Friday, May 11, 2007

MORE PICS – Rude SHOCK for Bangsar Housewife - LORRY Came Crashing in; Living Room now in A Mess; Careless & Inconsiderate Driving?; No One Hurt

ABOVE: The location Lorong Maarof 6 in Bangsar and BELOW: an outside view of the damaged Garden wall the lorrong went through

ABOVE: Madam P. Saravathy's time was not up, she escaped but "I got the shock of my life" on seeing the lorry in the living room

ABOVE & BELOW: The Lorry WPC 2829 who came a visiting - crashing into this Bangsar House
Break in routine keeps retiree out of lorry’s path

KUALA LUMPUR: P. Saravathy is lucky to be alive today, and it's all thanks to a slight change in routine. The 70-year-old retired teacher said she usually reads the newspapers in her living room every morning until about 11am when she starts preparing lunch.

ABOVE & BELOW: with the walls exposed, to secure back the house, the family immediate need is to build back wall

Yesterday, however, she went straight to the kitchen, only to rush right back out when a tipper lorry laden with stones and soil crashed into her double-storey corner lot home in Bangsar here and landed in her living room. “I had just stepped into the kitchen and hadn’t even decided what curry to make when suddenly there was a sound as if a bomb had exploded. Unwelcome visitor:

ABOVE & BELOW: The couple M. Balakrishnan, 70 and wife P. Saravathy
were in shock to see this uninvited visitor crashing in.The husband was grateful his wife was not hurt

The lorry came to a stop after crashing through the side wall of Saravathy’s home in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.“I rushed to check and to my horror, I found a lorry parked in my hall, “ she said of the 10am incident when met at her house on Lorong Maarof 6.

ABOVE: The messed up living room and BELOW: The exposed staircase

She immediately contacted her husband, M. Balakrishnan, 70, a retired City Hall field officer, who rushed home from a meeting in the city. Witnesses said they saw the lorry go over a road barrier and ram into the concrete garden wall of the detached house. It came to a stop after smashing through the side wall of the house. The crash left the living room a mess of concrete, furniture and other strewn items. Balakrishan was grateful that his wife was not hurt in the incident.

ABOVE: The mess from the fallen wall and BELOW, the damage to a Radio Cassette player

“Even the lorry driver was lucky as he escaped with very minor bruises,” he added. The lorry driver who only wanted to be known as Mulyani, 37, said he was transporting stones and earth from a construction site next to a shopping centre to be dumped. “I was driving downhill when it happened.

I tried to steer the vehicle to safety but failed,” said Mulyani, who has been driving lorries for 14 years. City traffic chief Assistant Commissioner Hamza Taib said police are investigating the accident under Section 43(1) of Road Transport Act 1987 for careless and inconsiderate driving.


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