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Why MORE WOMEN ARE NOT Getting Married? A balanced Life, Too Heady & lacking Grace? Swallow that Pride on Relationship; Shift to Directing Yourselves?

The reasons suggested by this “Fried Bihun”Chow Mei Fun Parliamentary Secretary (in Malaysian Parliament recently) are an old one that males felt intimidated by females who are too smart and independent and some guys who feel they must earn more than their girlfriend, or smarter. Analyzing closely, some of these girls is already too heady by being too smart; everything is concentrated on the “upper level” neglecting the down below. They should learn to get a real “good head” on their lower part by thinking like a “whore’ sometimes. Their bodies might have balanced mixed x-y chromosomes for them to lead a balanced life without any urge for the longings of the opposites.

And her suggestion to the boys to get smarter to match them would in a way make the situation worst. For if the men are just as cleaver as them thinking on the upper level; they too would forget their important role below and would shun marriage. The reality is that you get what you concentrate upon and there is no exception.

Others have complained that some females are too materialistic and too choosy, looking for that RMS (rich man’s son) but most of them are realistic in their choices. Many would just prefer a simple career minded right partner who can contribute and support a family.

There is this theory that perhaps the real reason is that there is now a trend in the shift in consciousness. A great number of smart people have come to realize that they want to “direct themselves: rather than be directed by others (parents & society) that they MUST get married and HAVE children. Is it any wonder that parents find kids nowadays “wouldn’t listen to you” and “difficult to control”?; they seem to know best.

This is becoming more and more commonly expressed and less and less unusual with the female gender. One of the elements of this shift in consciousness is a shift from the male energy to the female energy, which is expressed differently. The male energy is intellectual, the female energy intuitional. In this, there is a tremendous shift in energy within our reality, and this is also redefining our roles. It is not eliminating our beliefs, but it is redefining our roles. The emphasis of this shift in consciousness is upon the individual and directing of themselves, not upon the direction of authorities or allowing other individuals to be directing in expectations, but each individual directing themselves, which is shifting beliefs. This is not to say that the beliefs are being eliminated. They are not. But our association with them is shifting, for we are directing of ourselves and generating your own choices in association with WHAT YOU WANT and NOT WHAT IS EXPECTED.

Throughout our history, there has been a very different expression of energy, and therefore, there has been responsiveness with you all in association with authority of some type or another, not necessarily even an individual. It may be a concept; it may be a philosophy, a belief which generates expectations. Not necessarily those other individuals generate the expectation, but in association with the beliefs, you generate the expectation of yourself. But this is shifting, and the female gender is not necessarily designed merely for procreation. These are beliefs. It is a CHOICE. If each of you is genuinely familiar with yourselves and is genuinely directing yourselves, it becomes unnecessary to express the type of systems that you incorporate within your societies now. For the system that you incorporate now expresses hierarchies and leaders, authorities, individuals that you look to steer you, that you follow; but in the expression of this shift in consciousness, its direction moves to the individual and your incorporation of directing and steering yourselves rather than allowing other individuals to dictate to you your choices.

Just like women no longer have to wear bras (my belts) or go for pap smears by choice. All human beings will come to understand the choice. At the completion of this shift in consciousness, this shall be spread throughout our world with time. What we’ve gone through, we’ll have reached a certain point when we understand about these choices, but there will be others that won’t have had as many lives.

It is not dependent upon how many focuses you incorporate. It is the design of your world, so to speak, the structure of it, which is changing. In that change, any essence that chooses to be manifesting within this physical reality, within this physical dimension, shall know of the design or the structure of your reality, just as you in entering this focus know the structure and the design of the reality. When we are born into this physical world, no individual explained to you as an infant that you are an infant now and you shall breathe air and you shall grow physically. You merely do, for you know this intrinsically.

It is already being evidenced within your world now. Look to your small ones. They are directing of themselves. Individuals that incorporate families with small children recognize that these small ones are directing of themselves, which is also generating an affect in association with your family structures already for they do not incorporate the same types of relationships that they have previously throughout your history, for they adapt to the alteration of the awareness of the small ones.

They are not willing to be directed, for they know. Their awareness is in a position of this shift in consciousness, and they intrinsically know that they are directing of themselves, for this is the new structure.


Another aspect which many are unaware is that the entire complex social world rests on strong probable relationships, and the power behind civilizations rests upon a great unconscious rapport, and is built upon, in any given present, future and past, personal and social relationships. There are human beings on the face of this earth who do not know what love means, or companionship, who do not have parents, who do not have sisters or brothers, who understand an isolation that is bleak and cold, even if it is of their own making.

Each of you who have the opportunity to share with another then know that is grace, and be thankful for that which you experience, and do not underestimate what you have. There are personalities who have traveled through the centuries, literally, without such an understanding. And if this was their reality, and if it was their making, still be glad that it is not yours, and accept those relationships that you now have, and realize their potential and do not close yourselves off through stupid pride and through barriers of your own making.

You can know each other in each life a brief time. What joy and comfort you can give, then give. What support you can render, render. How many can realize that by doing this you become more than you think you are.

Loneliness & Beliefs
If you are lonely, it is because you believe in your loneliness in the present point you acknowledge as time. From what seems to be the past you only draw those memories that reinforce your condition and you project those into the future. Physically, you are overwhelming your body as it responds to a state of loneliness through chemical and hormonal reactions. You are also denying your own point of action within the present.

Vitamins, better food, medical attention may temporary rejuvenate the body, but unless you change your beliefs it will become swamped again by feelings of depression. In such cases you must realize that you make your own loneliness and resolve to change both through thought and action. Action is thought in physical motion, outwardly perceived.

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April 04, 2007 16:21 PM
Women Want Men Of Equal Academic Status

ABOVE: MP for PJ Utara, Chew Mei Fun (literally in Cantonese meant "fried Bihun"

KUALA LUMPUR, April 4 (Bernama) -- A lot of women stay unmarried because they could not find the right partners as they are more educated and better paid, said Women, Family and Community Development Parliamentary Secretary Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun. She said some of the women had reached 30 and yet could not find suitable men to marry.

As such, she said men must continue to improve their education to raise their stature to match the women's. "The reason why some men in this country take foreign wives is not because local women don't want to marry, but because they find it difficult to meet Mr Right," she said when responding to a question from Datuk Baharum Mohamed (BN-Sekijang) in the Dewan Rakyat today. "These women are better qualified and better paid than their suitors. If this kind of mindset persists where women want men of equal academic status and men are intimidated by successful women, then the problem of unmarried women could not be solved.

"Therefore, I advise men to give due attention to education," she said, followed by uproar from the male members of the House.

ABOVE: DAP "hot chilli" MP Fong Po Kuan questioned about "mail order brides" coming in eventually ending in vise activities

Earlier, in her reply to Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Alor Gajah), Chew said the ministry was aware of the "mail order bride" schemes and would not tolerate agents that exploited the women for prostitution and other criminal activities.

= = ==
M'sian Fertility Rate Drops From 3.4 To 2.8 In 10 Years

PETALING JAYA, Sept 5 (Bernama) -- A survey conducted by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) shows that the fertility rate in Malaysia had declined from 3.4 in 1994 to 2.8 in 2004. Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister Datuk G. Palanivel said the decline could be expected to continue if the country kept moving towards an industrialised society as many population theorists had expounded that an educated public was more discerning about family formation and size.

"However, considering that the contraceptive prevalence rate in Malaysia has plateaued at around 50 per cent the last two decades, we are at a crossroad in view of the declining total fertility rate," he said when addressing the National Population Conference here, Tuesday. He said that a low fertility would bring about changes in the population structure which would result in, among others, ageing of the population and feminisation of the elderly group. Based on the Population Strategic Plan Studies conducted in 1992, the government was of the view that it was the quality and not the quantity of the population that mattered, he added. "Now, after almost fifteen years later, this has to be reviewed," he said, adding that the ministry was currently studying the best options for the country's population policy. "Should we sustain population growth as it is now at 2.6 per cent or should we intervene strongly to decrease it further? No doubt future population growth has to be in balance with resources and sustainable development." Currently, the country's population is estimated to be almost 27 million.

Meanwhile, the board in its January "POP Info Malaysia" newsletter, said that late marriages among better educated women was one of the reasons for the fall in fertility rate. It said that almost 13 per cent of women with tertiary education in their 30s had never been married.
"With better education, delayed and non-marriage will become more prevalent. Marriage postponement shortens childbearing span and will result in a further fertility decline."
The board said the fertility level in the country had declined for all age groups and was relatively more pronounced among the younger and older age groups."This indicates that women are entering childbearing later and are stopping at a younger age."

It also said the fertility level was influenced by a host of socio-economic variables. The Fourth Malaysian Population and Family Survey 2004 showed that the number of children born varied widely according to the educational levels, where women with no schooling having almost twice as many children as those with tertiary education. It said with socio-economic development, the fertility level was falling more rapidly than the "recommended" rate of decline as envisaged in the country's population policy launched in 1994. The policy targets a population size of 70 million by the year 2100 and the fertility rate to decline gradually by 0.1 every five years.

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and finally listen & ponder over the lyrics of this all time hit by Sandy Posey

The single girl all alone in a great big town
The single girl gets so tired of love letting her down
The life's unreal and the people are homely
And the nights can get so lonely
The single girl needs a sweet loving man to lean on
I'm a single girl wondering if love could be passing her by
I'm a single girl and I know all about men and their lies
Nobody loves me cause nobody knows me
Nobody takes the time to go slowly

= = =


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Fried Bihun" or should I say "Overfried Koayteow" should have cautioned the gals on the dangers of getting the wrong boys, such as the case of Subashini and Saravanan.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Anon 3:09 PM , she knows how to fry beehoon only on way and for that achieves the worth of a Datin Paduka!

I think she's just directing her platitudinal advice to especially one community in particular where the males will not ever do as well as the females because of its predisposing cultural mindset.

In any case I like the Seth originated/flavored take from multidimid. The depth is always there.


8:54 PM  

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