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MORE PICS – Minister Chan Kong Choy Brother Claims Try to Drugs possession with another; Drugs are just chemicals and can cause chemical Body Upsets

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ABOVE: The minister issued a statement regretting the incident and said each person must take responsibility of its action. Of course he cannot be blamed for his brothers problem; but his image is tarnish by it.

This incident clearly shows how the local media news reports are slanted and always protect the image of Government & its Ministers. If you read the Star or the NST, you would be wondering who the Minster is.

Collectively once you are on drugs, you have created a world where it is a solution to ailments and as a solution to anything. Drugs are just a chemical, while the true activity was taking place in your mind, soul, heart, and every cell in your body.

Once you accept Western medical beliefs, any chemical intake upsets the body and the body naturally will try to right themselves after the inner problems causing them are worked out through any variety of innate healing methods.
We know that the realm of probabilities is infinite, and if pills or drugs are in some of the probabilities that we choose, then so what? It is what we chose. Is it the best choice? There is no best choice! There is only our experience as we choose to experience it. The reality that we share is certainly not the ideal that we have made in our minds, change it if you can. But once you wanted a different reality and gained your own strength to get out of it, you can.

Suffering is not thrust upon you by God, or by an outside agency. They are by-products of the learning process, created by you, in them quite neutral. Illness and suffering are the results of the misdirection of creative energy. Suffering is not good for the soul unless it teaches you how to not suffer. That is its purpose

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Minister's Brother Claims Trial To Drug Possession

ABOVE & BELOW: The magistrate court in Bentong

BENTONG, Dec 5 (Bernama) -- A minister's brother was charged in the
Magistrate's Court here today with two counts of possessing drugs. Chan Kwong Loy, 44, who is a brother of Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy, pleaded not guilty on both counts. Kwong Loy was charged jointly with hairdresser Liang Tat Cheong, 40, with possessing a plastic packet containing one gramme of white powder, believed Ketamine.

ABOVE & BELOW: What is there to hide?

The plastic packet was found in a red envelope on a mattress in a house, No. 532, Kampung Perting, Bentong, at about 1pm on Monday. Tat Cheong also claimed trial. Kwong Loy, from Goh Tong Jaya, Genting Highlands, was also charged with possessing two plastic packets containing two grammes of clear crystals/power, believed syabu/Methamphetamine. The plastic packets were found in a black bag where police also found Kwong Loy's identity card, in a room of the house. Both charges were under Section 12(2) of the Dangerous Drugs Act which carries a maximum fine of RM100,000 or five years' jail or both, upon

ABOVE & BELOW: Exposed when you think no one is watching

conviction. Prosecuting officer C/Insp Aiman Fikri Abdullah recommended bail of RM5,000 on each accused for each count. Defence lawyer Saranpal Singh Gill appealed for a lower amount, saying that the case involved small amounts of drugs. Magistrate Mohd Rosly Mohamed Nawi allowed each of the accused bail of RM2,000 for the first charge and RM3,000 for the second. He fixed Feb 22 next year for re-mention. Both the accused posted the bail.

ABOVE: the defense team

= == = == = =Star’s account, NO minister Name!; quoting from the same Bernama Source

Wednesday December 5, 2007
Minister’s brother held over drug probe

BENTONG: The younger brother of a Cabinet minister was remanded for a day to help police investigations into a drug possession case. Magistrate Mohd Rosly Mohamed Nawi issued the remand order on the 43-year-old businessman and his 40-year-old friend. They were arrested in a raid on a house at Kampung Perting here at about 1pm on Monday after they were suspected to be in possession of about 1gm of ketamine and 2gm of crystalline powder, believed to be syabu, in two plastic packets. – Bernama

= == = == = NST Account, also NO Minster Name mention

2007/12/05; Minister's brother held in drug bust

BENTONG: Two men, including the younger brother of a minister, were arrested after police found an envelope and two packets of synthetic drugs in a house in Kampung Perting near here on Monday.The minister's brother, aged 44, is an operations manager while his friend is a 39-year-old hairdresser who owns the house where the drugs were found.

Police found 1g of drugs, believed to be ketamine, in the envelope and 2g of syabu in the two small packets in the 1pm raid. The drugs were found on a bed and inside the wallet of one of the suspects. Police obtained a one-day remand order against the suspects and they are expected to be charged today.

= == = now from the pictures can you tell who is who? The hint must be in the hair-styles!


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