Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MORE PICS & VIDEO – 5 am Raid on Karaoke Joint - Jalan Ampang, Sunday June 03 2007 by DBKL, Police & Vice Unit; 29 Males & 11 Females Checked

The raid was carried out in the early hours of Sunday Morning (4.45am), June 03 07 and the entrance to the Karaoke place was at the back as the front was locked. The Karaoke Joint is located in Jalan Ampang. Raid was joint effort by DBKL, Police & KL Vice unit; 29 Males & 11 Females were Checked for offences on vilation of travel documents by foreigners; 2 Male & 1 Female Detained.

The girls were from PRC & local

Following pics are from the Raid

Watch the 2 min Combined Video Clips for further details & info

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