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MORE PICS – 4 in FAMILY PERISHED -TIARA Car Skidded onto Lorry -Machang; SLIM RIVER: MERCEDES Rammed into Car –Overturn, Woman Badly Injured

4 in family die in car crash; Syed Umar Ariff; NST; April 1st 2007

The Proton Tiara skidded before crashing head-on with a lorry yesterday. Rohaya Yusof was looking forward to her parents’ return.

They had spent two months in Kuala Lumpur looking after their granddaughter and she missed them.

However, her mother Rakiah Mamat, 62, father Yusof Salleh, 71, brother Mohd Sawdi, 26 (ABOVE, the Driver), and 18-month-old niece Rosmaisarah Roslan were killed in a car crash on their way home.

ABOVE: The total wreck for the Proton Tiara car BELOW: A closer view

Rohaya ’s nephew, Burhanud - din Mohd Din, 23, is in critical condition with head injuries at Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital (HUSM)in Kubang Kerian. Sawdi was driving the family home to Kampung Batang Begedik in Gual Ipoh, Tanah Merah, when he lost control of their Proton Tiara between Kuala Krai and Machang about 7am.

ABOVE: Machang acting district police chief Assistant Superintendent Zaimy Mohd Nawi briefing newsmen on the details and BELOW: Anxious relatives at the hospital

Machang acting district police chief Assistant Superintendent Zaimy Mohd Nawi said the car skidded 18m before crashing head-on into a lorry coming from the opposite direction. The victims were pinned under the lorry, and it took the Fire and Rescue Department an hour to remove them from the wreckage. The four bodies were taken to Machang Hospital for a postmortem. The lorry driver suffered minor cuts and bruises. Rohaya, 41, said: “My parents had been in Kuala Lumpur for the past two months looking after Rosmaisarah. “I had missed them very much. I was shocked to hear the news.

ABOVE: the IC of the 10th Month old and BELOW: Body being taken final burial

= = == = == = = ==

BELOW: The coffin of one of the adult killed being taken for burial

= = = =Sunday, 1st April 2007

ABOVE: Accident near Slim River just before turn to Kubu Baharu and Sabak Bernam and BELOW- the scene of the accident cordoned off

A senior citizen cheated death when a car they were traveling on overturned when being collided on by a car driven at very high speed from behind. The victim’s husband was driving the car and was hit by the other speeding car, a Mercedes driven by a youth in his early twenties.

ABOVE: The overturned car and BELOW car - inverted; Anyone knows what make and model of this car??

This happened early Sunday morning at about 4.45 am near the Slim River on the N-S expressway.

ABOVE: The Black Mercedes car that was driven at high speed rammed into the vehicle that cause it (BELOW) to turn-turtle

The victim was identified as Puan Saliah 56 was in critical condition sustaing head and body injuries when she was thrown out of the car. Her husband escaped unhurt with minor injuries.

ABOVE: The elderly woman was thrown out of the car after the impact and suffered serious head and body injuries and was taken (BELOW) and warded at the Slim River hospital. Let us pray she would survive this ordeal by that reckless driver

The victim was sent to the Slim River hospital. The driver of the other car is being held to assist in the investigations.

ABOVE: The scattered things from the car collected for safe keeping by the Police

Police appealing for eye witnesses of the accident and they can contact the Slim River police station

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