Thursday, March 22, 2007

MORE PICS – MPV FIREY END Crashing onto Stationary Crane, 9.5 km NKVE - Tuesday 2 pm; 4 Hrs earlier Another Vehicle had Crashed onto Same Crane

ABOVE: The MPV seemed to be "following" the parked Crane in the emergency lane and BELOW: Closed-up view of impact - left of MPV against the right back of the Crane
Two vehicles crashing into a well colored Crane. How could it happen? Surely these are not accidents except the desire to leave earthly life in such brazen manner. It was such a huge crane yet the two drivers cannot see if it is moving or stationary. One is seriously injured and the other roasted beyond recognition when the vehicle exploded .

ABOVE: The impact left the MPV bonnet on the Crane and BELOW: The total wreck suggested a high speed impact, 130 km/hr?. Where has the engine disappeared?

Was it raining at that time that visibility was low? This is a dilemma facing those driving “blindly” and when they are conditioned to follow another vehicle all the time; even onto the emergency lane. And when you are driving at higher speed, it would be difficult to react in time to a non-moving vehicle. Placing cones on the road is not as effective after all as they are low on road and fail to attract attention. Flashing light would attract but not compulsory

ABOVE: A side view of the MPV; the front driver compartment was crushed in by the engine on impact - no wonder the rescue personnel took quite some time to extricate the charred body and BELOW: A closed-up view

So what can the newly established Malaysian Institute of Road Safety has to offer overcome this increasing problems of vehicles crashing into stationary vehicles? Or they are not interested UNLESS there are multiple deaths like in an express bus accident and that Transport Minister would come up to announce an inquiry will be held and given one month to submit a report for the actual cause. All this is an eye-wash for this Minister every time and all the time!

ABOVE & BELOW: The fire & rescue from Bomba took slightly less than an hour to extricate the body out of the vehicle

Just to drive more slowly? Perhaps they can suggest a compulsory installation of a set of flashing warning lights that can be extended to the right of the emergency lane high above the vehicle to divert traffic away from stalled commercial vehicles just as they had done for the warning of commercial vehicles carrying lengthy goods.

ABOVE: Finally the body in a plastic body bag was taken to hospital for the customary postmortem and BELOW: The sight of a burnt out vehicle would cause the slowing down of traffic to "have a closer look" . The usual KBCs

= = = ==
The driver of an MPV looks like a Toyota Avanza was burnt to death after it collided into a stalled Crane under repair at the 9.5 km NKVE on Tuesady at about 2.00 pm. The MPV soon caught fire after ramming into the faulty crane. The identity of the victim is a 39 year old employee from Digi Com Malaysia and it was traced by the chassis number of the vehicle as the registration numbers have been burnt away. The crane was parked at the emergency lane of the expressway.
The charred remains of the driver were found pinned to the driver seat. Firemen from the Bukit Jelutong station took about an hour to extricate the body. Passers-by attempted to save the driver but was stopped by the raging flames. The body was sent to the Tengku Rahimah Hospital for a post-mortem It was learnt, prior to this incident another car had rammed into the same crane at 10.00 am and the driver was said to be in serious condition After that 10 am incident the crane was moved several metres away.

= = == = ==

Driver killed as vehicle slams into crane

SHAH ALAM: It was a fiery end for the driver of an MPV that rammed into a stationary crane at the 9.5th kilometre stretch of the New Klang Valley Expressway here yesterday. In the 2.30pm accident, the man was believed to have lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the crane, which was parked for repairs after it broke down on the way to a project site. An employee of the company that owned the crane said highway workers had placed plastic cones to cordon off the crane.

It took about half-an-hour for firemen from the Bukit Jelutong Fire and Rescue Services Department to remove the man’s remains from the burnt vehicle. The body, which was charred beyond recognition, was taken to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital for a post-mortem. Members of the public who had witnessed the accident are advised to call the police at 03-5510 2222.

= == = = == Wednesday March 21, 2007, STAR

Body of accident victim identified

SHAH ALAM: The remains of an accident victim, who was burnt beyond recognition, has been identified as a 39-year-old DiGi.Com Bhd employee. According to sources police managed obtain the victim’s address at Putra Heights, Subang Jaya soon after the mishap by tracing the vehicle’s chassis number. The man’s MPV crashed into a stationary crane parked at the km 9.5 stretch of the new Klang Valley expressway (NKVE) and burst into flames about 2.30pm Tuesday.
The crane was parked there for repairs after it broke down on the way to a project site. It had taken about half-an-hour for firemen from the Bukit Jelutong Fire and Rescue Services Department to extricate the man’s remains from the burnt vehicle. His wife claimed the man’s remains from the Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah after the post-mortem had been completed. Meanwhile, C/Insp P. Nallusamy from the Shah Alam traffic police has urged members of the public, who had witnessed the accident, to contact him at 03-55102222
= = =P.S.

It has now been established that the driver was identified "as Tee Heo Ting, 30, from Putra Heights" (from MM) but to those who knew him in Autoworld forum & TOCM he is better known as Unker Tee or GB Teethe gurubesar of Toyota.
Our deepest condolences must be to his immediate family and relatives.

Death is greatly misunderstood as being the end of it all, of coming too soon. Death always seems to be something just out of your understanding, responsibility, control and power. This is completely inaccurate. Death is a transformation - from one way of being into another. A death is just a night to your soul.
No one "dies" before his or her time. The choice , manner and time of death are always yours. When the soul is ready to release the body, when it has accomplished what it came here to do, it moves on. There is always a reason. To realize that each soul is making these decisions is a beautiful, healing and freeing experience.

No man or woman consciously knows for sure which day will be the last for him or her in this particular life, that each calls the present one. Mortality with its birth and death is the framework in which the soul, for now, is expressed in flesh. It seems, perhaps, easier to have no conscious idea of the year or time that death might occur. Unconsciously of course each man and woman knows, and yet hides the knowledge.

The knowledge is usually hidden for many reasons, but the fact of death, personal death, is never forgotten. It seems obvious, but the full enjoyment of life would be impossible in the framework, now, of earthly reality without the knowledge of death.
Life and death are but two faces of your eternal, ever changing existence, however feel and appreciate the joy of your own being.

Always remember, whether you die today or tomorrow, you have lived before, and will again, and your new life, in your terms, springs out of the old, and is growing in the old and contained within it as the seed is already contained within the flower.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The family should have rights to sue the driver or the Highway operator for not putting the warning sign to the road and safety guidelines. Many roads in Malaysia are not following the guidelines. thus, government should enforce the law, not creating more laws yet not enforcing.

11:49 AM  
Blogger kittykat46 said...

How many times do people have to be reminded not to drive in the emergency lane ? I see it happening every day on the highway - a very dangerous attempt to gain a few minutes in travelling time. Its just not worth it.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Meichan said... me, we can't be blaming anyone but ourselves.. Every morning when I drive, there are always reckless drivers along the way. I'm always driving at least 40km to where I work every morning and another 40km back, if not in the distance of 64 km everytime. Seen a lot of impatient Malaysians, selfish Malaysians, and when things go wrong start blaming everything else but themselves. We got to change.. what happen to the good social attitudes that we once had years ago? Now...even zebra crossings seem meaningless for pedestrians due to selfish drivers behind the wheels.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My condolences to the family of the victim. I don't know him but he is a friend of a friend. I understand he left behind a widow and 3 kids, and the youngest is not even 3 years old.

11:14 PM  

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