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MORE PICS – Student swallowed by 10M Python in Taman Negara in School Pinic; 3 Killed in Car Trying to Avoid 4 Cows in N-S Expressway way 23.5KM

MORE PICS – Student swallowed by 10M Python in Taman Negara in School Pinic; 3 Killed in Car Trying to Avoid 4 Cows in N-S Expressway way 23.5KM

Tragedy No1: - not in Tmn Negara but elsewhere, the number plates might suggest it happend in Thailand!

ABOVE: The python that was caught was taken away and BELOW: a closer view. Once swallowed, it would be difficult for the victim to be alive. The body would probably be crushed and suffocated to death

A Form Four student on a camping trip to in Taman Negara, organised by his school was found dead, after having been swallowed by a 10 meter-long python. When he was missing, a search was carried out and they found the large python motionless after having swallowed the student. It was captured and taken away and on cutting open the bulging part, the student body was seen.

"This incident happened recently - the exact date was not known. Both the local newspapers media and the state government of Pahang kept this news from the public to avoid bad publicity and scaring away potential tourist-campers" - this Spin landed in Malaysia recently

update: according to one of the commenter's BELOW, it was from the Amazon and the Spin has landed it in Taman Negara


Before jumping to the conclusion that whoever captioned these images knew what they were talking about, consider that this is only one of several versions of the email in circulation, each telling a slightly different story. Another variant, otherwise identical, claims the incident happened in Venezuela. Still another says it occurred in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Another specifies the locale as the Philippines.
The victim's identity is almost as variable as the setting. Often the victim is said to be an oil worker, sometimes a hunter, sometimes a camper, and, in at least one case, a child:

Apparently, three boys were sleeping in the jungle in South America when the other two woke up, one was missing and a huge snake was laying next to them. You'll see the snake in the first two photo's with the boy inside and the third one is when they cut the snake open to reveal the boy. You have to see this..... Unbelievable...

The variant below, collected in March 2001, claims it "really happened" to a hunter camped out in the Brazilian rain forest:

Unbelievable but true
Just remember .... things could always be worse.

Be careful when you go camping.
This really happened In Brazil...Three Locals went hunting in the forest and did the usual during the day, they went to sleep. When they woke up the next morning, one of the guys was missing...
The other two searched for their missing friend and when they ran across this anaconda with a huge lump..... well they caught the anaconda and took it to town since they feared that their friend was the victim. Surprise: it was!
He was swallowed in one piece by a 17 FT anaconda. That's not a way anyone wants to go.

= == = == == = But this Accident near Jitra is real

ABOVE & BELOW: The aftermath of the Car that killed 4 cows and the driver and two passengers

Tragedy No 2:

3 People who were traveling in a car collided with 4 cows at the N-S Expressway early Saturday Morning. Kubang Pasu OCPD said the three killed were the driver Mod Fauzi 26, Ridzuan Abd Bakar, 26 and Rosaidi 25 all were close friends.

ABOVE & BELOW: The dead cows killed on a midnight stroll

Police said the car skidded trying to avoid the cows at about 3 am and hit the road divider.

ABOVE & BELOW: another two cows who sacrificed themselves "korban" when they had an early morning walk. Now what will they do with these 4 cows, to the market or bury them?

They were on their way from Jitra to Changloon. The police have not ruled out the possibility the car was speeding on the straight stretch of road BELOW

= == = == = == = == = == = == = == == =

ABOVE: The impact on the engine compartment and BELOW: the exposed rear of the car

= == = == = = = == = == = == == = == =

ABOVE & BELOW: Parents & relatives on hearing the tragic news were at the mortuary to claim the bodies

Watch the Combined Video Clip of the Accident

= == == = == = == == = ==

= = == == = == = == = ==

Tragedy No3: Sunday December 23, 2007 MYT 8:04:44 PM

ABOVE: The stalled car at a blind spot, the driver and Mechanic coming out from the front was killed by the bus. The car was not hit

Driver, mechanic helping him killed on highway; By SARBAN SINGH; STAR

SEREMBAN: A driver whose car had stalled and a mechanic who was summoned to check his vehicle were killed when an express bus ploughed into them at Km263 of the North South Highway near here Sunday. Car driver Mohd Hanif Mohd Noor, 29, from Kg Air Tawar in Merlimau, Malacca, was driving to Bandar Baru Bangi to visit a sister with his mother and two younger siblings when his car broke down. Mohd Hanif, whose car was parked on the emergency lane, called mechanic Palaneysamy Ratnam, 26, from Taman Mambau Jaya near here.

ABOVE: The distraught mother and sibling of the driver and BELOW: the body of the driver being covered up

However, as both stood on the driver’s side of the car to check the engine, the express bus which had just entered the highway hit them, killing them instantly. They were flung some 30 metres away from the car. “We were fortunate as we were not standing on the road. The bus just came out of nowhere and hit my brother and the mechanic,” Mohd Hanif’s sister, Siti Aishah, 15, said. Mohd Hanif’s distraught mother could not speak to reporters as she was in a state of shock.

ABOVE & BELOW: The police investigation & measurement of distances

The bus driver said the two appeared suddenly from the front of the car. None of the bus’ 40 passengers was injured. They were then taken to their destination in another bus. The driver of the bus, who went to the district police station to lodge a report, has been detained to facilitate investigations. State traffic chief ASP Halil Hamzah said police will investigate if any negligence was involved. The accident caused a traffic snarl for several kilometres on both sides of the highway.

ABOVE & BELOW: The ensuring jam when people slow down and have a quick look of what happened

= = == = = ==

but now loaded= == = =Watch the 2 min 48s Video Clips on his Views On ISA & ACA Interview from previous post

= == = == = =

= == = = ==

= = == =


Blogger gangeticus said...

Sorry mid, if you look at the number plate of the vehicle at the rear of the one carrying the snake, it doesn't look local.

I have enlarged it here:

Your call.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Pure Faith said...

It's a FAKE !!!

I have seen these photos few years ago....

metta & karuna,

11:29 PM  
Blogger Pure Faith said...

Here's the proof:

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