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INTUTIONAL (Occult) & INTELLECTUAL Knowledge Artificial Division; Admit things we See, Smell, Touch or Hear & Ignoring Idea of Unseen, Valid Worlds

100 Boys & Girls Hysterical In Shah Alam School remains Open With No Students. Bull Shit Stress explanations from Psychiatrists on Causes & Ustaz gave a More Valid Cause; the intellectual just cannot explain the causes.

= = = =UPDATE: March 29 2007

It is just pure speculation and bull shit from an unnamed psychiatrist (intellectually and “scientifically” trained) trying to explain why women are more prone to hysteria – they cannot cope with examinations. Just take a look at the local universities, who are the ones who passed the examinations, all the girls are doing very well. It is the boys who are not there and they cannot cope with examinations and failed. Both are equally affected as in the school incident quoted, it started from the boys and spread to others. And were they in a state of STRESS, just before assembly?

The intellectuals just cannot explain the causes. They could only admit things we See, Smell, Touch or Hear and ignoring Ideas of Unseen, Valid Spiritual Worlds And you find the other senior consultant using highly flowered terms “disassociation of the mental process” to explain the cause and can not see other states of consciousness - waking self, dreaming self and sleeping self and blame it entirely on stress. It is high time the intellectual to carefully explore the evidence and claims, cultures and contexts. For the great by-product of the search for the life beyond is an extraordinary enrichment of our understanding of the life within us now.
= = == = == ==

Mass hysteria? Blame it on stress, anxiety and spirits

29 Mar 2007; Mazlinda Mahmood; N S T
KUALA LUMPUR: Stress, anxiety, dissociation and the supernatural. These are cited as causes of mass hysteria. Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan director and senior consultant psychiatrist Dr Suarn Singh (ABOVE) said hysteria was caused by dissociation. Dissociation is the detachment of a group of mental processes from the victim’s main body of consciousness, which results in hysteria. Another psychiatrist, who declined to be named, said it was caused by anxiety and tension among a group of people living together, such as in boarding schools or factory hostels. "It happens to people who share the same beliefs.

It is a culture-bound syndrome," he said. The psychiatrist said young women were more prone to it as they were less capable of dealing with examinations or work-related stress. He said victims of mass hysteria should be separated to "break the rhythm". "Give them time to calm down and talk to them to find out what is causing the stress."

Ustaz Mohd Arief Mohd Batcha (ABOVE)said stress was a cause of hysteria but was quick to point out that the presence of spirits could also produce the same result. "Worshipping a deity or object for personal gain can attract spirits to the area and innocent people will suffer." The founder of the traditional medical centre Cakra Alam said mass hysteria could be "contagious", especially for the faint-hearted.

"Those in charge of people hit by hysteria should give them space so that they can breathe and calm down. They can also rub coconut oil on the victims’ heads and give them cold drinks to lessen the symptoms." He advised people to avoid stress and "get closer to God" to prevent hysteria. On Tuesday, several students of SMK Section 11 in Shah Alam were hit by mass hysteria. Parents said the hysteria began at the boys’ dormitory last Friday and had continued over the weekend. Other parents claimed that some of the students were possessed by spirits and the teachers there were overwhelmed.= == = =

Students behaved strangely; 29 Mar 2007; NST

SHAH ALAM: "Where’s my child? Who are you? Let me go, I want to go back!"
These were among the chilling words uttered by students hit by mass hysteria at SMK Seksyen 11 here on Tuesday. Some of the students were said to have behaved in an eerie manner before they screamed and fainted. K. Mohd Firdaus Mohd Shahid, 16, said several minutes before the incident, some of the students had become quiet, looked angry and stared coldly at other students. "Suddenly, they started screaming and shouted those words. There were also other words which I could not understand." He said the situation became worse when more students became hysterical. "It kind of spread from one person to another," he said at his home yesterday. The incident happened just before the school assembly.

ABOVE: The mother Bariah Abdul Majid with her two kids affected, Mohd Firdaus Mohd Shhid 16 (Left) and her sister Nurzuiati, 15 (right). The kids took a break and did not attend school.
Firdaus’s sister Nurzuriati, 15, was one of those affected by the hysteria. She said she did not recall much as it had happened very fast. "I only remember that some of my friends were behaving weirdly. I did not pay attention to them at first, but then they started screaming. "Teachers were overwhelmed trying to control the situation and students helped to bring some of those who had fainted to the office. "I don’t remember anything after that as I, too, fainted. When I woke up, I was in the office with the other students." Their mother, Bariah Abdul Majid, said she knew about last Friday’s hysteria attack and claimed that the school did not take action to prevent a recurrence. She claimed that more than 100 boys and girls at the school became hysterical.
= = =

School open but students absent; 29 Mar 2007; V. Shankar Ganesh; NST
SHAH ALAM: The state Education Department has decided that the hysteria-hit school in Section 11 here will remain open and classes will go on as usual. Department public relations officer Johari Mohd Noh said no permission had been given to close the school, and such decisions could only be made by the department. He said reports that the SMK Seksyen 11 would be closed until tomorrow could have been due to a misunderstanding among students, parents and the school. "It could be because the headmaster, Alias Salleh, had allowed students staying at the hostels to return home. "The others are required to attend school as usual."

= = = = = =
Physical reality - only reality we know. Religions kept alive the idea of unseen, valid worlds, and given some affirmation to concepts that are literally known by the cells. Only the intellectually apparent is given credence Inner world (spiritual\) is not as rich or richer and more valid?

The NST interview with Associate Professor Datuk Zainal Borhan (see below), director of the Academy of Malay Studies in Universiti Malaya stating that man has been fascinated with the occult since time immemorial for fear of the unknown, coupled with anxiety about the future and curiosity about things we cannot understand, and occurrences and phenomenon we deem inexplicable.

Our society has set up such an artificial division between intuitional and intellectual knowledge that only the intellectually apparent is given credence. We have our ignorant Minster condemning such exhibitions on matters that are instinct in us. With all of their dire faults and distortions, religions have at least kept alive the idea of unseen, valid worlds, and given some affirmation to concepts that are literally known by the cells. We have focused so strongly upon physical reality that it becomes the only reality that we know. And if you could admit only to those things you could see, smell, touch, or hear; (all very scientifically) and in so doing, you could only appreciate a third of ourselves.

The conscious mind has always been aware of the cells' comprehension. The invisible reality within the cell is what gives it its structure. The remarkable organization of the body in terms of its learning abilities, and adaptability, will never be understood unless the cells' precognitive comprehension is taken into consideration. This (precognitive ability) steers the cell through mazes of probabilities, while allowing it to retain knowledge of its own greatest fulfillment. THE IDEA OF ITSELF, which is always alive in any given period of your time. Obviously these are not apparent to the physical senses, yet they are strong energy centers that to some degree do stimulate the physical senses toward activity.

No one is an authority on such matters and it borders on the “believe it or not” and the individuals are left to find out or experience for themselves. A simple case is the existence of spirits or ghosts. Your beliefs will follow you and form your experience wherever you may be in this physical world and in other realms of consciousness. If you believe in demons, you will meet them HERE in this life as enemies and in THERE as devils or “evil spirits.

What you call death is rather your choice to focus in other dimensions and realities. You do not acquire a 'spirit' at death. You are one, now! You adopt a body as a scuba diver wears a scuba diving suit, and for much the same reason to survive in a particular environment. Your spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness. Your spirit was born in flesh to enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness, to feel energy made into corporeal form. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body. You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness.

You look at the world around you and are amazed at its richness and variety. Do you think that the inner world (spiritual) is not as rich, even richer, and more valid? Do you think there is but one kind of consciousness? Your world is formed out of the vast unpredictability of consciousness. From it you form your own ideas of significance and of yourself. You must stop thinking in terms of ordinary progression. It is bad enough when you worry about keeping up with the Joneses. It is something else, however, when you start worrying about which kind of self [or consciousness] is superior to another kind.

Also be aware of the unknown reality. Man thought once, historically speaking, that there was but ONE world. Now he knows differently, but he still clings to the idea of one god, one self, and one body through which to express it. There is ONE God, but within that God are many. There is ONE self, but within that self are many. There is ONE body, in one time, but the self has other bodies in other times. And all 'times' exist at once, i.e. simultaneously.

Your concepts of person hood are now limiting you personally and en masse, and yet your religions, metaphysics, histories, and even your sciences are hinged upon your ideas of who and what you are. Your psychologies do not explain your own reality to you. They cannot contain your experience. Your religions do not explain your greater reality, and your sciences leave you just as ignorant about the nature of the universe in which you dwell. These institutions and disciplines are composed of individuals, each restrained by limiting ideas about their OWN private reality; and so it is with private reality that we will begin and always return, period.

The professor has also mentioned “there is another realm, another dimension that is not visible to the naked eye and is not easily explained by science” – a world beyond that boggles the mind? If we realize we are multidimensional beings who inhabit many realms and who exist throughout eternity; developing continually into more creative and fulfilled individuals. By acknowledging and, whenever possible, following our impulses, we can discover the purpose of our lives and learn how to act in such a way as to benefit both ourselves and the world.

Other PLANES of Existence and the World Beyond
There are so many things that we do not understand simply because they would be too alien now for your regular mode of thought. One note along these lines is a plane; it is not necessarily a planet. A plane may be one planet, but a plane may also exist where no planet is. One planet may have several planes. Planes may also involve various aspects of apparent time--this particular matter being too difficult to go into right now.
Planes can and do intermix without the knowledge of the inhabitants of the particular planes involved. We must get away from the idea of a plane being a place. It may be in some cases but is not always. A plane may be a time. A plane, believe it or not, may be only one iota of vitality that seems to exist by itself.

A plane is something apparently divided from the rest of the universe for a time and for a reason. A plane may cease to be and may spring up where there was none. A plane is formed for entities as patterns for fulfillment on various levels. A plane is a climate conducive to the development of unique and particular capacities and achievements. A plane is an isolation of elements where each one is given the most possible space in which to function.

Planets have been used as planes and used again as other planes. A plane is not a cosmic location. It is oftentimes practical that entities or their various personalities visit one plane before another. This does not necessarily mean that one plane must be visited before another. A certain succession is merely more useful for the entity as a whole. In fact, the analogy of a plane with an emotional state is much more valid than that between a plane and a geographical state--particularly since emotional states take up no room.

In other terms, you could say that an entity visits all planes simultaneously, as it is possible for you to visit a certain state, county, and city at one time. You might also visit the states of sorrow and joy almost simultaneously, and experience both emotions in heightened form because of the almost immediate contrast between them. All these would boggle a mind which takes up no space and does not have its basic existence in time.
If you are one of the few enlightened souls who can see “beyond the mind” and need not sit under a bodhi tree and perhaps can understand the brain is a camouflage pattern. It takes up space and exists in time. The majority of people of other religious faiths with their expressed beliefs will hold on to their beliefs as truths unbending and unyielding. That’s why many of them cannot understand that one religion is no different than the next; it’s because of the mind. It’s alright if each of us can pursue what he or she wants to study and believe, whether false or true.

There is nothing within you to fear, although you are bad, you are perfectly bad, but utterly beautiful, and nothing will destroy you unless you are convinced you are, as a race so evil you must be destroyed. The universe is of good intent and not chaotic. The essence of the universe is love; we are safe and taken care of now and through eternity.

= = = == = == = = == = == =

Caught up in occult fever; 25 Mar 2007; NST

Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim has condemned it and Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said it could cause society to live in fantasy. But the Negri Sembilan State Museum has gone ahead with its controversial Hantu dan Jin...? exhibition, claiming it would be educational. Is it? Associate Professor Datuk Zainal Borhan, director of the Academy of Malay Studies in Universiti Malaya, tells TAN CHOE CHOE that man has been fascinated with the occult since time immemorial

Q: Museums around the country have held exhibitions on the occult in the last two years. From the response they received, it seems Malaysians are drawn to this topic. What good do you think can come from our fascination with the occult?
A: The only benefit I can see is when the entertainment industry takes advantage of it and commercialises this fascination by making films on the occult to make money.

Q: Why are we so fascinated by the occult?
A: Man has been fascinated with the occult since time immemorial. It has been in our minds, even before the coming of science and religion. It is rooted in our fear of the unknown, coupled with anxiety about the future and curiosity about things we cannot understand, and occurrences and phenomenon we deem inexplicable — like environmental disasters, weather, and hysteria. We want things explained to us.

In the olden days, some cultures sacrificed virgins, young men or animals to appease what were deemed to be "supreme beings", thinking they would be blessed in return. Today, you have most established religions addressing the issue of "supernatural beings" — ghosts and devils and such — things that you can’t rationalise. As long as humans have anxiety and fear of the unknown, we want things explained to us.

Q: It is interesting to note that even today, in the 21st century, with the aggressive advent of science and technology, we still cannot shed this fascination.
A: It won’t disappear because ultimately, people still question why we are here, why certain things happen. Curiosity, anxiety and fear — they’re in all of us. The advent of science and technology has not helped much because it has also created stories and movies that further whet our appetite for such things.

Some examples are movies like Ghostbusters, The Exorcist and, more recently, the Harry Potter books and movies, where you see witches, wizards and headless ghosts. It is all around us. It has become part and parcel of our lives — whether you’re Chinese, Malay or Indian, Oriental or Caucasian, Easterner or Westerner. We are equally fascinated.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to this persistent fascination?
A: It can bring about illogical fears when one doesn’t know how to control one’s fantasy about such things. The more one indulges in such stories, movies and exhibitions, without guidance, the more one will think that occult beings are superior or more powerful than us. So when you’re alone in a building and it’s dark and the wind is howling, you become unreasonably afraid. You think that something is wrong. People must not get trapped in their fantasy world.

Q: What do you think about the Hantu dan Jin...? exhibition being held by the Negri Sembilan State Museum?
A: I know many people will not agree with it because while such exhibitions are being held, we are talking about developing the country, where rational and scientific thinking are instrumental in achieving our status as a developed country. So when you have such exhibitions, it contradicts the scientific thinking that we want to encourage.

But if the objective of the exhibition is not to encourage people to believe in ghosts or djinns, and, instead, to tell us how science can explain why certain phenomenon occur, then I think it is okay. The public should be told that these things only exist in fantasy, in our minds. They are not real. People are naturally curious and if the exhibition satisfies their curiosity while educating them, then there’s no harm in it. The issue here is, what is the objective of the exhibition — to educate and explain, or to discourage people’s fantasies?

Q: So you don’t think such exhibitions should be stopped?
A: I think there is nothing wrong with such exhibitions if they tell Malaysians what the occult or the supernatural is all about; how they are rooted in some cultures’ animistic beliefs. History tells us that our society had at one time, been deeply entrenched in such beliefs. But the approach taken to showcase the topic must be right. It should be to teach people to think scientifically — that there are scientific explanations behind these stories or beliefs. Otherwise, it would give the impression that the organisers believe they are real. This would mislead the public.

Q: The Mufti of Perlis had said such exhibitions would encourage society to live in fantasy. Would this not contravene the core beliefs of our country, as a Muslim nation?
A: Yes it would, especially because we want to be seen to be moving forward, to develop ourselves. If you keep portraying such things, it would seem as if society is moving backwards. On the other hand, we can just regard it as a form of entertainment. It was part of our belief system before. So, in part, it is also educational for our people to know about it, to learn how we have developed and evolved in our thinking.

Q: But do we really need more of such exhibitions? Won’t it seem like we are unnecessarily feeding the public’s appetite for the occult?
A: Yes, we do need them because we should educate the public to be confident. We need to address their curiosity, their anxiety and fear. Think of it this way. It is like those people who take part in reality shows like Fear Factor — the stunts they perform teach them to be confident, not to be afraid. It is not whetting the appetite of the public because the ideas, beliefs, or fantasies about such things are already there.

Q: Are you saying that whether we ban such exhibitions or not, the public will still want to know about such things?
A: Yes. It won’t do any good at all because there are other avenues for them to learn about it. People are already curious. You cannot stop them from learning about it just by stopping the exhibition. They will find other ways to indulge their fascination — films, stories and websites. Instead of making them think this is a forbidden issue, why not educate them that there are people who think another realm exists? But this should not be to the extent that we create fear by making people believe in ghosts and djinns. There is no reason to stop people from going to such exhibitions, as long as the right approach is taken to showcase the items — and the objective of the exhibition is right.

Q: Are there any studies to show how the belief in ghosts and djinns may adversely impact the thinking of the general population?
A: Not that I know of. But there are many studies on the numerous occult beliefs that are prevalent in our society today. The general conclusion of such studies is that the majority is interested in this topic and believes that there is another realm, another dimension, that is not visible to the naked eye and is not easily explained by science.

Q: Has such fascination impacted our lives in any way?
A: Of course, in some small way it has affected the way people behave towards one another and maybe even our spending habits, like how we will spend money on tickets for a horror movie. But generally, the impact is negligible. It’s a small issue.

= = = =

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