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MORE PICS – 2 POLICE Outriders Killed; HONDA 750 Rammed Car (stopping suddenly) while Following too Close; Setting BAD examples in NOT following Rules

Was there any "accident" in this incident, the timing was perfect? You do make and create your own reality. This sounds too simple, but you will not be caught in an earthquake or "accident" if you do not want to be, and no one dies who has not decided to do so. You make your own reality—or you do not. And if you do not,then you are everywhere a victim, and the universe must be an accidental mechanism appearing with no reason. The choice , manner and time of death are always yours. When the soul is ready to release the body, when it has accomplished what it came here to do, it moves on

These two experienced police escort outsiders were traveling too close to the vehicle in front and could not react in time when the emergency brakes were applied by the car. The public have been advised to drive carefully and we see these escorts are in a hurry to reach the airport on time. Why? The royalty and the VIPs should make an effort to start their journeys earlier to avoid this “bullying on the road, with their right of way” attitude. Will they learn this lesson? If they are so important and in a hurry, get a flying car (made in Israeli, US1.5 million)

= = == = =
Two police outriders escorting the regent of Trengganu were killed in an “accident” in Jalan Sultan Mohamed, Kuala Trengganu on Saturday night. 48 year old corporal Ahmad Yahaya from Bachok, Kelantan died instantly on impact while 51 year old Lance corporal Johan Sulaiman from Pasir Mas, Kelantan died at the hospital at about midnight;

ABOVE: The Honda 750 "lying in state" after the impact, the driver was throw flying to the opposite side of the road and BELOW, Lance Corporal Johan Sulaiman being taken to hospital

= = == = = == == = = = == == = == = = ==

ABOVE & BELOW: OCPD ACP Abdul Manan Alwi briefing newsmen and colleagues on "what happened"

Kuala Trennganu police chief ACP Abdul Manan Alwi said the incident happened at about 9 pm while they were escorting Tengku Mohd Ismail from Hotel Primula to the Airport. OCPD Abdul Manan said the accident happened when the vehicle suddenly stopped causing Ahmad Yahaya who was in the lead to knock into it.

ABOVE & BELOW: Relatives and friends vigil at the hospital for lance Corporal Johan Sulaiman, who eventually succumbed to his injuries just before midnight on saturday

Lance corporal Johan Sulaiman who was close behind also knocked into the vehicle and could not take evasive action in time.. Both died from massive internal injuries to their bodies. Driver of car was not injured but was detained for investigations under Section 41 sub section 1 Road Transport act 1987

= = = == = the STAR report;

Escorts die in crash

KUALA LUMPUR: Two traffic cops escorting the Regent of Terengganu were killed in an accident. The duo were on their way to the airport here from Primula Hotel when the accident occurred near Wisma Darul Iman at 9pm on Saturday.

The victims (BELOW) Koperal Ahmad Yahya, 48, and (ABOVE): Lans Koperal Johan Sulaiman, 51

The victims were identified as Koperal Ahmad Yahya, 48, and Lans Koperal Johan Sulaiman, 51. They died at the Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah here early yesterday morning. OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Manan Alwi said Kpl Ahmad is believed to have lost control of his Honda 750 while attempting to avoid a car that came to a sudden halt at a junction. “The victim rammed into the rear of the car before he was flung to the other side of the road,” he said when contacted here yesterday. He said L/Kpl Johan, who was tailing behind, also lost control of his motorbike before falling on the road. Both of them died of head and body injuries. ACP Abdul Manan said the car driver escaped unhurt.

ABOVE & BELOW: the last journey to the "happy huntng grounds". But a death is just a night to your soul

= = = and in IPOH, Friday about 9 pm. At Falim, outskirts of Ipoh

Motor-Cyclist went into Road side pothole, lost control and lost his life. Eyewitnesses said his body was severed into two after the crash

ABOVE: The pothole that cause the life of the motorcyclist. He went out of control and landed in the direction of the on coming car (BELOW)

BELOW: a close-up view of the damages to the car

= = = == = == = = == = = = = =

ABOVE and BELOW: what was left of the Motorcycle after the crash; The handle bar came off

BELOW: The handle bar with the lights smashed showing the registration number

= = == == = =and also in IPOH Friday. Beat the Red Lights and hit and run Car at Ipoh Garden south, about 10 pm.

The white Satria driven by a lady driver was coming out from Jln S A Lingam (Esso Station) and was turning slowing towards Bercham, when from the opposite side, a black car beat the Red lights and and smashed into the Satria Front. Immediately the car escaped towards Jalan S A Lingam.

ABOVE: The hit car at wide junction (in front of the Esso station in Ipoh Garden South) along Jalan Tasek and BELOW: Close up view of the damage

= = == = == = = == = == = =ABOVE: the shocked driver managed to call for help as BELOW they were kids in the car

= = == = = = == = == = =

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sympathies to the 2 dead cops. Can't really blame the car driver who stopped suddenly; probably thought the cops were after him.

Can only blame the bladdy vips who use traffic cops to clear the road for them. This nonsense must stop before more people are killed thru these selffish measures.

But will it ever stop? No way, cos the vips are used to this privilege. They don't care if anybody is killed as long as they ride in style. Political will is needed to stop this once and for all, but will never manifest itself. Dream on......

4:39 PM  
Blogger Chicken Balls said...

am i reading it right?

the driver of the car who was smashed from behind was detained?

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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