Sunday, May 06, 2007

MORE PICS – RAID in CHOW KIT & JALAN PETALING Red Lights Districts;MODEL (in Coffee Ads) Detained with 30 year Boy Friend in a Hotel Room for Khalwat

ABOVE & BELOW: The detained model & Boyfriend

The model feature in the Coffee Adverts was nabbed in a Hotel in Jalan Haji Hussein . in Chow Kit together with her 30 year old boyfriend by Police and the Religious affairs Department for alleged Khalwat (closed proximity).

ABOVE:Officer entering a budget hotel BELOW Bare details in the hotel

= = = = == == = == = = =

ABOVE: The narrow hotel corridor leading to the Rooms BELOW: Searching for condoms or fallen loose change?

The raid of the hotel was part of the operation to raid budget and sleazy hotels in Chow Kit and Jalan Petaling red light districts. The raid was conducted following complaints from the public

According to KL Deputy CID Chief ACP Kaw Kok Chin (ABOVE)During the raid we found condoms and shoes which we believe belonged to the prostitutes but most of them got away as we arrived late due to the traffic jam

ABOVE & BELOW: Detained taken in van to Police HQ

Two women and two men were detained in the hotel and brought to the City Police Headquarters for questioning. They are expected to be handed over to the FT Religious Department for further action.

= = == = =Sorry folks NO details yet of Jalan Petaling raid, No P R C to see


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