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MORE PICS – WOMAN FELL 15 Floors to DEATH in CONDOMINIUM, Husband Held for Questioning; Another Woman Hands Tied Killed - Low Budget Hotel; Jalan Peel

"All of them who were self-employed were on their way from Kota Tinggi to Terengganu when the car driven by Mohd Hatta was believed to have skidded on the slippery bridge there before plunging into the river.
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Hot News from STAR:

Three drown after car plunges into river

PEKAN: Three traders drowned after the car they were in plunged into Sungai Nenasi in Kampung Tanjung Batu near here Sunday. Driver Mohd Hatta Nan, 35, Suhaimi Abu, 25 – both of Kota Tinggi – and Wong Pok Kim, 41, of Kemaman died trapped in the vehicle. Passenger Musa Husin, 37, of Kota Tinggi, managed to get out and swim to safety. He suffered only minor injuries. Acting OCPD Deputy Supt Abdul Aziz Salleh said police believed Mohd Hatta lost control of the vehicle in slippery conditions.

It had rained earlier. The four men were said to be on their way to Kemaman to meet some business acquaintances when the accident occurred just after midnight, he said. State Fire and Rescue Department assistant director for operations Yushaimi Zulkifli said they received a distress call at 12.22am informing them of the accident. “The three dead men were still in the car when it was winched out of the river,” he said.

= = == = = =the 15-storey fall.....of a 28-yer old woman Chang Wan Feng

ABOVE: the condominium located in Bukit Ceylon, behind Jalan Alor and BELOW: The main entrance to the Condo

A woman was found dead after falling 15 floors from a Condominium in Bukit Ceylon (somewhere behind Jalan Bukit Bintang/Jalan Raja Chulan)in the Federal Capital early Sunday morning. The woman identified as Chang Wan Feng 28 fell to her death after a quarrel with her husband.

ABOVE: A woman friend was seen making a frantic call to someone and BELOW: The police were there Sunday morning to carry out investigations.

At about
3.30 am Cheang from Kota Bahru was heard quarrelling loudly in the apartment and shortly latter a loud thud was heard of something falling on the roof of the car parked below the condominium. She died instantly after impact with injuries to the head and body.

ABOVE: The body fell through the car park roof and BELOW:The body splattered in blood with extensive injuries was placed in a body bag at the spot where it fell after bouncing off the roof of the car onto the ground.

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and BELOW: Forensic team was present to gather essential evidence

Police are trying to established the motive for the killing and the husband was detained for further questioning. The body meanwhile was taken to the KL hospital for a postmortem.

ABOVE: The final discussion amongst the police personnel present before the Body (BELOW) in a police vehicle was sent to the KL Hospital

now read the conflicting reports from the STAR & NST; actually what did the police tell them?

Woman falls to her death after night out; 26 Mar 2007; NST

KUALA LUMPUR: A housewife fell to her death from the 15th floor of a condominium in Jalan Ceylon here yesterday. The incident happened at 3am when housewife Chang Wan Feng, 28, returned home with her 40-year-old contractor husband from a nightclub in Jalan Sultan Ismail. They are believed to have had an argument. City CID chief SAC II Ahmad Ibrahim said following that, Chang jumped off the building and fell on the roof of a car park. She died on the spot. Ahmad said the couple had two children aged seven and eight and lived in the condominium with three other relatives. He said there was no foul play and a statement had been recorded from the husband.

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Monday March 26, 2007; STAR
Woman falls to her death from 15th floor of condo

KUALA LUMPUR: A 28-year-old woman with slash wounds fell from the 15th floor of a condominium in Bukit Ceylon. The body of Chang Wan Feng, from Johor Baru, was found sprawled at the ground floor car park by security guards at 5am yesterday. Her husband, a contractor, was found sleeping in his car at the car park. Police, who do not rule out foul play as Chang had slash wounds on her hand, believe she could have been pushed off the balcony.

Four security guards, who were having a meeting at the time, were unaware of the incident until two hours later when one of them went on his rounds and found Chang. It is learnt that Chang and her 40-year-old husband had had a heated argument earlier. According to sources, Chang's sister, in her 20s, told police the couple had gone out and returned in a drunken state. City CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Ahmad Ibrahim said police have detained Chang's husband and her sister for questioning. “We will question everyone who was in the apartment at the time. “We have classified the case as murder for the time being,” he said. The couple has two children.

= == = = = = == = = == = == Below another murder case

Sunday March 25, 2007; STAR;

ABOVE & BELOW: Police were at the room corridor and cordoned off the room for investigation

Woman found bound and strangled in KL hotel; By KULDEEP S. JESSY
KUALA LUMPUR: A 30-year-old woman was found strangled with a piece of wire at a budget hotel Jalan Peel, off Jalan Tun Razak here.

ABOVE: The police dog unit van was called and the dog was let loose (BELOW) to pick up the hotel room scent

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Ahmad Ibrahim said the victim’s hands were also tied behind her back with a piece of wire. He said the hotel front officer became suspicious when the woman, who had checked in on Friday, failed to check out by 8.30pm yesterday.

ABOVE: The dog smelled around and went to the lift (BELOW) and was NOT sure to take the lift UP or DOWN! They are not that smart after all to fight crime

He said the officer then alerted a security guard, who used a master key to open the room. The dead woman, who did not have any identification papers on her, was fully clothed. She was found lying at the edge of the bed. The police have classified the case as murder. “We have yet to ascertain the motive behind the killing,” he said. SAC Ahmad urged those who have lost a relative to contact the nearest police station.

ABOVE: The body being taken downstairs and (BELOW) into the police van for the final postmortem in the hospital

= = = More Hot news from M-Star

from MSTAR via

The prince, the lady and the policeman
Royalty beats lover. Lover is in her 20s. She was allegedly beaten because she was found to be having an affair with a married man. She was forced to lodge a report in Bukit Aman when no police station was willing to accept her report. The Prince also lodged a police report about the matter. The woman was said to be involved with a married police officer who is attached to the narcotics unit. He was later transferred to
Sarawak within 24 hours of the report being lodged. Police is investigating the case and is currently questioning a few witnesses.
Fathi poses some questions in his blog:

- Who is the Prince, who is the woman, and who is the policeman?
- Where are they from, which state, is it somewhere near Bukit Aman?
- Who had so much power to transfer the police officer out of the state
within such a short time?
This story, at a glance, seem like a fairytale, but in fact has all the
elements of a crime related to
violence against women (she was beaten),
abuse of power (transferring police officer out of state) and poor police
ethics (police not willing to accept the woman's report because it involved
a royalty)."Proof the power of blogs. If mSTAR could write about this story, why not blogs?" challenged Fathi. Well, though a police report had been lodged, why is mSTAR online reluctant to publish the full story? Is it because it involves a royalty? Tell us more!

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