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Possible IGP Musa Hassan Corrupt Allegations Framed by Subordinates? Unacceptable – private positions; Bernama’s False report - Internet Lies & Truth

UPDATE: Shocking News

August 01, 2007 23:34 PM

Dealers Endorse Move To Close Petrol Stations At 10pm

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 (Bernama) -- Petrol station owners attending the annual general delegates conference of the Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM) here today, endorsed a resolution for members to operate their stations for only 15 hours a day, from 7am to 10pm. PDAM deputy president Datuk Zulkifli Mokti, however, said a date had yet to be set for its implementation.
"We hope to be able to make a decision on the date soon, after holding negotiations with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry," he told reporters when met after the conference. He said the step was taken in the interests of members who were now facing escalating costs apart from security risks in operating round-the-clock.
Zulkifli said the members were concerned about the safety of workers at petrol stations because robberies at them often occurred at night. The electricity tariff increase from 0.288 sen a unit to 0.32 sen a unit had also adversely affected their margins, he said, adding that it was further compounded by banks making them shoulder the commission for purchases using credit cards. It became worse when fuel prices rose and as such the dealers agreed that this cost aspect should be passed on to consumers, he said.
Asked about the ramifications of doing that, Zulkifli said: "
Initially it will come as a shock, but consumers must understand the burden faced by petrol station operators and furthermore in other sectors, it is the norm for consumers to pay the charges.
Alang Zari Ishak being dismissed as the PDAM's president at the meeting today, he said the decision was taken after 51 of 65 members voted for his removal for allegedly failing to champion the association's interests. Zulkifli added that the meeting also agreed that the self-service concept be extended nationwide.
In an immediate response to the development, the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) and the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association voiced their objection to the move to have petrol stations operating for only 15 hours a day. In statements faxed to Bernama, the two associations described the
move as tantamount to threatening the government and urged PDAM to withdraw its decision.

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IGP Malaysia Musa Hassan: Corrupt Allegations Framed by Subordinates; Unacceptable for Officers to hold private positions; Bernama’s False report - Internet Lies & Truths

Malaysiakini has the early on-line story H E R E on IGP being cleared off Corrupt Charges. Now he claims the corrupt allegations against him were framed by disgruntled officers within the rank. Investigation is on going to question the person who lodged a complaint against him. The allegations were published in the internet and yet our Deputy Home Affairs Minister Baharom Johari believed in them and reported to the matter to the ACA. And so is Nat’s case. His reference to the Freewebs site was visited by a police officer and subsequently a police report was filed and became the basis for Nat’s arrest.

This is scary if the Top Cop can be framed in such a way, what about the ordinary folks. The underworld figures are all very mindful of this scenario. When officers conducting raids or road blocks, people might find themselves similarly framed with “evidence” in their possession. And who would the court believe when the case is contested? So in almost all such cases they never surfaced and all these are settled “out of court” perhaps for a lump sum.

The following insightful comment is by Jeffery (at Kit’s blog, Jul 30 07)

“For the record, I don’t have much doubt about what the IGP said or (up to now) any problem with his integrity.Knowing the esprit de corp that normally prevails amongst those in uniformed services, which head of a service would say this of certain sections of his own men – in public - if he didn’t genuinely believe it was true – that he had been framed? What I am worried about is this : if these people even dared to frame the top cop where do we the ordinary citizenry stand if we were taken in and framed? Would we get due process?

Secondly, how do we address the bludgeoning crime problem involving abduction rape etc when certain sections of law enforcement dare to even commit crime allegedly by way of framing even their own boss? This ‘framing’ is a serious matter and getting out of hand and should convince even the IGP that the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission should be implemented fast”

= = == and from Nat Tan (Jelas info) his observation

What ‘powers’ do policemen have that allow them to magically frame their boss?I don’t know for sure whether or not Musa is corrupt or not, but assuming he was indeed accused by policemen, don’t you think it took some guts for them to accuse their boss?If you were a lower ranking cop, wouldn’t making accusations against the No. 1 be extremely risky (read:suicidal)? I probably wouldn’t dare do it unless I had some proof, or was pretty damn sure I was speaking the truth.Whatever the case, when we already have the Internal Security Ministry fighting with our top cop, we really don’t need the cops fighting amongst themselves. Can you imagine what effect Musa’s statements have on police morale?If the police leadership is fighting their ministerial bosses, and raising suspicions within their own ranks, guess who’s getting to the streets mad and free?
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So the internet Lies are Believes & truths and What about Bernama's Stories?

In practical down-to-earth matter, truth should represent accurately your awareness of something. If I were to repeat what someone said, or if I were to explain what I did, then my common definition of it would be that I presented that information as accurately as possible to the person and therefore expressing truth.

But many of your truthsall of your truthsare beliefs, but as you identify them as
truths, you do not see them as beliefs. You do express them, but you do not identify them as beliefs. So the problem is when trying to communicate your truth to somebody who is different, it almost … there becomes a question of honesty, rather than truth.

You’re not being dishonest if you’re communicating your truth to another individual whose truth is different than yours, but they may perceive it that way.

So do you believe in what UMNO info Chief Mat Taib assertion that Blogegrs are paid RM100,000 per month by overseas outfits (see below in Bahasa Malaysia). Is he being dishonest and expressing his beliefs rather than the truth? Bear in mind he is UMNO propaganda chief capable of spreading “lies” and Bernama is the National Official News dishinG out slanted news

= = == = == from NST

Musa was ‘framed by his own men’

By : Alang Bendahara and Lee Shi-Ian, NST Team, 2007/07/31
KUALA LUMPUR: The nation’s top cop said yesterday he was framed by his own men, resulting in him being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency. "The allegations against me were a frame-up by other policemen, and I am now issuing the warning to all policemen not to abuse their powers," said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan. He said he was happy with the professional manner in which the ACA carried out their investigations before clearing him of any wrongdoing last Friday. "I was never afraid as I was confident of my innocence and gave the ACA my full co-operation during the course of the probe."

However, he expressed concerns as the probe had shown that he was being framed by certain parties within the police force. "I do not know who these officers are but I am sure the ACA will conduct a thorough investigation on the false report lodged by the complainant against me," he said. Earlier, during a press conference on narcotics seizures that were made last week, Musa had warned policemen not to abuse their powers or frame innocent people, saying they would be brought to justice. "The reason I said policemen must be transparent is due to the findings of the probe. Those who abuse their authority will be hauled up by the police disciplinary committee. "If anyone is found to have framed someone or misused their authority, I will not hesitate to take action against them," he said.

On Friday, Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail ordered the ACA to close their investigations into allegations that Musa had received RM2 million in bribes to release three men who had been detained under the Emergency Ordinance, saying there was no evidence to implicate him. Gani had said the probe, which began on June 18, had been wrapped up after ACA officers questioned witnesses, including the people alleged to have paid the RM2 million, and checked Musa’s financial records.

On the ongoing ACA probe into allegations of corruption against a senior Federal police officer, Musa said the officer had partly declared his assets and wealth during the last check. "When I took over as the IGP, I made it compulsory for all policemen to declare their assets and wealth every six months.

"If they buy or sell their property, it is a must for them to update their records and declare it," he said. On the subject of policemen holding positions in private companies while still serving on the force, he said it was unacceptable. "It would be a conflict of interest if any of our men hold posts in private companies and it would be an offence subject to disciplinary action." On a related matter, Musa said he had instructed the Bukit Aman public relations office to send a letter to Bernama regarding a report it had published on Friday.

"The report quoting me as saying that I had advised the senior police officer to give full co-operation to the ACA probe was false as I had never said that to Bernama nor any other media that day." He said the Bernama journalist responsible for the story would be asked to explain how the news could have been reported that way.

following is the extract from Bernama Report:

July 27, 2007 23:18 PM
IGP Advises Senior Police Officer To Clear His Name

KUALA LUMPUR, July 27 (Bernama) -- Inspector- General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan today advised a senior federal police officer under probe (See NST Below) by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to give the fullest cooperation and clear his name. He said this would expedite the ACA investigation and avert unnecessary speculation. "The (ACA) investigation is a normal procedure. Let them complete their probe as it might take time.

= = === and from berita Harian

Pengendali blog ditaja organisasi luar; Oleh Abdul Razak Raaff, Berita Harian Jul 29 07

PETALING JAYA: Pengendali dan penulis blog dibiaya organisasi luar negara hingga mencecah RM100,000 sebulan, kata Ketua Penerangan Umno, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib.

ABOVE: Mat Taib surrounded by UMNO Puteri virgin beauties after officiating their meeting in Kelana Jaya

Beliau berkata, organisasi berkenaan menaja mereka dan membenarkan laman mereka menyiarkan pelbagai perkara sensitif oleh penulis blog tempatan dan luar negara.
"Kita tidak boleh memandang rendah kerana mereka ini golongan profesional dan kerajaan perlu kaedah khas untuk menangani masalah kemunculan laman blog yang menular seperti wabak penyakit," katanya.
Beliau ditemui pada sidang akhbar selepas merasmikan Mesyuarat Perwakilan Pergerakan Puteri Umno Bahagian Kelana Jaya, di sini semalam. Hadir sama, Ketua Puteri Umno bahagian itu, Norhazlin Ahmad dan Timbalan Ketua Umno bahagian, Datuk Fateh Iskandar Tan Sri Mansor.

Muhammad yang juga Ketua Umno Bahagian Kelana Jaya, bimbang penulisan perkara sensitif di laman blog boleh mempengaruhi pemikiran generasi muda termasuk pelajar Malaysia di luar negara. Ditanya mengenai tindakan pengendali laman blog Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin yang membuat serangan peribadi terhadap dirinya, beliau berkata, isu berkenaan adalah cerita lama.

"Biarlah dia (Raja Petra) nak tulis apa pun, itu cerita 15 tahun lalu dan sebenarnya apa yang dia buat terhadap saya menunjukkan tindakan saya (membuat laporan polis) dan mempersoalkan tindakannya sudah berkesan.
"Saya rela diserang dan dihentam demi mempertahankan agama dan tanah air. Saya sudah buat laporan polis dan saya serahkan kepada mereka untuk ambil tindakan," katanya.
Isnin lalu, Muhammad membuat laporan polis di Ibu Pejabat Polis Dang Wangi, di sini, berikutan laporan yang disiarkan dalam laman blog Malaysia Today pada 11 Julai lalu, dianggap menyalahi peraturan negara kerana menghina Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan memperlekehkan Islam dengan tujuan merosakkan pemikiran rakyat.

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