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Majlis Berbandaran IPOH (MBI) One-eye-closed & Double Standards on Council Member, Ran a Business Since 2004 w/o licence (Now issued ONLY Feb 7 07)

Judge for yourself.

Started Operation Feb 2004

(Applied licence in Sept 2006) issued licence ONLY on Feb 7 2007

Conditional given licence Nov 2006

So from Feb 2004 to Feb 06 NO Licence. WHY no action? And a no explanation ignoring the period when it was NOT license.

This is a one-eye-close and double standards on their own KIND.

Mayor clears air on factory licence

07 Mar 2007

IPOH: Ipoh Mayor Datuk Rafiai Mokhtar has put to rest the furore over a city councillor accused of operating a factory without a licence. He said the city council had already approved a premises licence for the factory on Feb 7 and that the company had paid RM480 for 2007. The council’s delay in approving the company’s application for a licence was because it had been waiting for an evaluation from the Fire and Rescue Department. "As soon as the council received the fire department’s response on Feb 6, 2007, it issued the premises licence the following day."

And the company has already paid for the licence for 2007," he said when met yesterday at a seminar for village heads launched by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali. The DAP had accused Ipoh city councillor Lim Huey Shan (see details in media statement below) in late January of operating a plastic injection moulding factory at Taman Perdagangan dan Perindustrian Ipoh without a licence. Lim, one of the directors, denied being involved in day-to-day operations at the SMI Company, which began operating in Feb 2004. He had also said that the company was a family business and that it started operating even before he was appointed city councillor in January 2005. Rafiai said the company had not violated any licensing regulations because it was operating in an industrial area and had applied for a premises licence on Sept 28 (2006) last year.

"The city council had issued a conditional approval last November for the premise licence and requested that the company comply with the fire department’s regulation for the installation of water sprinklers, which the company has done. "As a rule, the council will issue a conditional approval to an applicant and within six months he must comply with regulations and install whatever has been found lacking in the factory by the authorities. "In this case, the company has complied within the six-month period, and therefore the company is not operating illegally," he said.
= = = = ==

Ipoh City councilor abusing his powers and MBI condoning his illegal acts?

Media Statement; by M. Kula Segaran ; (30/1/2007)

MP for Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman
(Ipoh, Tuesday) : On the 8th of January 2007 twenty two (22) local councilors were appointed for the Ipoh City Council or the Majlis Bandarraya Ipoh (MBI). Of this 22 is one Lim Huey Shan also known as Vincent H.S Lim who is in charge the zone known as the Bercham/Tasek/Dermawan areas. This local councilor is 31years old, a MCA nominee and is now serving his second year as a councilor. The said councilor Vincent Lim runs a business known as Marvellous Sdn.Bhd.

A check with the registrar of companies reveals that Lim is a majority share holder in the above company. He commenced and carries out a plastic related business from 7/11/03 at no.40, Lintasan Perajurit 17C, Taman Perindustrian & Perusahaan Ipoh. Last Friday Sdr. Siva Subramaniam and others made a spot checked on the above premises and the premises was without a sign board and the business was still being operated.

On 19th July 2006 upon investigation the MBI issued a notice to the registered owner of the above premises to cease operating the business as it was been done without a licence issued by the local authority. On 12th September2006 the registered owner of the said premises wrote a letter to MBI informing the local authority that the business is not operated by him but was being operated by local councilor Lim Huey Shan. In the same letter rental receipts were enclosed. Subsequently on 21st September 2006 MBI issued a fresh notice to Marvellous Sdn. Bhd demanding that business activity be ceased.

The Law and why no action taken against Lim Huey Shan?

For the last 3 years the business was being operated by this local councilor with total disregard of the law. How any why was he allowed to get away without a licence being issued by the MBI for so many years. These are the small napoleons who take the law into their own hands and who know that because of their political connections nothing can be done against him.

He has been conducting the said business illegally and without a valid licence. According to the bye laws of the MBI any person who carries on industrial or such businesses need to get approval from all relevant agencies and finally a licence from MBI to commence a business.
If he is charged in court and if found guilty he could be fined a maximum sum of RM2000 and or be imposed a maximum jail term of 1 year. To make matters worse, till to date the business is being operated with shear disregard of the law. MBI must explain why to date

1. Why he is still allowed to operate and run his business without a licence?

2. Why MBI have not taken the councilor to court and charge him?

3. Why no orders have been obtained from the court to close down the business?

Many ratepayers feel the MBI is practicing double standards in the discharge of the law. If the above disobedience act was done by any other ordinary individual the MBI would have implemented with urgency the provisions of the byelaws and stiff penalties and appropriate charges would have been preferred. The implementation of the law should not be based on who it is. Its incumbent the MBI must act without fear or favour.

Lim is in charge of the zone known as the Bercham/ Tasek/Dermawan areas. The business is being carried out in Bercham. How can rate payers have any confidence on the local councilor who breaches the very law he is entrusted to live and enforce.

Finally all of expect the MB of Perak /State Authority which appointed Lim as a councilor to prevail on MBI to demand appropriate action be taken against him. Also will the city councilor be sacked or the MB of Perak would close one eye!


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