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MORE PICS – Narcotic CHIEF 51 & GRO 24 went to Sleep in BMW Car at Behrang Rest & Service along N-S Expressway Failed to Wake Up; CO Poisioning

UPDATE: Mar 07 2007

Narcotic Chief Inspector, Pauzi Ibrahim, 51 Found Dead with GRO (Piscilla Jim, 24) was on UNDERCOVER (No mask & No Disguise) Assignment and GRO (must be an INFORMER) Assisting Police Investigations

To give face to the dead and get some for the Police force, the police now have stated that he was on a “secret assignment” gathering drugs related cases and information. This is very legitimate excuse nothing unusual to gather information in his car. So now he died of “sudden death” in the course of his duty but was not accorded a “police funeral” which otherwise would be if he died in a blazing cross fire with some drug warlords or smugglers.
We can presume full compensation would be duly given to the family which would also enjoy his full “pension”
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Police: Cop found dead with woman was working undercover

06 Mar 2007; By P. Chandra Sagaran; NST

IPOH, TUES: THE 51-year-old chief inspector who was found dead with a woman in a car at the Behrang rest and service area of the North-South Expressway here last Saturday, was working Undercover. Slim River district police chief Supt Mohd Ali Mat Nayan said the former district narcotics chief Inspector Pauzi Ibrahim was given the assignment by the State police contingent headquarters, but he refused to elaborate on the nature of the job. Mohd Ali said the 24-year-old woman, who was also found dead in the car with Pauzi, was "assisting police in their investigations." The woman was identified as Piscilla Jim from Kanowit, Sarawak. She was believed to be a guest relations officer at an entertainment outlet in Slim River. Family members claimed her body on Monday.
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Reports indicated the officer was supposed to be on official duty but was clad in civilian clothes. It was NOT a suicide but Sudden Death in the course of neglected duty. It was “khalwat” by all accounts. But how a BMW 318 could be so badly designed that with the air cond running, exhaust gas (with carbon monoxide) can be induced into the interior of the vehicle? Apparently no hose was found into the car and he had no reason to kill himself. After enjoying himself he felt asleep in the cool comfort of the air cond besides a young GRO (guest relation officer) and “forgot” or could not wake up; so TWO officers died NOT in the course of duty. But it must be embarrassing to his family and colleagues.

Now how can the carbon monoxide (CO) seeped into a car? There are many theories. Most cars especially with the windows rubber seals worn out and if the air cond "ventilation" is set for "fresh air"; then the hot exhaust gases (with CO) can seep in slowly INTO the car. Furthermore on windless days, the exhaust are NOT dissipated away from the car (like when it is moving). So there is a concentration of hot gases underneath the car and the flow is from hot to cold - so it will get into the car. When you sleep soundly and absorbed enough of the sweet smelling CO, then you have a permanent sleep and cannot wake up. Any comments to these theories?

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March 04, 2007 22:21 PM

Autopsies Show Cop, Woman Die Of Gas Poisoning
IPOH, March 4 (Bernama) -- Autopsies on the bodies a police chief inspector and a woman that were found in a BMW car at the Behrang rest and service area of the North-South Expressway yesterday, reveal that they have died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Police had classified the case as sudden death, said Slim River OCPD Supt Md Ali Mohd Nayan.

ABOVE & BELOW: The Blue BMW 318 Vehicle being towed away apparently to a police station. The bodies were earlier removed when the door windows were smashed. The BMW dealers should investigate the vehicle.
He said the body of C/Insp Pauzi Ibrahim, 51, who served as Slim River Narcotics Division head, was buried at the Jalan Ketoyong muslim cemetery in Tanjung Malim at 11am today.

The family of the 24-year-old woman from Kanowit, Sarawak, had been informed of the incident and would claim the body soon from the Slim River Hospital, he said refusing to disclose the woman's identity. The woman was believed to have worked as a guest relations officer at an entertainment outlet in Slim River. Md Ali said Pauzi had lived in Taman Malim, Tanjung Malim, with his family. "He started working at the Slim River police headquarters as officer-in-charge of police station in 1999 and was reassigned as the Narcotics Division head in 2003," he said.

ABOVE: It was futile to send the bodies with the police van (BELOW) to the "emergency" Department at Slim River hospital as the bodies were dead and cold after so many hours.

The two bodies were found at about 2.30pm inside the car with both the engine and air-conditioner running. Pauzi who wore a T-shirt and jeans, was found in the driver's seat while the woman, clad in a T-shirt and short pants, in the front passenger's seat. They were believed to have spent the night in the car.

ABOVE & BELOW: The bodies were eventually taken in for autopsies to be done and the results was no foul play, "died of carbon monoxide poisoning"

Chief inspector, woman found dead in car; 04 Mar 2007; Brenda Lim; NST

SLIM RIVER: A 51-year-old chief inspector and an unidentified woman were found dead in a car at the Behrang rest and service area of the North-South Expressway yesterday. The two were believed to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Pauzi Ibrahim, who was Slim River district narcotics chief, was in the driver’s seat of the BMW. He was clad in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. The woman, believed to be a guest relations officer, was in the front passenger’s seat. She was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

There were black marks on the woman’s nose and red marks on the face, hands and feet of both the deceased. The air-conditioning was running when their bodies were discovered at 2.30pm yesterday, said district police chief Superintendent Mohd Ali Mat Nayan. "We believe they slept in the car on Friday night and died after inhaling carbon monoxide," he said. The bodies were sent to the Slim River Hospital for post-mortem at 6.40pm. Pauzi, who leaves behind a wife and four children, was the officer-in-charge of a police station in Slim River in 1999 before his promotion to head the narcotics district division in 2003. Police are still investigating their deaths and the age and identity of the woman.

According to sources, the woman, who is from Sarawak, was working as a guest relations officer at a local entertainment centre near here. A 22-year-old Indonesian road sweeper, known only as Prasto, said he noticed the BMW at the scene from as early as 6.30am yesterday but the couple appeared to be sleeping when he looked into the car at 8am. Ali said a PLUS patrol team noticed the car at 10am but did not contact the police until they returned and saw the car again at 2pm. Fire and Rescue Department personnel arrived at 3pm and broke the rear window to open the door of car.


Blogger kittykat46 said...

There have been many tragedies in the past with people falling asleep in a car with the engine running and windows wound-up. A surprising number of cars have leaks in their exhaust system.
With moving car, the exhaust gas will be dissipated into the surrounding air, but if the car is not moving, there's a good chance for the gas to seep in. It doesn't take a lot of Carbon Monoxide to kill a person.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kittykat: wow, an obvious comment on a very minor detail of the entire post, missing the entire point.

In any case, I call BULLSHIT.

If police were really so diligent in being undercover agents, there wouldn't be any prostitution or drugs.

The public has NO confidence in the police in general, and nothing they have done has changed that view.

1) they actually blame citizens for snatch thefts

2) the only time you see them in action is during roadblocks to get bribes, or to escort VIPs through traffic jams (but "not enough manpower" to patrol streets)

3) they always spin away their mistakes with dubious stories that they think the public is stupid enough to believe

4) there are MANY reports in newspapers and online about how the police never act on public complaints or reports

5) no independent review committee

6) Maybe 8 in 10 Malaysian drivers have been forced/intimidated by circumstances to pay a bribe at least once ("Kalau kena saman, kena pergi court, bayar RM300 tau")

7) Always see police groping and leering at GROs in raids. So free raid nightclubs, but not free to raid more gambling dens operating just across the corner of the police station

There are many more stories of police inefficiency that stories of the odd policeman who bravely takes a bullet in the line of duty or actually catches a snatch thief

10:27 PM  

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