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MORE PICS & Video – MPV Crashed Lorry -11 Dead; 9 Illegal Myanmar Immigrants & 2 Local; 96.1 Km East Coast Highway - Jul 24 07; MPV overloaded -15 pax

UPDATE Aug 26 07
The 9 remains of Myanmar decedents were officially transfered from the Hospital mortuary to the representative from the Myanmar embassy . They were taken away and cremated.

ABOVE & BELOW: this MPV Naza Ria was illegally registered as the Road Transport department checked revealed the identity of the registrant used another person Identity car

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ABOVE & BELOW: The 9 remains in their coffins were claimed and taken for cremation.
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In the stealth of night, 13 illegal immigrants from Myanmar were transported from the northern border town into the country via East coast and were on the way to the Kuala Lumpur when the driver of the speeding MPV lost control in thick fog and smashed into the back of the lorry on early Tuesday (24th Jul 07) morning at about 4.30 am. 9 of them perished together with 2 locals. It is a case of human trafficking as none of the 13 illegal immigrants have identification papers on them. 4 are seriously injured and taken to Termerloh Hospital. One of the two locals has a record of Human Trafficking which is a lucrative business as illegals paid thousand of RM to eneter.
ABOVE: 96.1km East Coast Highway to KL and BELOW: the MPV beneath the Lorry laden with ore.

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ABOVE & BELOW: The two local human traffickers, one of them as a record on human trafficking.

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ABOVE: The 4 injured were taken to Termerloh hospital and BELOW: Some of the dead on the roadside.

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ABOVE & BELOW: The twisted mass of the NAZA Ria MPV

July 24, 2007 17:39 PM
Lorry Driver Feverish After Seeing Crashed MPV

MENTAKAB, July 24 (Bernama) -- It was 4.30 am and V. Balamurugan, 23, was, as usual, on the road. He was driving a lorry laden with iron ore from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur. His brother, V. Saravanan, 21, was with him, fast asleep. Balamurugan was driving at 60 to 70 km per hour. After the lorry passed the Lanchang toll plaza on the East Coast Expressway (LPT), he heard what sounded like a loud thud at the rear of the vehicle. He thought he had blown a tyre.

Balamurugan pulled up on the emergency lane. He and Saravanan got down to have a look (ABOVE) . What they saw made them feverish. "I was shocked to see a Naza Ria multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) lodged under the lorry, and we heard people screaming," he told reporters at the Mentakab police station. Balamurugan, who is from Kampung Makmur in Karak, Pahang, said he saw people trapped in the MPV, some of them unconscious, and there was blood everywhere. He said there were no other vehicles on the road at that time but an MTD Prime highway patrol vehicle arrived soon after to render assistance, followed by firemen and the police. Balamurugan said the place where the accident occurred was a straight stretch of road.

He made a police report on the accident at the police station at about 7 am.

In the 4.30 am accident, nine Myanmar nationals believed to be illegal immigrants were killed, along with two Malaysians. Four other Myanmar nationals, who were badly injured, were sent to the Temerloh Hospital. All the 13 foreigners did not have identification papers on them. The Malaysians have been identified as Fauzi Omar, 41, driver of the MPV from Kampung Pondok Baru, Padang Siam, in Tanah Merah, Kelantan, and his brother-in-law Rozilan Mat Zain, 37, of D3-T3-U4, Jalan P 9B/2, Harmoni Apartments, Precinct 9, Putrajaya.

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July 24, 2007 10:25 AM
11 Perish In East Coast Expressway Crash

TEMERLOH, July 24 (Bernama) -- Eleven people including two locals and nine Myanmar nationals were killed when a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) crashed into the rear of a lorry laden with iron ore at the 96.2 km East Coast Highway early Tuesday.

Temerloh Police Chief Acting ACP Ahmad Fadzilah Mohamed said the accident occurred during thick mist at 4.30 am near the Lanchang toll booth. Four other Myanmar nationals who suffered serious injuries are being treated at the Temerloh hospital.

"All 13 Myanmar nationals including three women could not be identified as no documents were found on them. "They include an illegal immigrant believed to have been smuggled into the country via Kelantan," he told reporters here.

ABOVE & BELOW: The interior of the MPV after the smashed up

The two locals killed were identified as Fauzi Omar, 41, from Kampung Pondok Baru, Padang Siam in Tanah Merah, Kelantan and Rozilan Mohd Zain, 37, from Harmoni flats in Precint 9, Putrajaya. One of the locals killed is believed to be the driver of the Naza Ria MPV which was heading towards Kuala Lumpur. Ahmad said the bodies of three women victims were found meshed in the MPV which was a total wreck.

He said initial investigation revealed that the MPV which was speeding in thick mist crashed into the rear of the lorry about 2km after the Lanchang toll booth. The driver and attendant of the lorry which was also heading towards Kuala Lumpur escaped unhurt. They later lodged a police report. All 11 bodies are now at the Temerloh hospital.

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Naza Ria MPV-Lorry Crash 11 Killed - Temerloh 24 Jul 07

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