Sunday, August 05, 2007

MORE PICS – Road Bully Killed by 4WD Driven in Self Defense; Killing another human being while protecting your own body from death is a Violation

In this incident, we can learn some important and useful lessons. Is the killing of the man justified? In self defense?

Killing another human being is a violation. Killing while even protecting your own body from death at the hands of another through immediate contact is a violation. Whether or not any justifications seem apparent, the violation exists. An outright lie may or may not be a violation. A sex act may or may not be a violation. Not going to church, temple or mosque is NOT a violation. Having normal aggressive thought is not a violation. Doing violence to you body is a violation. Doing violence to the spirit of another is a violation – but again because you are conscious beings, the interpretations are all yours. Swearing is not a violation. If you believe that it is, then in your mind it becomes one.

Because you believe physical self-defense is the only way to counter such a situation then you will say,
If I am attacked by another person, are you telling me that I cannot aggressively counter his obvious intent to destroy me?”
Not al all. You could counter such attack in several ways that do NOT - involve killing. In the first place you would not be in such a hypothetical situation to begin with unless violent thoughts of your own, faced or unfaced, had attracted it to you. But once it is a fact, and according to the circumstances, many methods could be used.

Because you consider aggression synonymous with violence, you may not understand that aggressive-forceful active, mental or spoken commands for peace could save your life in such a case. Usually there are a variety actions, not involving killing, that would suffice. As long as you believe violence must be met with violence you court it and its consequences. On individual terms, your body and mind become the battleground, as does the physical body of the earth in mass terms. Your material form is alive through natural aggression, the poised, forceful and directed action that is the carrier for creativity.

But why is there so much hatred and violence that when you kill someone, you believe that you kill him forever to settle an old score? Murder is, therefore, a crime and must be dealt with - because you have created it. There is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder. Those who indulge in violence for whatever reason are themselves changed, and the purity of their purpose adultered. Remember, hate creates destruction on earth and until the lessons are learned, destruction follows destruction. It is not that you must be taught not to destroy, for destruction does not actually exist. It is that you must be trained to create responsibly.

Death does not exist in those terms. In the dawn of physical existence, men knew that death was merely a change of form - a transformation from one way of being into another. A death is just a night to your soul. What you call death is rather your choice to focus in other dimensions and realities. No God created the crime of murder, and no God created sorrow or pain....again, because you believe that you can kill someone and end his consciousness forever, then murder exists within your reality and must be dealt with; but their errors and mistakes, luckily enough, are not real and do not affect reality, for those killed still live on.

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ABOVE: The large crowd waiting for action; they would not leave until the body is removed!

Man killed by 4WD during fight over near accident
Road repairer kills road bully

Saturday August 4, 2007; STAR

KUALA LUMPUR: A road repairer allegedly drove a four-wheel drive into a man, killing him during a fight over some road works at Jalan Ipoh here. Another man was injured after the vehicle also mowed into him in the 5am incident yesterday. The dead man has been identified as Law Kian Hong, 34, of Sentul Pasar, while the injured was Yap Lei Shin, 33.

ABOVE & BELOW: the dead man lying in front of two land "Datuks" (in Red - the Guardians of the area") after being moved down by a 4WD in self defense

The police have classified the case as murder.

ABOVE: Asst Comm Kumaran explaining to the Forensic head on the incident

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm K. Kumaran (ABOVE) said they recovered a parang and an iron baton at the scene. He said five workers have been detained in connection with the case. The workers had closed off one lane to carry out their job and a speeding Honda allegedly nearly crashed into a parked vehicle there.

“The workers claimed the driver and passengers of the Honda, armed with a parang and an iron baton, came out and abused them. The men then smashed the windscreen of the parked vehicle,” ACP Kumaran said, adding that the workers then ran for cover.

ABOVE: one of the weapon recovered by police and BELOW: the crime scene

A worker who was in a 4WD drove into two of the men. Three others got back into the Honda and sped off.”

ABOVE: The forensic police "wasting" his time, looking for tyre marks on the crushed body?


Blogger Amri said...

in that situation, one of the worker did his best to protect fellow friends.i would done the same is too late if my friend already dead.i'm not avenging,i'm just being protective.why need parang and baton if the bad guy dont have the intention to kill?

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I know why this O&G was running a side business. It is because he is competing with the best and internationally recognized O&G doctors in Tanjung Medical Centre, Penang. You can refer to this site ( for all the info. you want. Of all the O&G doctors at this medical centre, he is the only one that has qualifications that are not recognized in Singapore. I doubt Singapore Government recognizes MOG(UKM) even though Singapore has just recognized MD(UKM). MBBS (Mangalore) definitely is not on the list of recognized medical schools of the Singapore Government.

You have doctor of this quality is something to be expected as we have recognized too many medical schools. The main criterion for recognition is not the curriculum or the quality of these medical schools/their faculties but the trade off such as accepting the number of "Government" sponsored students. This is what we call "you reap what you sow". I believe Penang has the highest Chinese(India trained) doctors. Unfortunately, these doctors attended Indian medical schools that are not even recognized by one of the most efficient governments i.e. Singapore.

3:45 PM  

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