we have no confidence in the MIC Special Committee and MIC hotline proposal as hundreds such committees and hotlines have been proposed and had before in the last 50 years but with almost zero results"

Watch the Video clip of his anger for the efforts he put in reports after reports were passed over to the PM and in turn these were pushed over to the DPM for further meetings and finally KIV. He did this when the 18-point Memo was submitted to the PM office on 12th Aug 2007 and he did try to meet up with the Hindraf leadership, but they distrust him and wanted to deal directly with BN leadership.
Samy Vellu is good only at looking after the interest of the Toll Rate Increases. No matter what he proposes, the cronies still get their increase or compensations as they are entitled to them in the contracts every few years.

Datuk Anwar Ibrahim (ABOVE) has come out in full support of the Hindraf cause bearing in mind their votes could be crucial in the closely fought seats.

And Professor Emeritus Khoo (ABOVE, a former History Professor) now with Suhakam has stated that this is not an Indian-Malay problem but solely an Indian one and pointed the finger at the MIC party that is responsible.

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Bad Timing for Rafidah 63 member delegation in Trade Investment Promotion to India from 25 Nov to Dec 1.

She addressed a 360 businessmen in a seminar on “Malaysia in the Business opportunities” in Mumbai (BELOW)

Malaysia having started it quite long time ago is well place to promote Islamic Banking in this part of the world We welcome collaboration with financial institutions from India and Mumbai in this area of financial services”
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Watch Video Clip (2min 46s)SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 Months He submitted Reports; Meetings, KIV; Now Special Committee - Eyewash?

= == = == = == = == = == =the finger points to Samy who redirects it to BN Government

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What Samy in effect said is that his efforts to get jobs for the Indians through the proper channels has failed miserably. Not too long ago, when UMNO complained of jobless graduates, PSD back bend backwards and absorbed thousands of them. So effectively MIC or for the matter MCA and the rest have not much bargaining powers in the face of the affirmative policy strongly entrenched in the corridors of powers - the implementers.

"For the last two months, I have raised so many things about employment public sector for the Indians, So many things, week by week, week by week I come back with new report. I submitted so much of reports, finally Prime Minister asked Deputy Prime Minister to chair a meeting with the Public Services Department and then the PM Department to see what is that we can implement immediately."

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= == = == =and this is what Samy is very good at, looking after the interests of the cronies Toll rates and More Electronic Toll Gantries, in effect advance Toll payments when you have to "buy" credit in advance.

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What it means for Samy Vellu Saturday, 01 December 2007,

©Today Online, Singapore ;by Christie Loh
FLAMBOYANT Malaysian politician S Samy Vellu is like a man used to walking over beds of burning coals..

Through cheating allegations in a telecom stock controversy and embarrassing gaffes in infrastructure projects, this Works Minister has survived 28 years so far to be the country's longest serving ethnic Indian in Cabinet. But will the latest trial, coming ahead of elections widely tipped to take place next year, end his grip on power? When some 10,000 Indian Malaysians marched angrily through the heart of Kuala Lumpur last Sunday, braving tear gas and nausea-inducing water cannons, their protest against decades of marginalisation was also seen as a slap in the face for their long-time community leader, Mr Samy Vellu. As president of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) since 1979, the 71-year-old has been the rare Indian voice in the 14-party governing coalition Barisan Nasional. But while he has promised repeatedly to improve the lot of the minority race dominated by plantation workers and squatters, some feel the man in the sharp suits and shiny Mercedes Benz has not delivered. Look at the equity of the nation's two million ethnic Indians, said political analyst P Ramasamy, who is also international secretary of Malaysian opposition Democratic Action Party. They make up 8 per cent of the population, yet their share of the economy is just 1.5 per cent today and little changed from the 1 per cent in the 1970s, no thanks to the policies favouring the indigenous Malays, known as bumiputeras, since 1971.

In contrast, Malays have 19.4 per cent of corporate wealth and the ethnic Chinese, 38.5 per cent. It is the same story when it comes to education, wealth and job prospects, although a few Indians do famously excel in areas such as medicine and law. Beyond economic stress, Professor Ramasamy said a series of religious incidents have "traumatised" the Hindus: High-profile tussles with Muslims over burial rites for some converts and the insensitive way in which the authorities tore down and relocated hundreds of Hindu and Chinese temples, said to be illegally built, to make way for new buildings. "Samy Vellu's presence, or non-presence, doesn't make any impact on the Indian community. MIC is just a joke for us," said Prof Ramasamy. The community's discontent has been seething for years, but it needed an avenue and the "right" timing before spilling onto the streets.

"It is only with the advent of a civil society movement that has concentrated the cause of the ethnic minority that this sort of subterranean sentiment, which has already been building over the years, gets an outlet," Associate Professor Joseph Liow, of the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, told Weekend Xtra. The "outlet" is the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), a non-government organisation formed in 2005 and rapidly gaining prominence for voicing the community's frustrations. It moved in while MIC leaders were caught up ininternal politics, and mobilised Indians nationwide last weekend - not just

the working class, but professionals such as doctors and lawyers, too. The fact that the Hindraf march went ahead despite Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's appeals to the people not to join in suggests the Prime Minister and Mr Samy Vellu "both have lost control and influence over the more vocal elements of the minority Indian community", said Associate Professor Hussin Mutalib, political scientist at National University of Singapore. He added: "These are indeed trying times for the leadership of PM Abdullah and Samy Vellu as leader of the MIC." Still, the MIC boss is determined to hang on. In a Reuters report this week, Mr Samy Vellu said he would hand over the party reins only at "an appropriate time". He also wrote off the protesters as mere "troublemakers" and said: "We are confident of winning the next elections handsomely." His confidence may not be misplaced. For one, Mr Samy Vellu has few competitors. Within the party, where he is into his 10th term as president, he has ensured there are no alternative powers, said Assoc Prof Liow.

There is a similar drought externally. MIC is the only Indian-based party, besides the one-week-old independent Malaysian Indian United Party led by businessman K S Nallakaruppan. The multi-racial People's Progressive Party, half of whose membership is ethnic Indian, could try stepping in to help fellow Barisan ally, MIC. But Assoc Prof Liow feels PPP is preoccupied with internal battles. "I don't think there is someone who really stands out in the community who is already in politics," he said. The community's political star has somehow always been Mr Samy Vellu, the poor boy made good. The son of a rubber tapper, he went from doing odd jobs to becoming a certified architect. Similarly, he advanced politically through the MIC ranks over 20 years to become chief of the third largest party in Barisan, where the power-sharing structure landed him a senior ministerial post. This long-time Member of Parliament for Perak's Sungai Siput constituency has a "strong network on the ground", said Assoc Prof Liow. Numerous shoddy public works, such as burst water pipes in the Immigration Office and a major mudslide along a part of the North-South Expressway, may have hurt Mr Samy Vellu's name and led to calls for his head, but they have never resulted in his resignation or sacking. Could the upcoming polls, which must take place by May 2009, seal his fate? As Mr Abdullah has instructed the MIC to form a special team to study the Indian community's socio-economic woes, Mr Samy Vellu may still be able to recover lost fans. NUS' Assoc Prof Hussin is less optimistic:

"Although Indians constitute a small percentage of the electoral votes, in border-line cases, their frustrations at the Barisan coalition may impair its performance." If MIC truly does not fare well, it will be "a sign of weakness on the part of Samy Vellu", said Assoc Prof Liow. Following that, challengers are likely to emerge amid "a push from the bottom" to relook the party leadership. At MIC's 51st annual general meeting a decade ago, Mr Samy Vellu delivered his usual presidential speech about taking Indian Malaysians forward, saying "we will never get to the future if we wait for someone else to blaze the trail". Ten years on, his fellow men have heeded his call to seize the day. But will he still have their ear or have they walked away for good?

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December 01, 2007 17:10 PM

Hindraf Gone Overboard With Ethnic Cleansing Accusation - Abdullah

ALOR GAJAH, Dec 1 (Bernama) -- The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has gone overboard in telling a blatant lie, accusing the Malaysian government of carrying out ethnic cleansing on the Indians in the country, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Saturday. Visibly angry over the accusation, the Prime Minister said it was a baseless allegation and a blatant lie that could arouse hatred among multiracial Malaysians and spark racial clashes. "I'm really angry, I rarely get angry but this blatant lie cannot be tolerated at all," he told reporters after opening the state-level Hadhari Village in Tanjung Bidara, near here.

The Prime Minister said Hindraf had told many lies with malicious intentions to deceive the Indians that they were an exploited race and that the government was carrying out ethnic cleansing on them. "Ethnic cleansing is like what happened in Bosnia when the Serbians killed and did everything to wipe out Bosnians from the country but we didn't do such things here (in Malaysia)," he said. Abdullah, expressing regret over Hindraf's complaints on the plight of Malaysian Indians to the British government, the United Nations and other international bodies, said the move was merely to disrupt prevailing peace and harmony in the country and to crease racial tension. He said Hindraf, organiser of the Nov 25 street demonstration in Kuala Lumpur, was trying to hoodwink the Indians who have lived together in peace and harmony with the other races and have helped the government develop the country to greater heights.

"In our 50 years of independence, we never had any problems with the Indians. The Indians have played their role in being staunch supporters of the Malaysian government and the Barisan Nasional, surely they know the government has been fair and just to them," he said. Abdullah said the government had never marginalised the Indians in the mainstream development of the nation. "I've helped them, I've helped them in many ways. They want money to repair their temples, I help because we respect other religions and they are not our enemies, they have cooperated very well with us, this is what has happened," he said. The Prime Minister said he did want the people, especially the Indians to be misled by Hindraf's unfounded claims and allegations, hoping that other races would not show sympathy to the Indian activist group. "Is this what we are looking for? In Malaysia, there are no problems with Islam and Hindu religions, never happened before, there are no sectarian clashes here, why such things are being raised? "Surely what is being questioned has racial undertones aimed at disrupting the prevailing peace, harmony and well-being of our people," said Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister. The Prime Minister said Hindraf's actions to "fish in troubled waters" cannot be permitted as the country had laws and constitution for everyone to obey and respect. He warned legal action would be taken against law breakers. We are successful because we are law-abiding citizens. We firmly hold to the Rukun Negara principles," he said, adding that the police were closely monitoring the goings-on in the country, including Hindraf supporters' moves.

"Hence, I hope Malaysians will reflect on and evaluate Hindraf's actions and statements, particularly the Indian community who have been dragged into and made used of by this activist group," he said. Abdullah said the government had always given attention to the various requests made by MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu to improve the socio-economic status of the Indian community.

"Be it whether to appoint senators or to be elected representatives, we give attention and support to all the requests. The Indians know there are groups like Hindraf who are out to instigate them and make all sorts of accusations so that they will be unhappy with us," he said. The Prime Minister said he did not want to see Malaysia's development and progress be impeded by irresponsible activist groups like Hindraf. Asked whether the government intends to strip off the citizenship of Hindraf members, Abdullah said he was leaving it to the police to take legal action. The Prime Minister said holding street protests, including by a group calling themselves "BERSIH", purportedly to bring about reforms in the country's electoral system for a fair and open elections and to makedemands to the government, was not the right way.
BERSIH staged a street demonstration in
Kuala Lumpur and marched to Istana Negara on Nov 10 to hand a memorandum to Istana Negara, calling for fair and open elections. Abdullah said the Election Commission had decided to use the indelible ink and transparent ballot boxes in the next general election.
"With the transparent ballot box, everybody will know the ballots areinside when the boxes are taken (to the tallying centre). It's the same with postal votes, others can come and see what is happening during postal voting. "Everything they want to check as if nobody can be trusted, only they can be trusted," he said.

Abdullah said that if the Malaysian government had cheated in general elections, the people would have thrown out the government long time ago because Malaysians are not stupid and they cannot be fooled."We are still in power after 50 years of independence, propelling the nation to greater heights, our economic performance has improved markedly. "Our latest economic figures showed our economy has improved by 67 percentage points, all indicators are pointing towards progress, oureconomy is showing positive growth signs," said Abdullah, who is also Finance Minister.

Acknowledging that there were weaknesses and there was still work to be done by the government, the Prime Minister asked: "Where there is a leader in the world who says he has done everything, everything is complete, there are no more poor people, nobody is suffering and no one needs any help." Abdullah said development would take some time (to show results), citing the policy to eradicate poverty since the launch of the New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1970 and is still being carried out by the government until today. "Many are still poor. We cannot just say everything can stop after implementing the NEP for 20 years, no need to do anything," he added

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December 01, 2007 23:34 PM

National Stability Takes Priority In Hindraf Issue - Najib
HONG KONG, Dec 1 (Bernama) -- Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun

Razak says the government will give priority to national stability and public order in dealing with the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) issue.He also said that Hindraf's latest move to try to lobby foreign support would only make the situation worse. It was as though they were challenging the government to use the Internal Security Act, he added. "I regret the action taken by Hindraf leaders because the issues raised are domestic but why they want to internationalise them?," he told

Malaysian reporters here today. Asked what would be the government's reaction if more street protests are held, he said: "If they keep challenging, one day they will cross the line. "But it is up to the authorities to determine the appropriate action on Hindraf," said Najib who leaves for home tomorrow after a three-day

visit here.

He said many quarters urged the government to be firm but using the Internal Security Act could become an international issue. There were also people waiting to exploit the situation whatever enforcement measures were taken, he added.

"Nonetheless, internal stability takes precedence alongside national harmony and public order," Najib said. According to reports, Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoorthy has left Malaysia for India, Europe and the United States to seek support for its cause.

Najib said this clearly showed that Hindraf was politically motivated and the group's move was to try to tarnish the country's image. Other countries had no rights to intervene in Malaysia's internal matters, he said.

Meanwhile, asked on what he would say to K. Devamany when they meet on

Monday, Najib said he would listen to what the Barisan Nasional member

of Parliament for Cameron Highlands had to say. In the Dewan Rakyat recently, Devamany was said to have criticised the government on wealth distribution and linked it to Hindraf's protest onNov 25.

December 01, 2007 11:32 AM

Development Programmes Included For Indian Community - Samy Vellu

PETALING JAYA, Dec 1 (Bernama) -- The government has instituted many social reforms and programmes for the Indian community, especially in the field of education and business development, through the allocation of special grants and skills training, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said Saturday. He said the MIC had made many recommendations on social, education and economic positions of the Indian community to the government which have been included in the Ninth Malaysia Plan. "There are clear policies and programmes for the development of Indians," he said when opening the Business Development Seminar for Malaysian Indian Micro and Small Businesses organised by MIC. About 1,200 micro business entrepreneurs are attending the one-day seminar. The Works Minister said the government provided entrepreneurial training programmes through the National Entrepreneurship Institute by providing funds and opportunities for micro business training.

He said Indian youths have also been provided with skills and industrial training opportunities through Mara activity centres and industrial training institutes such as the Arumugam Pillai Institute in Penang and youth skills training institutes.

The government also provides Indian youths currently enrolled in Mara activity centres, industrial training institutes and youths skills training institutes with entrepreneurship training programmes, he said. "The government is making a pilot provision of RM3 million for micro business loans for Indian youths through the Tekun Foundation. This is open to only applicants who have completed a course conducted by the National Vocational Training Council," he said. The Minister also said the MIC Economic Bureau has been holding discussions with Bank Negara and other commercial banks for access to business loans.

He said the MIC has been very active over the past few years, especially in securing micro business loans through the Bank Simpanan Nasional rogrammes, for 2,000 borrowers directly and another 2,000 through other business associations. "What is critical for the Malaysian Indian community is for them to know of these provisions, know the requirements and aggressively go forward in accessing them. "Assistance will not come looking for us, we have to actively seek for it and secure it," he said. The MIC would assist the Indian community through business training programmes to start a business or to enlarge their existing business enterprises, he added.

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Saturday December 1, 2007

I’m aware of complaints and will deal with them, says Pak Lah


SUBANG JAYA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has assured the people that he is listening with his “big ears” to all complaints and grievances. The Prime Minister said he was aware of complaints about “what is happening to our economy, ... to this, and that.”

“At times pedih lah telinga ini – macam macam dengar (it is painful to these ears - hearing all sorts of things),” he said at the official opening of SJK (C) Ladang Harcroft in Puchong yesterday. Abdullah stressed that he was not merely listening, adding that it was his duty to deal with problems and work on remedies.

“We are not keeping quiet. If we do not attend to problems, grouses, feelings of uneasiness, uncertainty and even anger, then one day we will suffer, everybody will suffer,” he said. “If you are getting impatient, then I’m even more impatient,” he added. Abdullah said while some matters could be resolved quickly, others took time and some issues needed even more deliberation. He said the country had gained tremendous ground in eradicating poverty, cutting it down from 50% in 1971 to 5.7% at present. “This is not something to be scoffed at. We Malaysians have every reason to be proud of the achievement,” he said, adding that the Government would continue to help the people regardless of race. The Prime Minister acknowledged that eradicating poverty would not be an easy task.

“It’s not something that can be achieved in a short number of years. But we will persevere,” he said, citing education as an important tool in helping people break free from the scourge of poverty. In a multi-racial and multi-religious country like Malaysia, mutual respect and understanding among the races was essential, he pointed out. He revealed the workings of his Cabinet, saying that ministers like Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, who is the MCA president, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, Gerakan advisor Datuk Seri Lim Keng Yaik and Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein often “ganged up” on some issues. “There is no feeling of difficulty, embarrassment or fear to speak up in the Cabinet on education, religion, culture or economy. “We are not suspicious of one another. We are friends so we can be sincere and open with one another. That is the truth,” he said, adding that the Cabinet was comfortable with this kind of relationship, which was based on understanding and mutual respect. “If there is no mutual respect, the Government can never survive in this kind of environment,” he said. Abdullah reiterated that Malaysia’s strongest asset was its unity, strength and value in diversity. “This will make Malaysia a truly great nation in the future,” he said.

In HONG KONG, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Government was committed to addressing the “legitimate concerns” of any community in Malaysia.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who was speaking at a press conference during his roadshow to promote Malaysia to fund managers, said the rally by the Hindu Rights Action Front was due to exploitation by opposition parties anticipating the general election. He described the New Economic Policy as an affirmative action policy that benefited all communities. Otherwise, this Government would not have been returned to power in each general election,” he said.

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Saturday December 1, 2007

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Hindraf wants to meet Prime Minister and UMNO leadership to discuss our 18 points demands.

Hindraf - MEDIA STATEMENT (1-12-2007 )
1. Hindraf wants to meet Prime Minister and UMNO leadership to discuss our 18 points demands.
2. Hindraf rejects MIC special committee and MIC hotline proposal as it has not worked over the lasts 50 years.
3. Hindraf wants Special committee and hotline to be lead by Prime Minister’s office.
With reference to the Prime Minister’s statement that he is prepared to listen to all Malaysians, we are hereby once again requesting an urgent appointment with the Prime Minister and the UMNO leadership to especially discuss the 18 point demands which has duly been forwarded to your good selves on
12/8/07 at Putrajaya.

We wish to reiterate that we have no confidence in the MIC Special Committee and MIC hotline proposal as hundreds such committees and hotlines have been proposed and had before in the last 50 years but with almost zero results We would like this special Committee and the hotline to be lead handled and implemented by the Prime Minister’s Office and the UMNO led Malaysian government. It is plain and obvious that then UMNO’s mandore system (supervise ) has never effectively worked.If the Prime Minister and the Umno led government are sincere in addressing and resolving especially the poor ethnic minority Indian problems, please meet and hear out.
We regret that despite the desperate public outcry on
25/11/2007, the UMNO led Malaysian government still went ahead and on 27/11/2007 ruthlessly demolishing the poor Indian homeless people’s squatter houses in kampung Tropicana Subang Jaya. No proper alternative houses were accorded to them.Thereafter on 29/11/2007 UMNO came in with hundreds of policemen enforcement officers and bulldozers an UMNO mob and Indian gangster wanting to demolish the Arumigu Nava Thurgai (Behind Market Jalan Kuala Ketil) Hindu Temple , Sungai Petani Kedah. Only when thousand of hindus prevented them did they back off but promised to demolish the temple next week in the early hours of the morning as what they did to the Kg Karupaih, Padang Jawa Mariamma Hindu Temple on 30/10/07.

TO UMNO : We are a very small minority- only 8% of the population.
Please do not bully us with your mighty majortarian might ie. your army, police, enforcement personnel, Attorney General, Judiciary Civil service etc. Don’t hit a fly with a sledgehammer. Please treat us with some dignity and humanity. 50 years is enough!

Thank You,Yours Faithfully; P. Uthaya Kumar; Legal Adviser

- -- - -= = == = = =Go H E R E for latest Post On

ZAM: NO MORE Street Protests; Slams Bar Council Ulterior Motive People's Freedom Walk; Nazri – Minority Not Marginalized; Zahid: Foreign Media Misled by Opposition feeds

with Update from EC Chairman remarks - NO Hanky Panky in All ELections


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