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MORE PICS – RAPE & KIDNAP Escape -Two UKM Female Law Students Rescued by Police Following Tip-Off they were Naked & Tied Up in a Bus by the Driver

ABOVE & BELOW: The stolen bus where the two female law students had their nightmare ordeal in which they were stripped almost naked and tied by the bus driver.

BANGI: Two universities Kebangsan Makaysia students were almost rape and kidnapped by a man who had driven the bus they had boarded. The two victims were on their way home to to their hostel after classes were canceled.

According to Bangi Police chief ACP Rosli Mohd Nizam (ABOVE) in the 9.30 am incident on Tuesday, two female law students had alighted the bus to return home as their lectures were canceled. They were brought to a Petronas petrol station just outside the campus. They were threatened with a knife by the driver before they were both asked to strip naked to their undergarments and tied up using their clothing’s. The victims were then robbed of their belongings including a laptop inside the bus.

ABOVE: Police officers showing the recovered items in the bus and BELOW , the laptop, knife, packet of curry powder and the hand phones

Then bus driver headed towards the toll direction possibly on the way to Kajang but just before the toll he stopped and he went down whether waiting for friends or meeting friends. Fortunately during this interval girls were noticed by passersby’s who saw them in distress had immediately contacted the police station. Following the tip off about the situation, the police rush a patrol car to the scene. The suspect on seeing the police drove into an open clearing and tried to run away by jumping into a sewerage treatment pond. He was cornered but put up a struggle before he was arrested at about 10.30am

The suspect has 5 previous records including one robbery. Investigations are carried out under Section 394 of the penal code. If convicted the suspect can be jailed for not more than 2o years imprisonment.

ABOVE & BELOW: Closed up views of the knife and the laptop

= = = == here is the STAR's account with more details

Undergrads taken on terror ride; By KULDEEP S. JESSY

KAJANG: A man in his 40s stole a factory bus, picked up two university students, robbed them at knifepoint and forced them to strip down to their undergarments by threatening to throw curry powder in their faces. However, a passing motorist who saw the girls waving for help from inside the bus, alerted police. When police dashed to the scene five minutes later, the man fled towards a sewage treatment plant and jumped into the pond in a bid to get away. The two policemen had to jump in as well to nab the man who has a criminal record of sodomy, robbery, blackmail and theft.

The man stole the bus from Shah Alam and drove into Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Bangi, without the security guards’ knowledge. He is believed to have picked up students and ferried them from one spot to another internally. Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Rosli Mohd Nizam said that at about 9.30am the man dropped off a female student at a bus stop, picked up two other female students whose lectures had been cancelled and drove them out of the campus instead of to their hostel. When the first-year law students questioned him, he said that he was new and did not know his way round the campus well. “However, two kilometres out of campus, the man stopped near a petrol station, held them up at knife-point and robbed them of their cash and valuables.

“He then ordered them to strip and threatened to toss curry powder in their faces if they did not do so,” ACP Rosli said here yesterday. He tied up the terrified students with their clothes, and drove towards the Bangi toll plaza. About 100m from the toll plaza, he stopped the bus, locked all the doors, got off and started making calls on his mobile phone. The students, who managed to free themselves, pushed aside the curtains of a window and started waving frantically for help.

A passing motorist saw the frightened faces and alerted the Bandar Baru Bangi police. ACP Rosli said a knife and a packet of curry powder were recovered. They also found two mobile phones belonging to the students, a laptop, cash and other valuables. ACP Rosli thanked the motorist who had alerted the police and the policemen who acted quickly to prevent a repeat of the Noor Suzaily Mukhtar case when the computer engineer was raped, sodomised and murdered in a bus in Klang seven years ago.

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