Friday, March 09, 2007

MORE PICS -36 VEHICLES RECOVERED -24 4WD in 17 CONTAINERS Enroute United Arab Emirates Sent Home; TOTAL Value: RM3 M; Police Arrested 3, Looking For 3

MORE PICS -36 VEHICLES Worth RM 3 Million RECOVERED -24 4WD in 17 CONTAINERS Enroute United Arab Emirates Sent Home; Police Arrested 3, Looking For 3 More; 4-WD Vehicle of Stolen Choice bound for Afganistan, Pakistan & Africa

Hopefully these recovered cars would be returned to the owners ASAP instead of letting them rot in the police compounds. The police usually do not released them until the court cases are over and by that time you would find some of the accessories are being re stolen as spare parts and possibly even wheels would go missing. In such cases, the police would not want to know as these are taken literally right in front of their own eyes - custody.

= = = = =Gang finds new markets for stolen 4WD vehicles

08 Mar 2007; Neville Spykerman; NST

KLANG: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa are the new destinations of stolen Malaysian four-wheel-drive vehicles. This revelation followed the arrest of three men and recovery of RM3 million worth of vehicles stolen by a local group with international links. The previous destinations were Batam Island, Thailand and Indo-China.

Klang police chief Assistant Commissioner Rodwan Mohd Yusof (ABOVE) said a month-long operation, which started with the arrest of a suspect in Pulau Indah on Jan 17, led to the recovery of vehicles and information on car theft activities.

ABOVE & BELOW: The twelve vehicles recovered locally

Police have recovered a Toyota Avanza and Hicom lorry in a 20-foot container truck and arrested the man driving it. Five other containers containing 10 vehiclesfive Toyota Hilux, three Toyota Fortuner, a Toyota Rav 4 and a Nissan Frontier — were found in Pulau Indah and Northport. "The vehicles were stolen from the Klang Valley, Pahang and Penang," said Rodwan. He said police arrested two men and discovered that 17 other containers, carrying 24 other vehicles, were enroute to the United Arab Emirates.

He said working with Interpol, police managed to prevent the cars from being off-loaded at the Jabber Ali Port in Dubai and they have been ordered to be sent back to Malaysia. "We believe the UAE is a point of transit before the stolen vehicles are shipped to new markets and this is said to include Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa," he said.

ABOVE & BELOW: Klang Police Chief Rodwan Mohd Yusof pointing to the favorite cars being stolen - 4-WD in the Klang Valley, Pahang & Penang.

= = = = == = == = == == == == == = == =

"The vehicles of choice being stolen for shipments are four-wheel-drives, probably because of the poor road conditions in those destinations." Police are looking for three men, with previous convictions for car thefts, to help in investigations.

The suspects police would like to question are hiding somewhere Report them and you would be handsomely rewarded.

ABOVE :Suspects S. Jeganathan, 29, and brother S. Thiagu, (BELOW) 31, from Jalan Kastam, Port Klang, Police are looking for them, the "professionals exporters" of stolen cars

And BELOW: Suspect K. Paneerselvam @ Veelasamy, 28, from Jalan Arang, Pandamaran.

They are two brothers, S. Jeganathan, 29, and S. Thiagu, 31, from Jalan Kastam, Port Klang, and K. Paneerselvam @ Veelasamy, 28, from Jalan Arang, Pandamaran. Those with information on them are urged to call investigating officer Assistant Superintendent S. Prabakaran at 03-3371-2222 or 03-3371-9999.


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