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MORE PICS & Video – Day 31 Altantuya Murder Trial; More errors & discrepancies Surfaced in Reports; Amendments - made under orders; Address Mix-up

Day 32 Trial
ABOVE: Malaysiakini headline story details H E R E on Day 32 Trial which will go into recess for 3 weeks and resumes on Sept 3 for a "trial-within-a-trial" until the Case ends. The prosecution witness was on the stand for 6 straight days and Sirul's counsel was unwell to have the Trial-within-a-trial at 4.30pm.
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'I made mistake in address' (from SUN, a very brief report as the usual team was not on)

SHAH ALAM (August 9, 2007): Prosecution witness ASP Zulkarnain Samsudin (ABOVE) admitted in the High Court he made a mistake in the address of an apartment owned by murder accused Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar, where jewellery belonging to Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu was discovered. Asked by DPP Tun Majid Tun Hamzah during re-examination how he discovered his mistake, Zulkarnain said he obtained the unit number 5-2-4 from either a bill or an envelope found in the unit. However, he remembered seeing the number on the door and corrected it to 5-3-7 on a search list on the same day.

Asked how a police report lodged by him on the discovery of a jacket and jewellery contained the wrong apartment number, he said he took back a pile of envelopes to his office and he relied on the information on them when he lodged a report on Nov 7. He realised his mistake when he handed over the jewellery and jacket to an investigating officer. He called the information technology department of Bukit Aman a few times to try and correct the mistake but the line was busy. There were only three lines for the whole of Malaysia to call the department. He said he could only correct his mistake in December.

"Apart from this, I was involved in other cases," he said, adding that he had also forgotten about it. Questions over the differing addresses were first raised on Friday, when the court and the prosecution had a version of a police report that was different from that of Sirul Azhar's defence counsel. The prosecution had Sirul Azhar's apartment number as 5-3-7 while the defence had the number as 5-2-4. To another question, Zulkarnain said the photographs taken at the apartment were spontaneous ones. He said he did not ask Sirul Azhar to hold the jacket or show the jewellery like it appeared in the police photograph.

ABOVE: Kamarul Hisham arriving well in the morning but insisted he was not feeling well (BELOW) when the judge wanted to carry out the Trial-within-a-trial at the end of the day.

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Altantuya murder trial: Witness: I took a month to correct mistakes
By : V. Anbalagan and Rita Jong, NST
ASP Zulkarnain Samsudin says it slipped his mind as he had other cases to handle

SHAH ALAM: It took more than a month for a police officer to correct mistakes in a report he had lodged on the seizures he made while investigating the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu. ASP Zulkarnain Samsudin, the 23rd prosecution witness, also admitted to trial judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin that the delay was due to his oversight. The witness lodged the initial report about 7pm on Nov 7 last year after seizing Altantuya’s jewellery from Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar’s apartment in Kota Damansara. He also seized Sirul’s jacket. In that report, Zukarnain had stated that the seizure of the jacket and jewellery was at flat number "5-2-4". Zulkarnain admitted in court that the address was wrong as he had relied on the information from an utility bill or an envelope which he took from Sirul’s apartment. He said Sirul’s addrress should have been "5-3-7".

Zulkarnain said he spotted the mistake at 11.30pm on the same day when he handed over the seized items to investigating officer ASP Tonny Lunggan.
"I spotted the mistake after reading through the report again," he said when re-examined by deputy public prosecutor Tun Abd Majid Tun Hamzah.
DPP: What did you do?
Zulkarnain: I immediately contacted Bukit Aman’s IT division to make the correction but no one picked up the calls despite several attempts.
DPP: When did you finally rectify the matter?
Zulkarnain: On Dec 13, which was more than a month after the first report was made.
DPP: Why did you take so long?
Zulkarnain: I had other cases to handle. It just slipped my mind.
Mohd Zaki: So you totally forgot?
Zulkarnain: Yes.
The witness said he made two or three attempts to contact the IT personnel but could not reach them.
"The division had only three telephone lines which served the entire nation," he said.
Earlier, Zulkarnain was asked to explain how "5-2-4" still existed in the first report.
During cross-examination by Wong Kian Kheong, who is appearing for Abdul Razak Baginda, the witness admitted that he had thrown away the letters he took from Sirul’s apartment (to obtain the full address) on Nov 7.
Zulkarnain also said he did not record this in his investigation diary. He also said he could not remember if he threw away the utility bill or had handed it over to Tonny.

ABOVE: KK Wong (Abdul Razak lawyer) and his assistant and BELOW: Leaving court

Wong: (ABOVE) Do you know that under Section 143 of the Criminal Procedure Code, whatever item seized should be referred to a magistrate before it is discarded?
Zulkarnain: No.
Sirul, 31 and Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 36, both members of the Special Action Squad, are charged with the murder of the Mongolian at Mukim Bukit Raja, Selangor, between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year. Razak, 47, a political analyst, is charged with abetting them.

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ABOVE & BELOW: The lawyers for Azilah

= = == = == = == = = == = Below Day 31 Trial

ABOVE: Malaysiakini has an unusual headline for Day 31 Trail. With Details H E R E - "Dragged like a cow & handcuffed and chained". Other media also gave different emphasis on the Day 31 Trial, see below.

ABOVE: the 3rd accused Abdul Razak Baginda, arriving on Day 31 Trial and BELOW & BELOW: the Hooded ones Sirul and Azilah

Officer: I was directed to amend reports
R. Surenthira Kumar and Maria J. Dass, from SUN

SHAH ALAM (August 8, 2007): A police officer told the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial he was directed by his superior officer to amend the police reports he had filed before Cpl Sirul Azhar led them to his house where police recovered jewellery belonging to Altantuya. ASP Zulkarnain Samsudin (ABOVE) denied suggestions by Sirul Azhar's lawyer, Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, that the amendments were done to "beautify" the reports.

He said his superior, DSP Gan Tack Guan,(ABOVE) had reasoned that the amendments were necessary because the copies of the reports were not in "good condition". Zulkarnian was replying to Kamarul Hisham's questions during the continuation of his cross-examination.

ABOVE: Sirul Azhar's lawyer, Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, surprised everyone in courts when he produced a copy of the report filed by Zulkarnain which stated a different unit number from the flat owned by Sirul Azhar

"The previous reports were destroyed as they were not clear because of problems with the printer and photocopier," he said when asked about the discrepancies in the reports. Zulkarnain also told judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin he lost count of the number of times he had signed the amended copies of the reports because Gan had told him to re-sign the copies on numerous occasions. Asked if he had signed the copies before the trial started, Zulkarnain admitted doing so. He said he "blindly" signed the amended copies without reading their contents.

"I did not check the details. I just signed the space where my signature was required," he said. The amendments included the insertion of Sirul Azhar's name on the report, and the addition of the words "something", "yang" and "ada" to the report which stated that Sirul Azhar had told Zulkarnain and Chief Insp Koh Fei Cheow he could take them to his house in Kota Damansara to show where he kept the jewellery. It also stated that Zulkarnain had cautioned Sirul Azhar before he made the revelation. Kamarul Hisham asked Zulkarnain about his visit to Sirul Azhar's flat and the recovery of the jewellery from the inner pocket of Sirul Azhar's black jacket.

He also caught the prosecution off guard when he produced a copy of the report filed by Zulkarnain which stated a different unit number from the flat owned by Sirul Azhar. "Can you explain why the report states the unit number as 5-2-4 whereas my client's unit number is 5-3-7?" he asked. DPP Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah and Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda's lawyer, Wong Kian Kheong, said they did not have a copy of the report referred to by Kamarul Hisham. Mohd Zaki then instructed that copies be made available to the others after lunch break. Zulkarnain said he obtained the unit number based on one of the utility bills which he recovered from Sirul Azhar's flat. Kamarul Hisham then pointed to the photograph taken by the police team headed by Zulkarnain which showed clearly the unit number as 5-3-7, but Zulkarnain was unable to offer an explanation. Zulkarnian was also quizzed about his report which stated that the jewellery was seized from Sirul Azhar's wardrobe, and not his jacket as claimed.

Photos of Sirul Azhar pointing to the jewellery placed in his jacket after it was recovered were also shown to Zulkarnain who admitted instructing Sirul Azhar to pose for the shots to be taken.

Zulkarnain denied an earlier suggestion by Kamarul Hisham that he had offered to help Sirul Azhar if he cooperated with them by providing information during the investigations.

ABOVE: Glum faced, ASP Zulkarnain Samsudin (ABOVE) leaving court after being questioned throughly by Sirul Azhar's lawyer, Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin. (BELOW) The evidence carted to court on Day 31 Trial

= = = = =Bernama’s Account
August 08, 2007 21:16 PM

Two Versions Of Police Reports With Varying House Address
SHAH ALAM, Aug 8 (Bernama) -- The defence in the murder trial of Altantuya Shaariibuu raised questions on whether the jewellery belonging to the Mongolian woman was found at the flat of the accused Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar or another house since there were two versions of the police reports with varying addresses. The police reports were lodged by ASP Zulkarnain Samsudin, 34, from the Major Crime Department, D9 at the Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent Headquarters on the finding of the jewellery at Sirul Azhar's house after he and his team returned from inspecting Sirul Azhar's flat at no 5-3-7, at Jalan Camar, 4/1 Gugusan Semarak, Section 4, Kota Damansara, Selangor on Nov 7 last year.

Counsel Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, who represented Sirul Azhar, produced to the court a copy of a version of the police report with Zulkarnain's signature on it which stated the address of the house where the police went to inspect was 5-2-4. More shocking was when the prosecution and lawyers representing the other accused, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, did not have the copy of the report with the 5-2-4 address. High Court judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin then ordered that they be given copies of the report.

When questioned by Kamarul Hisham, Zulkarnain, who is the 23rd prosecution witness, denied that he and his team went to another house instead of the house at the address 5-3-7. However, Zulkarnain, admitted that after returning from inspecting Sirul Azhar's house he did lodge a report on the finding of the jewellery and wrote in the report the address of the house where the inspection was conducted as 5-2-4. Zulkarnain then clarified to the court that he had made a mistake in the police report by writing the address 5-2-4 based on a bill or letter (he could not remember which one) which he had taken from Sirul Azhar's house.

Kamarul: This is your report with the address 5-2-4?
Zulkarnain: True.
Kamarul: Referring to the report. What caused you to make that mistake
Zulkarnain: At the house of the second accused (Sirul Azhar), I had taken several handphone bills, water or electricity bills or letters from the house. One of the bills that I took stated
5-2-4. I can't remember the bill or letter.
Kamarul: You did not check what other bills stated?
Zulkarnain: Other bills I can't remember.
Kamarul: You just picked the one that happened to be
Zulkarnain: True.

Sirul Azhar, 36, and Azilah, 31, both from the Bukit Aman police Special Action Unit, are charged with murdering Altantuya, 28, at a location between Lot 12843 and Lot 16735, Mukim Bukit Raja, near Shah Alam, between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year, while Abdul Razak, 47, a political analyst, is charged with abetting the two. All three face the death sentence if convicted.
During the 31st day of hearing today, the defence also questioned Zulkarnain's testimony which said that Sirul Azhar was the one who disclosed and showed to the police where the jewellery belonging to Altantuya were kept.

At the last hearing, the court was told that the jewellery were found in the inside pocket of a black jacket belonging to Sirul Azhar in a cupboard in a bedroom of Sirul Azhar's two-bedroom flat.
Kamarul contended that Zulkarnain had made a proposal to Sirul Azhar that the police would help him (Sirul Azhar) if he (Sirul Azhar) agreed to follow the police and show as well as identify the jewellery belonging to Altantuya. However, Zulkarnain disagreed with Kamarul.

Zulkarnain also denied that he had asked Sirul Azhar to pose for the photographer by holding the black jacket and show the jewellery based on their previous agreement.

Zulkarnain also disagreed with Kamarul Hisham when it was put to him (Zulkarnain) that he had ordered Sirul Azhar to sit at a dining table (ABOVE)at his (Sirul Azhar) flat while he and five other policemen entered Sirul Azhar's bedroom and closed the door for 10 to 15 minutes.

The witness also disagreed when put by Kamarul Hisham that a few minutes later, three policemen came out of Sirul Azhar's bedroom carrying a bag whose contents were unknown. Zulkarnain denied that he then directed Sirul Azhar to go into the bedroom. During the hearing on Friday (Aug 3) the defence had raised questions on the presence of two separate police reports by Zulkarnain which contained several differences, including the spelling of his (Zulkarnain) name and date of birth.

However, Zulkarnain had clarified to the court that there were two reports because he had amended several words after checking it for the second time on the same day.

Meanwhile outside the court, a 51-year-old woman, dressed in a black coat like a lawyer and seen at the court almost everyday during the Altantuya's trial, had lodged two police reports to refute a report lodged by a court policeman alleging that she had disrupted court proceedings. In her report, the woman, who is from Sarawak, stated her occupation as a freelance security consultant and that she had obtained the court's permission to place a chair at the public gallery for her to sit as she had only recovered from an accident. The report by Lance Corporal Zulkifli Abdul Rahman stated that the woman had directed policemen on duty at the court to place a chair for her at the public gallery and that the chair should not be removed by anyone, including the lawyers and members of the press.

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