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MORE PICS – RM8000 Reward - Flag Burners; 9 Suspects Wanted; (all gleaned from photos taken by Police Spies & Paper); Witness: Cops Firing on the Run

MORE PICS – RM8000 Reward-Flag Burner; 9 Suspects Wanted; (all gleaned from photos taken by Police Spies & Newspaper); Witness: Cops Fringing on the run

ABOVE & BELOW: Malaysiakini has the early reports on identity of the 9 Suspects involved in Flag burnings and and exclusive one on the firing cops on the run. Details H E R E and H E R E. (by subscription)
But as always some details are missing

an extract ======= = = =from MSIAkini

An eyewitness to Saturdays shooting incident in Kuala Terengganu offered a different version of what had transpired, which contradicted what the police had stated. According to Osman Ismail (BELOW), the policeman did not discharge his firearm while lying on the ground, during which the latter was said to have been assaulted by an angry mob. He claimed that the policeman had fired over his shoulder as he was running away from several men during the clash between opposition supporters and the police in Pantai Batu Burok.
BELOW: En Othman demonstrating how the Policeman was firing over his shoulders while on th run

= == = == = = = == = == = the R E W A R D = RM5000(UMNO) + RM3000 (MCA)

ABOVE: the RM5000 bounty reward is found at the website provided by Bernama

ABOVE & BELOW: The 9 suspects identified from photos published in newspaper & taken by Police

ABOVE & BELOW: The 9 suspects identified from photos published in newspaper & taken by Police

= == = == = == == = == = =ABOVE & BELOW: the crash helmented flag burners cannot be identified

September 14, 2007 16:51 PM
Nine Involved In Torching Jalur Gemilang Identified

KUALA TERENGGANU, Sept 14 (Bernama) --Police have identified nine people involved in burning the Jalur Gemilang in a riot on Saturday and urged them to come forward and assist in the investigation. Terengganu Deputy CID Chief, Supt Khairi Ahrasa said

indentification was based on photographs carried by several newspapers. "Police received three reports after the riot, from the Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council (MPKT), Public Works Department (JKR) and Umno Youth. "We investigated the reports and after gleaning through photographs in newspapers, we believed the nine people were involved and can help us in wrapping up investigation," he told reporters here Friday .In the riot at 9 pm on Saturday, about 750 people believed to be opposition party supporters attacked the police after being directed to break up an illegal gathering at Batu Burok. Four Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) members were injured in the rioting where stones and fire-bombs were hurled.

ABOVE & BELOW: More FRU reinforcement units came to chase the crowds

= == = == = == = == = == = == = == = = =

ABOVE & BELOW: More stone thowings at more FRU targets

ABOVE & BELOW: Stone throwing youths but no Molotov cocktails pics surface

= = == = == = == = = == =

ABOVE: Stone ready at back; BELOW: 1 - 2 - 3; throw....

= == = == = == = =BELOW: the aftermath... stones & objects littered the street

= = == = == = == = == = == = == = == = == = = =

ABOVE: Supt Khairi Ahras said he helmeted one cannot be identified and BELOW: showing photos of the wanted 9 suspects

Khairi said those who destroy public property and burn the Jalur Gemilang will be investigated under Section 440 of the Penal Code for treachery and rioting and if found guilty can be jailed five years and fined. "Members of the public who know these nine people must contact Kuala Terengganu police or the Terengganu police headquarters." They can speak to investigating officer ASP Mohd Hadzwan Zulkifli at 012-3674945 or the Kuala Terengganu CID Chief, DSP Noor Mushar Mohamad at 013-9366565. He said police yesterday recorded statements from the ceramah organiser and the house owner who hosted the gathering.
= = ==
Saturday September 15, 2007; STAR

RM8,000 reward for info on flag-burner
KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu MCA Youth wing is offering RM3,000, on top of the RM5,000 put up by the state Umno Youth, as reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who burned the national flag during Saturday's riot at Batu Burok. State MCA Youth secretary Toh Seng Cheng said the wing was perturbed by the act of torching the Jalur Gemilang and was eager to see the culprit brought to book. “We want to do our part and as Malaysians, we feel the culprit should face severe punishment. Such an act cannot be tolerated,” he told The Star yesterday. The state Gerakan and MIC have also pledged contributions to the reward money. Earlier, the state Umno Youth offered the cash and a trip to perform the Umrah as reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprit. Seeking help: Terengganu police are seeking these men to help them in their investigations. — Bernama
In the 9pm riot on Saturday, an illegal gathering turned ugly when police ordered them to disperse. A man wearing a helmet was photographed burning the national flag during the riot. The act triggered a nationwide outcry. Meanwhile, Terengganu police yesterday issued pictures of nine people whom they say can help to come facilitate investigations.

State deputy CID Chief Supt Khairi Ahrasa (ABOVE) said police identified the nine based on pictures recorded during the riot. He also said that three reports were also lodged by the Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council, state Public Works Department and state Umno Youth over the damage to public property and the burning of the flag.

He said those who had details of the nine could contact the police headquarters here. Supt Khairi said those with information should contact Asst Supt Mohd Hadzwan Zulkifli at 012-3674945 or District CID chief Deputy Supt Noor Mushar Mohamad at 013-9366565.

= == = == == == = =off-beat news, month of Ramandhan, and PM is going on his nightly rounds of "breaking fast" - Last night at Putra Jaya RM100,000 spent?

ABOVE & BELOW: PM & Wife breaking fast with MOF & Internal Security Staff. More than a 1000 came (FOC of course). At RM100 per head catered from Hotel? If through PMC perhaps RM1000 per head, then 3 years later, AG would query

= = == =and the resurgence of Abuya Hj Ashaari

ABOVE: Police making a Police report of this Book on Abuya Ashaari; a copy was taken & presented to the PM office by one of his supporter

= == == =

Preview New Post On

MORE PICS & Video – Mat Rempits Rounded Up 1-4am Sentul -Taman Wahyu Sat 15 Sep 07; 5 Cars & 4 Motorbikes Detained including the Drivers

Squad 42 Kuala Lumpur Traffic went into action on Saturday, 15th Sep 2007. In the early hours from 1 – 4am, a 4-wheeled imported vehicle & 4 others including 4 Motorcycles were detained for being involved in illegal racing around the Sentul New highway and on the highway near Taman Wahyu.

Investigations show that some of the vehicles are not properly registered and some ecstasy pills were found in one of the car.

= = =Watch the Video -

= = = == = ==and the BLAME goes on.. Crazy 70 kmh SPEED Limit at Putra Jaya

Thursday September 13, 2007

Cops to come down hard on speedsters

PUTRAJAYA: Fed up with hell-riders who treat roads at the administrative capital like racetracks, the police will set up speed traps next week to nab and summon errant motorists on the spot. Putrajaya OCPD Supt Abdul Razak Abdul Majid said most motorists did not adhere to the 70km speed limit because the roads here were like highways. “But Putrajaya is a town just like other towns where the speed limit is 70km, so all have to abide by this or be served a RM300 summons,” he said. He added that the operation would start next week and first target public transportation.

Speaking to reporters here yesterday, Supt Abdul Razak said 90% of accidents here occurred due to human error and that the roads could not be blamed as they were maintained well. “There were cases of motorists involved in accidents as they were speeding and had lost control of their vehicles,” he said. Police statistics recorded 523 road accident cases here between January and September last year while there were 663 cases for the same duration this year. “Of the 663 cases, three were fatal, 15 involved serious injuries while 21 recorded minor injuries,” he said, adding that the number of vehicles involved in accidents last year was 616 against this year’s 835. Supt Abdul Razak also said police patrolling had been intensified with seven cars, four motorcycles and two beat patrols.

= == = ==and the Mat Rempits attack again, road rage continues, the anger caused by a "accidents"

Thursday September 13, 2007

Student attacked by Mat Rempit after crash


KUALA LUMPUR: A group of Mat Rempit threatened a college student and damaged his car with helmets and other objects in Subang Jaya. Chin Yaw Fung, 20, was driving along Federal Highway at 3.30am on Sept 2 when his car knocked into a Proton Iswara car. “I alighted from my car and apologised and was even willing to pay for the damage but the car driver refused to settle the matter. “Suddenly, about 20 Mat Rempit rode by and started shouting and threatening me. “I got into my car and drove off,” he said at a press conference held by MCA public complaints and services department chairman Datuk Michael Chong yesterday. Bad wreck: Chin and Chong showing pictures of Chin's smashed up car in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.But Chin's car had a puncture at Subang Jaya and he pulled over to stop and found that the Mat Rempit had followed him. “Then some of them jumped on top of my car and started swinging their helmets, sticks and steering locks at my car,” he said, adding that he sounded his car horn but no one went over to help him.

Several minutes later, a tow-truck driver pulled over. Only then did the gang members stop their attack. Before fleeing, they took his cellphone, a jacket and an expensive pen. Chin later lodged a report at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters. In another case, painter Yap Khong Tjun was assaulted by a motorcyclist after an accident in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri about 8pm on Monday. “It was a minor accident but he refused to settle the matter and we decided to walk to the police station, which was nearby. “As we were walking, the man swung his helmet at my head several times,” he said, adding that he lodged a report at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters.

= = ==


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