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MORE PICS – Thousands Hindraf Supporters prevented - Kamunting ISA Detention Centre; Hundreds nearby Temple – 36 Symbolic Pigeons Release & Prayers

UPDATE: Dec 17 07, from Malaysiakini

  • Hindraf 31: AG drops attempted murder charge
    Soon Li Tsin | Dec 17, 07 12:12pm
  • breaking news Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail has dropped the attempted murder charge against 26 Hindraf supporters.MORE
  • Four students cleared
    Strong representations

= = == = from STAR; Monday December 17, 2007; MYT 1:25:21 PM;

Attempted murder charges dropped against Hindraf 31

KLANG: The Attorney-General has dropped the attempted murder charge against the 31 protesters who took part in the illegal Nov 25 Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) rally in Kuala Lumpur. Tan Sri Gani Patail also dropped all three charges against the four students who were part of the so-called ‘Hindraf 31.’

The charges of mischief and illegal assembly remain against 26 of the protesters, all of whom pleaded guilty at the Klang Sessions Court Monday morning. The 31 were slapped with the attempted murder charge after they allegedly injured a policeman at the rally.

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MORE PICS – Thousands Hindraf Supporters prevented - Kamunting ISA Detention Centre; Hundreds nearby TempleSymbolic 36 Pigeons Release & Prayers

Malaysiakini reported Hindraf supporters gathered near the Kamunting detention camp where the government is holding five of the movement's leaders and freed pigeons to demand their freedom and cops prevented them gathering at Kamunting detention Centre (ABOVE) . However, some 500 Hindraf supporters were allowed to gather at a temple near the detention camp where prayers and speeches took place for an hour.= == = == = =

ABOVE: a closer view of the entrance to the Detention Camp (likened to the Guantanamo Bay Center, see details H E R E )
BELOW: Even no supporters were there, police trucks & vans and personnel were on standby

Activists demand Malaysia free Indians held after protests

Agence France-Presse; Last updated 03:13pm (Mla time) 12/16/2007

KUALA LUMPUR--Thousands of activists gathered near a detention camp where Malaysia is holding five leaders of a ethnic Indian group and freed pigeons to demand their freedom, a rights group said Sunday.

ABOVE: The presence of FRU personnel was seen at the entrance to the ISA Detention Camp in Kamunting (BELOW), near Taiping in Perak.

The five leaders (BELOW) were detained under the country's controversial Internal Security Act (ISA) that

allows for detention without trial last Thursday.

ABOVE & BELOW: After much persuasions and discussions they settled at a temple 1.5 km away from the camp and offered prayers for the release of the 31 + 5 = 36 hence the symbolic release of the 36 pigeons

At least 2,000 activists held prayers in a nearby temple for their early release after police sealed the roads leading to Kemunting camp in the northern Perak state, rights campaigner R.S. Thanenthiran told AFP. "These people are not terrorists. The government is escaping from the real issue that Indians are marginalized in Malaysia. We demand the immediate release of the detainees," he said, adding that the protest also aimed to rally support for families of those in custody.

ABOVE & BELOW: The supporters in clenched fists voicing their approvals in support of the speeches made. The wifes of the detainees also spoke of their nightmares to find out that their loved ones were just simply locked up for having "done nothing wrong" in their eyes but the frightened Government have other believes and thought otherwise

Thanenthiran said "36 pigeons were freed -- five for the ISA detainees and 31 for those in prison awaiting Monday's bail application -- as a symbol of freedom for all of them," noting there were no arrests despite a heavy security presence. The 31 Indians were arrested after last month's protest outside the famous Batu Caves temple, north of the capital Kuala Lumpur. They face an attempted murder charge against a policeman who allegedly suffered head injuries. Rights group Hindraf, whom Thanenthiran represents, is pushing for an end to discrimination of minority ethnic Indians in multi-racial Malaysia, which is led by the majority Muslim-Malay administration. The organization enraged the government last month by mustering at least 8,000 people to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to highlight issues including a lack of economic opportunities and the destruction of Hindu temples.

ABOVE: In Kamunting, the police were very much restrained and preferred the soft approach in getting the crowd to gather at the temple and let off steam

Police used tear gas, water cannon and baton charges to break up the recent protests. Muslim Malays make up 60 percent of the population and control the government. Malaysia is also home to ethnic Chinese, who make up 26 percent of the population and dominate business. Ethnic Indians, who make up 8.0 percent, complain they run a distant third in terms of wealth, opportunities and education.

= == == = == =
December 16, 2007 22:41 PM

Police Deter Attempt At Gathering Outside Kamunting Detention Camp

TAIPING, Dec 16 (Bernama) -- Police set up roadblocks and conducted checks at several places here and prevented an attempt by several opposition political party members and supporters of an extremist group from gathering in front of the Kamunting detention camp near here Sunday. Taiping police chief ACP Raja Musa Raja Razak said police, including Federal Reserve Unit personnel, set up the roadblocks and conducted checks from early this morning and that no untoward incident occurred. A check by Bernama revealed that several of the people had gathered at a Hindu temple in Kampung Baru Kamunting about 1.5km from the detention camp. Several small groups of people of about five to 10 people had also gathered at several nearby locations. All the groups dispersed on the advice of the police. The government had detained five people under the Internal Security Act (ISA) on Thursday for their involvement in organising an illegal rally in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25 and for other actions seen as threatening national security.

= = == == = == = =from STS

Malaysia ready to arrest more people under ISA

List of names given to govt; KL calm despite SMS rumours of Malay gathering

By Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Bureau Chief
KUALA LUMPUR - A TOP Malaysian security official has said that it is 'only a matter of time' before more people are detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA), adding that the police has submitted a list of names to the government.

Datuk Johari said: 'We will not tolerate anyone who threatens the security of the country. It does not matter if they are professionals, civil servants or members of non-governmental organisations and religious groups.' He said those on the police list had been involved in organising gatherings with racial undertones.Datuk Johari also warned anyone spreading rumours of racial clashes that the ISA could also be used against them.

He was quoted by AFP as saying: 'My advice to those who organise street protests and rumour mongers who circulate text messages - stop it. If you don't, we will not hesitate to use the ISA. 'Kuala Lumpur was calm yesterday despite text messages claiming that Malays would stage a demonstration in response to last month's rally by Indians. The text messages had been circulating for two weeks, and claimed Malays would gather in Kampung Baru, a Malay enclave close to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre that has historical significance, to defend their rights.

ABOVE & BELOW: With Police manning roadblocks on a Sunday, it was quiet on all fronts at Kampung Baru and no untoward incidents happened there
BELOW: Breakfast as usual for the folks there on a quiet Sunday despite the unconfirmed rumors circulating. Sean the Man blogging was complaining he has yet to see & receive a copy of the SMS

But it appeared to be business as usual in Kampung Baru yesterday, except for a police roadblock near the neighbourhood mosque.Dang Wangi district police chief Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said there was no gathering. 'Our 48-hour surveillance in and around Kampung Baru showed no sign of any gathering,' he said.
But several hundred activists did gather at a Hindu temple in Kampung Baru Kamunting near the Kamunting detention centre in Perak where the five Hindraf leaders were being held. The group, which demanded the release of the five, gathered at the temple after police closed the roads leading to the centre.

ABOVE & BELOW: After much criticism of the Police handling of the rally on 25th Nov 07 in KL, the better soft approach paid off i Kamunting as after an hour the crowd willingly dispersed instead of being chased by water cannons & tear gas
= == == == == = = == ==

ABOVE: Is he the new Group spokesman R.S. Thanenthiran ?

Group spokesman R.S. Thanenthiran was quoted by AFP as saying that those detained were not terrorists. 'The government is escaping from the real issue, which is that Indians are marginalised in Malaysia,' he said.

ABOVE & BELOW: The willingness of the POLICE to explain and exchange views with the supporters saved the day from any ugly incidents as happened in Batu Caves. They could have arrested these people for "illegal assembly" on a technicality if the law is blindly followed.

The gathering was also in support of 31 Indians arrested outside the Batu Caves temple in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25, where they clashed with police as they gathered to join the protest in the city.

ABOVE: The more violent retaliation in Batu Caves when BELOW: the Police started to use "force" in the form of tear gas
They were accused of attempted murder of a policeman, and have been denied bail. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, who is also Internal Security Minister, said on Saturday the group had voiced regret over their participation in the rally to Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail. 'I pity them. I have told the A-G to please consider this representation of theirs and decide as soon as possible,' he said.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister said he had a responsibility to act despite 'criticism and unhappiness' over the government actions. He noted that the ISA had also been used against two radical Muslim groups, Jemaah Islamiah and Al-Ma'unah, in recent years.'They are my people, who believe in the same religion. But I had a duty to carry out. What is wrong is wrong. The law is colour blind. 'You must remember that we want Malaysia to be a peaceful place. We resolve problems by discussing them,' he was quoted as saying during a meeting with Indian community leaders from his own constituency of Kepala Batas in Penang.

= == =The Tengku more concern with the Tourists $ and doing his bit to run down one of the Hindraf leaders

Demo Leader Once Applied For British Citizenship, Says Tengku Adnan

PORT DICKSON, Dec 16 (Bernama) -- Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said an individual who was among those behind the illegal rally in the federal capital last month had once applied for British citizenship. The application, which was made before the rally, was rejected by the British government. Out of frustration due to the rejection of his application, he and several others, who were similarly embittered, tried to create a disturbance to attract international attention, Tengku Adnan, who is also an Umno Supreme Council member and Putrajaya Umno division chief, told reporters after launching the division's Umno Youth election machinery here.
He said these people were not fighting for the advancement of the Indian community but for personal gain because they once asked "something for themselves" from MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu but the request was not entertained. Tengku Adnan said it was unfortunate that Malaysia has had to handle all the problems created by the group which he said had no love for the country. He said the number of visitors to the country dropped following the chaos that the group had created.” Many tourists aborted their plans to visit Malaysia (because of the demonstration), causing up to 10 per cent of cancellations in hotel bookings, " said Tengku Adnan.= == = == =

Lee: Allow grievances to be heard; By ARYSTLE KUAN; STAR

PETALING JAYA: The Government has to listen and provide mechanisms to deal with sensitive issues that are still considered taboo, said National Unity Advisory Panel member Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. Being a democratic country, there must be avenues for the dissatisfied and aggrieved to air their grievances in public, he said. Lee suggested that the Government set up a national-level consultative council to deliberate on the key issues concerning the rights of all ethnic groups in Malaysia.

“As peace, stability, understanding and harmony are vital for nation building and unity, Malaysians must be fully conscious of the need to reject the forces of violence and extremism in all forms,” he said, adding that inter-racial and inter-religious harmony should not be taken for granted. He said it should be the wish of all Malaysians to see that there was no disruption of peace and harmony that had been painstakingly built by all the ethnic groups. “Let us not jeopardize what we have achieved so far. “Let us not allow extremism and violence in whatever form divide the nation," he said.


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