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MORE PICS – Batu Buruk Riots; Burn-Flag Debate But No Proper Debate on Bloody Ceremah; More shots fired; PM Abdullah: Riots incited by the Opposition

ABOVE: Malaysiakini report latest from Parliament says "No Debate" for Bloddy ceremah in Kuala Trengganu. Details H E RE . What a big disappointment to the opposition parties and all who want to see justice. And BELOW: More shots the CPO says from Malaysiakini latest report, details H E R E
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The Speaker of the lower House, Ramli Ngah Talib rejected the emergency motion filed by YB Salahudin Ayub, as usual the matter was not deemed an urgent issue and was being investigated by the police.
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MORE PICS available of the Riots - the Water Cannons
ABOVE & BELOW: The crowds were told to disperse as no permit was given to the gathering

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ABOVE: The crowds got restless when told to "disappear" and vented their anger by alerting the Police with stone pebbles and BELOW: the situation got more tense and out-of-control; Police S O S sent to HQ for FRU reinforcements - 350 came with chemically laced water cannons

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ABOVE & BELOW: The water cannons were released - in the dim of light, the water is seen as chemically laced "orange" colour

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ABOVE & BELOW: the infuriated crowds disbanded and regroup and retaliate further

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ABOVE & BELOW: More bonfires were lighted to brighten the night

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PM: Rioting a deliberate Opposition tactic

KUCHING (Sept 11, 2007): Saturday’s rioting in Kuala Terengganu was a deliberate tactic by an Opposition party after it had failed to bring development to Terengganu, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (ABOVE) said today. The Prime Minister said the rioting could have been incited by the Opposition party due to pressure after it neglected to bring development to the state during the five years it was in power. PAS was the state government in Terengganu before Umno wrested it in the last general election.

"This is proof of their (the opposition party’s) irresponsibility who are devoid of ideas to develop the state," he told a news conference before departing for Singapore where he was delivering a keynote address in the Forbes Conference tonight. Abdullah said the Opposition party had purposely tried to smear the Barisan Nasional (BN) government because they had no chance to win in the next general election. Seven people were injured, two with gunshot wounds, when Opposition supporters clashed with police who were trying to disperse an illegal gathering of about 500 people on Jalan Sultan Mahmud.

Despite five verbal warnings, the crowd became aggressive and verbally abused Federal Reserve Unit personnel. They also reportedly hurled stones, home-made bombs and motolov cocktails at the police. Police arrested 23 people most of who have since been released on bail. Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister, said police would not invoke the Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows for detention without trial, against the rioters who have been detained but would deal with them under other existing laws.

He said the incident, which saw the burning of the national flag, showed the Opposition had bad intentions probably after it saw that people were happy and grateful to the government following the 50th Merdeka celebrations.

'Expel those who burn flag'

In the Dewan Rakyat today, B.Suresh Ram reported that the torching of the Jalur Gemilang ignited the MPs’ passion on the need to respect the national flag and punish those who insult and desecrate it.Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs were particularly worked up over the incident and asked that the stiffest possible punishment be meted to the perpetrators.

Datuk Md. Alwi Che Ahmad (BN-Ketereh), interjecting in the debate on Budget 2008 by Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar (BN-Larut), asked whether the burning of the flag amounted to a rebellion (derhaka). "The flag amounts to our nation. Burning the flag amounts to a rebellion," he said.

Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) said that in the past, he had talked about Wee Meng Chee over his action on the national anthem. "Today, there is another Wee Meng Chee. We should expel (halau) such people from the country. Use any law available to expel them," he said.

Mohd Said Yusof (BN-Jasin) said the act showed such people did not care about the dignity of the country when they committed such acts.

Raja Ahmad Zainuddin said such people, regardless of their political affiliation, had committed an act of rebellion by torching the national flag. "The authorities should investigate … they should find the mastermind behind the incident … irrespective of the political affiliation or the community they come from," he said.

Datuk Mohamad Aziz said: "Warriors would hold up the flag at whatever cost. If the right hand is incapacitated (putus), they hold it up with the left hand. But today the people have resorted to burning the flag," he said, adding that people who committed such acts should be detained under the Internal security Act or other laws.

Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) interjected and sought to defend Wee Meng Chee.

"Wee Meng Chee did not burn the Jalur Gemilang. Instead he took along the flag when he went to study overseas. He also took along the flag when he won a competition," he said.
Mohamad retorted: "This is not about whether he is a Chinese or a Malay. He was abusive of the country."

"But that is not fair. That is not right. He did not burn the flag," Lim said, amid an exchange of shouting from MPs.

Deputy Speaker Datuk Dr Yusof Yaacob, after several minutes, managed to bring the house under control after Datuk Ismail Abd Muttalib (BN-Maran) said: "The pensioners in the villages had never rebelled (derhaka). It was the youths in the town who burned the flags. They should get out of Malaysia."
Raja Ahmad Zainuddin, however, appealed to his peers not to jump the gun and let the authorities conduct their investigations. "Lets wait for the investigations. We want to know who is the mastermind (dalang)."

Salahuddin said: "Do not doubt our loyalty to the country. During our AGM, we raised the Malaysian flag too. BN MPs should listen to Raja Ahmad Zainuddin and allow investigations to be concluded."

= = == read the Bernama's account
11 September, 2007 15:52 PM
Anggota Parlimen Cadang Orang Yang Bakar Jalur Gemilang Dibuang Negara

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Sept (Bernama) -- Anggota-anggota Parlimen hari ini meminta kerajaan bertindak membuang negara orang yang membakar Jalur Gemilang dalam kejadian rusuhan di Jalan Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Terengganu dua malam lepas. Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar (BN-Larut) ketika membangkitkan isu itu di Dewan Rakyat semasa membahaskan Rang Undang-undang Perbekalan 2008, menyifatkan orang itu sebagai penderhaka kerana membakar panji negara. "Ini bukan perkara main-main, ini dosa besar menderhaka kepada negara...tidak kira parti politik mana, pihak berkuasa tidak boleh berdiam diri dan berkompromi," katanya.

Cadangan Raja Ahmad itu mendapat sokongan beberapa penyokong kerajaan yang menganggap mereka yang membakar Jalur Gemilang seperti membakar negara Malaysia. "Tidak kira apa bangsa, saya minta kerajaan ambil tindakan dengan menghalau mereka dari negara. Membakar bendera sama seperti membakar negara," kata Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan).
Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (BN-Jasin) pula berkata: "Mereka ini tidak pandai menjaga maruah bangsa, saya cadangkan agar kerajaan menarik balik kewarganegaraan mereka, negara tidak akan rugi."
Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) turut mencadangkan agar mereka yang didapati bersalah dikenakan tindakan mengikut Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA).
Datuk Paduka Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) pula mencadangkan agar setiap parti politik di negara ini mengajar penyokong mereka untuk menghormati Jalur Gemilang. Dalam kejadian dua hari lepas, sekumpulan penyokong pembangkang menyerang polis yang cuba menyuraikan mereka daripada satu perhimpunan tanpa permit di Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu. Laporan akhbar menunjukkan seorang lelaki sedang membakar Jalur Gemilang.

Updated: 07:14PM Tue, 11 Sep 2007
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Nazri: Take severe action against rioters

B.Suresh Ram, Charles Ramendran and Giam Say Khoon, theSUN

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 10, 2007): Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz (ABOVE) says severe action should be taken against the rioters in Kuala Terengganu on Saturday (Sept 8) evening. "I'm disappointed. Rioting is not only against the law but it is also an act of defiance against the police," he said in the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament) today. "Severe action will ensure such an incident did not recur," he added.Foreign Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Ahmad Shabeery Cheek said opposition party members rioted because "they feared losing again in the state in the next general elections".

Ahmad Shabeery, who is also the Kemaman MP and the state Barisan Nasional (BN) Information chief, said the opposition's behaviour would only affect the state’s tourism sector. Speaking to reporters in Parliament lobby, he called BN supporters in the state to remain calm and not react to the rioters.

Also in Parliament, Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) called for the establishment of an independent public inquiry into the Kuala Terengganu riot to establish its full facts and circumstances."Such a public inquiry is imperative as the Kuala Terengganu incident seems to have provided the final proof that all the three major objectives of the 125 recommendations of Royal Police Commission for world-class police service - to reduce crime, to eradicate corruption in the police force and to uphold and respect human rights - had been completely disregarded," he said in his debate on the Budget 2008. He added that the riots would not have happened if the recommendations of the commission to the police to respect human rights, in particular with regard to the fundamental right to hold assemblies, meetings and processions had been taken seriously.

Lim, however ,agreed that action should be taken against opposition members who burnt the Jalur Gemilang (national flag) during the riot. "It is unacceptable for such an act, irrespective of whether the person is opposition or otherwise," he said, adding that the law and regulations enforced by the police on permits for ceramah were lop-sided. "How could a peaceful ceramah could turn into a riot? Who is responsible for provoking it?" he asked.

Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob (BN-Bera) said the police were willing to issue the permit to the opposition party, but wanted the locationto be changed. "Holding the a cemah in a tourism area like Pantai Batu Burok is inappropriate"

ABOVE:CPO Datuk Ayub Yaakob " I take full responsibility and assure a fair investigation,"

In a telephone interview from Kuala Terengganu, state police chief SAC I Datuk Ayub Yaakob said the gunshots which hit two suspected rioters and injured them were not fired by police to disperse the rioting crowd. "It was fired in self-defence by a plainclothes policeman who was being attacked by a mob of over 20 people," he said, adding that the policeman was among the crowd when one of the rioters recognised him.

He said when the rioter began attacking the policeman, dozens of others in the crowd joined in the assault. "My personnel identified himself as a policeman but he was still punched and kicked, even after he fell to the ground. With more than 20 of them pouncing on him, he had no choice but to defend himself.
"He used his handgun and fired warning shots into the air and it was not until his attackers had fled did he realise he had shot two men," he said.
He said although the policeman was bleeding from his eyes and was badly bruised, he got up and ran towards other policemen to seek help for the injured rioters. The injured policeman was also hospitalised the same night and discharged on Sunday.

Ayub said: "It was not the police's intention to use any force on the crowd comprising mostly of opposition party members. We did not want it to end like this. I had told my personnel to use the soft approach at all times which they did.

"I told my men to advise them politely to disperse and not confront them as I do not believe in the use of force in resolving a problem unless it is the last and final resort. But when my men told them to leave because they did not have a permit to hold the ceramah, they became upset. Suddenly, they turned rowdy and unruly, they began shouting and yelling and even attacking police personnel." said Ayub.

He said initially only general duty policemen were sent out to the disperse the crowd of 500 people but when the situation turned ugly, the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) was called in as the rioters started hurling bottles, stones and other objects at the general duty policemen at about 10pm. Ayub said the two protesters who suffered a gunshot each, another rioter and a policemen injured in the clash, are recovering and are in stable condition in a hospital here and Kubang Kerian Hospital.

Except for the injured men and another rioter who was caught after light explosives were found in his possession, police have released 18 of the 22 people detained in the incident which forced the police to use water cannons and tear gas to control the charging mob. "I understand the crowd was upset they could not hold the ceramah, it is only natural for them to feel that way but they should have some control of themselves and not resort to violence. We are carrying out our investigations to see who is behind all this mess or ignited this clash. "Although initial investigations show that my men had done everything by the book in crowd control but if at all I discover that they had not done so, they too will not be spared and will face severe action. I take full responsibility and assure a fair investigation," he added.

Meanwhile, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia director Dr Zaidun Kamari said the 38-year-old man who was shot on the left side of his chest underwent a three-hour operration at 8.30pm yesterday to remove a bullet. "His condition is stable."
Kuala Lumpur, The Coalition for Free and Fair Election (Bersih) condemned the police for using live ammunition to disperse the public attending its peace rally which was hosted by PAS.

Bersih spokesman Datuk Mustafa Ali, who is also Terengganu PAS commissioner, allged that plainclothes police officers were among the crowd to instigate the riot by refusing a permit. He said after the crowd was provoked, they tried to apprehend the undercover police officer and two of them, Suwandi Abdul Ghani, 37, and Muhamad Azman Aziz, 21, were shot.

"The government must set up a Royal Commission to conduct a full investigation on this matter," he told a press conference here yesterday. Mustafa said the incident had caused PAS to look like a party that did not adhere to the laws in conducting a peaceful ceramah or talk.

He said PAS, as the host of the Bersih's nationwide peace rally campaign to raise the awareness of the people for free and fair elections, had applied for polic e permit on Aug 30 but the application was rejected on Sept 6 on four grounds:
* the place is a dense public residential area;
* the infrastructure of the Batu Buruk recreation park was vandalised after similar events;
* disturbing public order in areas adjacent to the Al Muktafibillah Shah palace, houses of the judges and department chiefs; and
* causing disturbance to the tourists staying in the adjacent resorts.
"We cannot accept these reasons because they are untrue. We have been conducting ceramah and talks there since 1990s and we have never caused any problem," he added.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat secretary-general Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the use of live ammunition in dispersing a crowd attending a peaceful ceramah terrified him the most. "It's very unnecessary and inappropriate to use live ammunition against unarmed civilians," he added.

DAP non-governmental-organisations bureau chief Ronnie Liu said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's statement on Sunday, justifying the police's action "is very dangerous as he is indirectly allowing the police to do the same in future political ceramah".

= ==

MORE PICS – RM1M Inflated Damages in Batu Buruk Riots; Police “flex their muscles” - they ”are not weak";;PM: Riots incited by the opposition party due to pressure for failing to bring development A Royal Commission? but NO debate

ABOVE & BELOW:One of the injured police personnel having VIP visitors
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ABOVE & BELOW: UMNO Razali Idris (Ketua Penerangan Pergerakan Pemuda) making his police report about the burning of the flag

= == = = the damages - NST put it at RM1 Million and Majlis Pewrbandaran Kuala Trengganu (MPKT) at RM 1/2Million]

= == = == =off-beat news, A preview of next post On:
Is this Minister Sick, Unwell or Pretending
? He said that politicians are used to rumours and so are politicians quick to "get out of the kitchen" when it is too hot. Denied No Cancer but laughing all the way back from Australia to KLIA after the PKFZ scandal has quieten down

= = == ==

Wednesday September 12, 2007; Kong Choy back at work;


PUTRAJAYA: With a clean bill of health, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy reported for duty at his office here Wednesday quashing rumours of his resignation.
He said the rumours created by certain quarters had not affected him in any way, adding that he was used to rumours, as it was part of a politician's life. The MCA deputy president said when he was away in Australia seeking treatment, he spent more time with his family and was not perturbed by any rumours.

ABOVE & BELOW: The transport Minster given a new "bill of health" after a sojourn of 17 days in Aussie - a cheap publicity perhaps s for Australia excellent health care. Minister of Health Chua Soi Lek should paid an official visit down there and find out what happened - this "miracle cure"

Chan had applied for medical leave from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for a medical check-up and consultation in Australia two weeks ago. This had created a rumour that he had resigned as Transport Minister. He returned home on Tuesday after his medical examination. "I am entering my office after being away for 17 days. It is nice to be back," he told reporters upon his return from the Cabinet meeting here Wednesday.

ABOVE & BELOW: The transport Minster given a new "bill of health" after a sojourn of 17 days in Aussie - a cheap publicity perhaps s for Australia excellent health care. Minister of Health Chua Soi Lek should paid an official visit down there and find out what happened - this "miracle cure"

Chan added that he could not answer any questions posed by the media, as he needed time to catch up on issues that had taken place when he was away. He said he received a good welcome by members of the Cabinet during the meeting Wednesday afternoon. When asked if the issue of his resignation was discussed in the Cabinet meeting, Chan answered that the Cabinet does not discuss rumours. He also did not disclose the ailment for which he sought treatment in Australia, saying it was "personal."

ABOVE & BELOW: Back in Office, open up the PKFZ file & go to Parliament and give an explanation

= == = =preview of next post; other Cooked-up News
In the Altantuya Murder Trial, the counsel suggested that he Photos taken (by the police)of the Jewelley found at Sirul Azhar were "staged" photos. Of course the official photographer denied it and said they were spontaneous and on instruction from the superior Now the PAS has come out with a poser. Is the Flag burning pic (BELOW) also a "staged" one taken by the Police to discredit the opposition? It is not difficult. Come to think of it, this guy burning the National flag and no one is watching to cheer him on. Something is fishy!

Batu Buruk: Trigger happy culture of the police must end - Nasharudin

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 12 (ES) - Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa has questioned the validity of the allegations that the national flag were burnt as a result of a skirmish that broke out in the north eastern state of Terengganu on Saturday. Instead he accused the police having a part in the incident. "What we've seen in the media is that those burning the flag were wearing helmets. We suspect the police of having a role (in this)," he said.

In a press conference held on Sept 11 after the launch of "PAS for all campaign" and the online version of PAS bulletin in Mandarin "Ren Men Shi Shi" at the party headquarters here today, Nasharudin said the police's "trigger happy" culture must be curbed. He said a memorandum would be sent to the Inspector General of Police today and police reports on the violence of the police which resulted in two people being severely injured but now in a stable condition, on the Sept 8 incident would also be lodged nationwide. A memorandum would also be submitted to the National Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) on Thursday and the party would also take up the issue to the international human rights commissions. He also noted that photographers' cameras were confiscated and journalists were barred from covering the incident which happened after the police denied permission to the event which called for a free and fair election on a venue where gatherings had been held since in the 90's.

Therefore, he expressed surprise "there were certain media (personnel) who seemed particularly prepared to take pictures of people burning the (national) flag". On reported police assertions that the policeman who fired conflicting numbers of rounds of live ammunition was being beaten and was defending himself, Nasharuddin said that was the police "version" of the story. PAS Terengganu State Commissioner Datuk Mustafa Ali on Sept 10 openly accused the police of colluding with the ruling party for the "pre-planned" skirmishes and named a government official with close ties to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi of being involved in planning for the skirmishes. Internal Security Minister political secretary Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh however had denied the accusation. Calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the incident were also made yesterday.-ES

= == = == = == ==now this is the latest spin, public co-operation? Ask the print media where the photo was obtained!
September 12, 2007 21:52 PM

Police Seek Info On Rioters Who Burned Jalur Gemilang
KUALA TERENGGANU, Sept 12 (Bernama) -- Police are seeking public co-operation for information on Saturday's riot in Jalan Sultan Mahmud here, including setting ablaze the Jalur Gemilang by irresponsible individuals.
Terengganu CID deputy chief Supt Khairi Ahrasa said police had so far received a report on the incident from Terengganu Umno Youth and also from the Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council (MPKT) on damage to public property in the incident. In the incident on Saturday, about 750 people, believed to be supporters of an opposition party, acted violently, including setting ablaze the national flag, when police ordered them to disperse.

Seven people, including four policemen, were injured in the ensuing clashes. The incident was alleged to have started due to dissatisfaction over police action in not issuing a permit for the organisers to hold a "ceramah" (talk) at Batu Burok here. Meanwhile, Terengganu Umno Liaison secretary Datuk Rosol Wahid lauded a campaign organised by the state Umno Youth to collect signatures of the people in the state to protest over the action of the rioters in burning the national flag. Rosol launched the campaign, to be conducted for a month, today. He also launched a website,,(this is a red herring cooked-up link, see BELOW) containing pictures of Saturday's riot. State Umno Youth information chief Razali Idris said the signatures would then be handed over to Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.

= = =this cooked-up website is perhaps given as the source of the "Police photos" - alleged by Opposition parties, a convenient diversion tactic

Go H E R E for more details ON

Red Herring - Flag-Burning PhotoPolice Seeking Public Co-operation on the Riots and Burning of the Flag; PAS suspected & accused Police involvement

of this website which can be accessed without the WWW (wrongly given by Bernama)

= == = == == = = Continue H E R E = the more pressing issue ON

The Cooked-up 2008 Budget Figures that reduce the Budget Deficit to 3.1% Now what will the cooked-up response be to the methodology used as in the Bumi Equity figures?

= == = = or GO H E RE Latest Post On

MORE PICS – RM8000 Reward - Flag Burners; 9 Suspects Identified & Wanted; (all gleaned from photos taken by Police Spies & Paper); Witness: Cop Firing on the Run over his Shoulder

= = = == or Go H E RE on Nurin Laid to Rest
MORE PICS & Video – Nurin Jazlin Laid to rest 21 Sep 07; A Nation grief for the Loss of a young Soul so brutally taken away by a senseless inhuman being. May her soul RIP Existence is larger than life or death. Life and death are both states of existence


Anonymous Giri Tajuddin said...

1) "Nazri: Take severe action against rioters"

What about the thugs that broke up the Inter-Faith Dialogue in Penang, that the police actually allowed to threaten organizers?

2) "Ramli Ngah Talib rejected the emergency motion filed by YB Salahudin Ayub, as usual the matter was not deemed an urgent issue"

Wasn't there debates on Siti Nurhaliza and the police squatting ("Squategate") case?

3) Malaysia is fucked.

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