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MORE PICS & Video: LAGOON PERDANA Abandoned Apartments REVIVED – 98% Voted YES; LAD Claims Waived up to RM35,000 each ; Applause for Khrishnan's Views

ABOVE: The court convened meeting on May 08 07 was a historical event for the owners of the abandoned project to "get back their properties" without any further delays and it was held at the Perdana Lake Club (BELOW)

ABOVE: the VIPs in the Meeting chaired by Ibrahim Ali, a director of Tenaga Gagah Sdn Bhd the other being Ombokou@ Francis bin Sauyang, who is also a shareholder the other shareholder being Asli @ Martinus bin Musa. These two (possibly proxies) bought over the bankrupt company and revive it. Hoping just to make some pocket money??
= = == = ===

ABOVE: LEFT: Mr Yap Siew Long (Scruitiner), Mr Sonny Kok (V P Talam Corp) Mr Loy (Finance Director, IJM); Dato' Lee Hwa Beng (Speaking & Smiling) - the "MCA double agent", currently MPSJ Councilor ostensibly helping the 1927 victims in this abandoned project but possibly with a sharp axe to grind.

BELOW: Left, Ibrahim Ali (Chairman), Mr C H Hong ( Deloitte Financial Advisor), Leslie Kong & Mr Ong (Talam Corp)

ABOVE:The voting results - an overwhelming YES. What choice do you have under such circumstances?. What the Dato' quipped "Say No, you go back, I go back and wait" And WHO created this reality?

ABOVE & BELOW: The voters have to register and verified their names with their IC in order to get the blue voting form for them to mark a cross for the scheme. Even a tick was amended and considered a Yes vote by the developer. These tables were laid with light lunch refreshments for those who stayed for the counting.

The anger, the frustration and the sadness over the last 4 years seemed to evaporate when result of a resounding 98% vote in favor of reviving the abandoned Lagoon Perdana Medium Cost apartments, the service apartments and the 16 shop lots abandoned 4 years ago.. It was a moment almost 1927 purchasers and owners were waiting. The vote was expected (and the developer was fully aware of this favorable outcome from the proxy forms submitted back to them) .The owners were given a Hobson’s choice. ALL must sacrifice the entire LAD (Late and Ascertained Damage) claims to enable the developer complete the project under the new reputable contractor IJM. This company has been given a RM700 million contract for completing & reviving the stalled housing projects under Talam and Lagoon Perdana is one of them. The profits they can make are not much but they are eying for other future projects.

The sacrifices had to be made and for some as high as RM35,000 (see ABOVE) in order to “get back the property” and a total estimated LAD figure is a cool RM36 million not to be claimed. The only consolation seems to be there is no “topping up of additional payments” and a 3 months waiver for maintenance fee upon completion. Some quality was also compromised to save cost. The parquet flooring is now replaced with ceramic tiles for the apartments. There are other conditions given in the explanatory notes

But there were other dissenting voices and the outspoken views by Mr Khrishnan sums it all. He asked for a full refund and there were much applause for him. But the majorities of owners are fully aware of the reality of the situation and voted YES.

The agenda of the meeting
  1. Opening address by Dato’ Lee Hwa Beng
  2. Chairman Opening speech & Statement
  3. Salient points of the proposed scheme
  4. House keeping Matters on proxy forms
  5. Questions & Answers session
  6. Regulations on voting
  7. Announcement of voting results
  8. Closing of meeting

The following are a cross section of the purchasers who attended this court convened meeting. The meeting was called to order after the scrutiner confirmed there was a quorum. Some invested their life savings hoping for a little nest to go back to and was confronted with this nightmare; paying interest to the banks and paying their rentals – double burden. So the 98% majority is thanking their lucky stars, that there is now light at the end of the dark tunnel after groping in the dark for 4 years.

And a VICTIM speaks out as an individual.............

a video clip is being compiled for uploading (You-tube) for everyone to see and hear what was said
ABOVE: WHERE is their Bloody CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

I don’t’ want to participate in the project

Look at Talam Corp; a big Giant and they form this little subsidiary

.. anak syarikat... Ong Ka Ting.. said Purchasers can opt out..

.."Refund me back ALL the money

I want the money to be refunded within a certain period not over two years

You might say there is no other way...

Find a wayYour mother can form a baby..

Go back to your mother..."

= = = = = == == = ==

ABOVE: Alvin, the front man of Tenaga Gagah Sdd Bhd., anak syarikat of Talam

whose official line 42962000 (given in the letter dated 16th March 07) is a fake one (no one will pass the line to him) unless you know his direct line 42902122

Check back latter... it might take a day or two

and here are the abandoned Blocks at Nov 2006, for nearly 4 years....they rot under the sun & rain, blacken over the years

ABOVE: Block 1?


ABOVE: Block 3?

ABOVE: Block 7?

ABOVE: Block 8
ABOVE: Block 7?
= == = = and WHERE exactly is this Sunway Lagoon Apartments?
After the Sunway Med Centre, turned right in the traffic light and you see the completed and the hidden UNcompleted Blocks.
ABOVE: The Sunway Med Centre and BELOW: The Sunway Lagoon Apartments looking from the Sunway Med Side
= == = == = == = == = == == =BACKGROUND Woes of TALAM

Go H E R E and Read the earlier problems.

= == = ===
The six Talam projects saved are namely Taman Puncak Jalil, Ukay Perdana,
Kinrara Section 3, Lagoon Perdana, Putra Perdana and Bukit Beruntung


Anonymous earl-ku said...

where exactly is this abandoned project?

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The directors of Talam should be fined /jailed. Only then will they learn to be more responsible.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are these the ones beside the LDP Sunway toll plaza???

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great write-ups! Thanks for all efforts and the commitee members well.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone realise that one of Talam's subsidiary, Mudi Angkasa is going to be liquidated? That means our project in Bukit Pandan is going to be delayed even longer.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous bolehland said...

Talam = dirty word

4:16 PM  

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