Friday, September 14, 2007

Will SMS Scam Continue? - 5 Content Providers fined a meager RM550K; To-date 176 Complaints Filed; 712,676 users affected and RM377,411.60 Refunded

Malaysiakini has not been alerted to this latest statement fom MMC and is still on the MPS Dog hunt being called off and Taib’s son RM1 billion contract.
Isn’t it shocking - more than ½ Milllion affected and only 176 complained. All along Pre-paid users have been topping up only without knowing details of the usage charges.Hopefully things will improve.

After much silence, MMC has responded. Bernama latest dispatch mentioned 5 Content providers were investigated and fined a small amount.of RM550,000 Do you think for this year 2007, the total customers - 712,676 customers affected and the total charges - RM377,411.60 are up to date or just a tip of the iceberg? Will there be enough self regulation to stop this scam or it will rear its head in some other modified form?

The fine is indeed small considering the millions they have raked in in so many ways through various SMS promotions.

According to Jeff, “next Monday September 17, under the auspicious grace of Ramadan, the MCMC will call the SMS content players -- the celcos and their external content providers -- to a meeting” on enforcement

Jeff Ooi in his blog Screenshots has been hammering at the toothless tiger MCMC for the last six months and the latest one titled:

SMS Scam ( 19 ): Top role for Maxis sidekicks

Go H E R E for details

SKMM Probes Five Cases Against Content Providers

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- The Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) has investigated cases against five mobile phone content providers and issued compounds totalling RM550,000 so far this year. In a statement here Friday, SKMM said the compounds were higher compared with last year where five cases were also investigated against the content providers but the compounds amounted to just RM187,000. "The compounds were for unsolicited messages, unauthorised charges and content providers' failure to terminate the services as requested by the users," it said.

SKMM said based on the investigations, a total of 712,676 customers were affected and the total charges were RM377,411.60, adding that all the money has been refunded to the users. It said the total number of complaints received on unsolicited short messaging services (SMS) at SKMM and at the commission's Consumer Forum of Malaysia as of Aug 2007 was 176. SKMM said it has directed the telecommunications companies (telcos) to provide statements of usage to their prepaid subscribers to enable them to check for any dubious or illegal charges and to facilitate investigations once a complaint was made.

"To date, only DiGi has made the statements available on its website while Maxis and Celcom will follow suit by the end of this month. "The move will enable all prepaid mobile phone users to check their usage transactions and charges by Oct 1," it said. SKMM said to further reduce the possibility of unsolicited SMS and illegal charges, the telcos have also committed to installing a preventive system which would automate the compliance of the content providers in providing mobile content services according to the industry guidelines on the provision of mobile content and services. "The commission will be monitoring the progress of the preventive system to be installed by the telcos.

"Consumers can ask for clarifications from their respective service providers if there are any doubts with regards to the service being offered by content providers or the charges incurred," it said.

= == = =view the last post H E R E On

No Permit, No Talk But PAS Mohd Sabu willing to talk about Policeman who chased Public with a Gun; BERSIH: A Royal Commission of Inquiry necessary

= = == = =preview of coming Post

MORE PICS – RM8000 Reward-Flag Burner; 9 Suspects Wanted; (all gleaned from photos taken by Police Spies & Newspaper); Witness: Cops Fringing on the run

ABOVE & BELOW: Malaysiakini has the early reports on identity of the 9 Suspects involved in Flag burnings and and exclusive one on the firing cops on the run. Details H E R E and H E R E. (by subscription)
But as always some details are missing

= == = == = =the R E W A R D

ABOVE: the RM5000 bounty reward is found at the website provided by Bernama

ABOVE & BELOW: The 9 suspects identified from photos published in newspaper & taken by Police

ABOVE & BELOW: The 9 suspects identified from photos published in newspaper & taken by Police

= == = == = == == = == = =ABOVE & BELOW: the crash helmented flag burners cannot be identified

September 14, 2007 16:51 PM

Nine Involved In Torching Jalur Gemilang Identified

KUALA TERENGGANU, Sept 14 (Bernama) --Police have identified nine people involved in burning the Jalur Gemilang in a riot on Saturday and urged them to come forward and assist in the investigation. Terengganu Deputy CID Chief, Supt Khairi Ahrasa said indentification was based on photographs carried by several newspapers. "Police received three reports after the riot, from the Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council (MPKT), Public Works Department (JKR) and Umno Youth. "We investigated the reports and after gleaning through photographs in newspapers, we believed the nine people were involved and can help us in wrapping up investigation," he told reporters here Friday .In the riot at 9 pm on Saturday, about 750 people believed to be opposition party supporters attacked the police after being directed to break up an illegal gathering at Batu Burok. Four Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) members were injured in the rioting where stones and fire-bombs were hurled.

ABOVE: Stone throwing youths and BELOW: Supt Khairi Ahras showing photos of the wanted suspects

Khairi said those who destroy public property and burn the Jalur Gemilang will be investigated under Section 440 of the Penal Code for treachery and rioting and if found guilty can be jailed five years and fined. "Members of the public who know these nine people must contact Kuala Terengganu police or the Terengganu police headquarters." They can speak to investigating officer ASP Mohd Hadzwan Zulkifli at 012-3674945 or the Kuala Terengganu CID Chief, DSP Noor Mushar Mohamad at 013-9366565. He said police yesterday recorded statements from the ceramah organiser and the house owner who hosted the gathering.

= = ==

Saturday September 15, 2007; STAR

RM8,000 reward for info on flag-burner
KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu MCA Youth wing is offering RM3,000, on top of the RM5,000 put up by the state Umno Youth, as reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who burned the national flag during Saturday's riot at Batu Burok. State MCA Youth secretary Toh Seng Cheng said the wing was perturbed by the act of torching the Jalur Gemilang and was eager to see the culprit brought to book. “We want to do our part and as Malaysians, we feel the culprit should face severe punishment. Such an act cannot be tolerated,” he told The Star yesterday. The state Gerakan and MIC have also pledged contributions to the reward money. Earlier, the state Umno Youth offered the cash and a trip to perform the Umrah as reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprit. Seeking help: Terengganu police are seeking these men to help them in their investigations. — Bernama

In the 9pm riot on Saturday, an illegal gathering turned ugly when police ordered them to disperse. A man wearing a helmet was photographed burning the national flag during the riot. The act triggered a nationwide outcry. Meanwhile, Terengganu police yesterday issued pictures of nine people whom they say can help to come facilitate investigations.

State deputy CID Chief Supt Khairi Ahrasa said police identified the nine based on pictures recorded during the riot. He also said that three reports were also lodged by the Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council, state Public Works Department and state Umno Youth over the damage to public property and the burning of the flag. He said those who had details of the nine could contact the police headquarters here. Supt Khairi said those with information should contact Asst Supt Mohd Hadzwan Zulkifli at 012-3674945 or District CID chief Deputy Supt Noor Mushar Mohamad at 013-9366565.

= == = == == == = =off-beat news, month of Ramandhan, and PM is going on his nightly rounds of "breaking fast" - Last night at Putra Jaya RM100,000 spent?

ABOVE & BELOW: PM & Wife breaking fast with MOF & Internal Security Staff. More than a 1000 came (FOC of course). At RM100 per head catered from Hotel? If through PMC perhaps RM1000 per head, then 3 years later, AG would query


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