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MORE PICS - RM10 Million FIRE - Gas Filling Facility Section 26 SHAH ALAM, Early Thurs Morning; 8 Fire Engines put out Blaze; MORE Pics After Fire

MORE PICTURES AFTER the RM10 million SHAH ALAM Fire at Air Products STB Sdn Bhd (formerly Sitt Tatt Indust Gases S/B) Submitted by FARIZA SHUKUR; Hundreds of Burnt out Cylinders, Twisted roof & Burnt out Warehouse

ABOVE & BELOW: The company and its staff before the burnt out: Location 54 Jalan Jitra 26/7, Section 26, Shah Alam. Their empty boast -"an industrial leader in safety" -completely bombed & burnt out.
Air Products STB Sdn Bhd (website H E R E) is a subsidiary of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Air Products is headquartered in the United States and has sales of more than $9 billion USD to more than 30 countries in the world. We are a full-service industrial gas company with a broad product portfolio supplying specialty and medical gases, liquid/bulk, pipeline/on-site and noncryogenic units to the Malaysian marketplace.

The majority of our customer base is in the chemical process industries, electronics, steel and merchant markets. Our employees are committed to building lasting commercial relationships based on understanding our customers’ business. Through this understanding, we continually find ways to help them win in their markets while maintaining our focus on being an industrial leader in safety, health and environmental preservation.

Comments from Fariza: This type of company is too dangerous... The government should make them move to a more quiet area...Look at the amount of gas cylinder they have there, if all explode, the whole of Shah Alam and USJ will be wipe off...”

Whether you move them to the jungle or not this fire bomb was waiting to happen according to Murphy’s Law: “if something is going to happen, it will happen one of these days”. Remember the American Shuttle explosion; the chain is as weak as its weakest link

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ABOVE: An outside view of the burnt out Air Products STB Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Sitt Tatt Industrial Gases Sdn Bhd) and BELOW; A closed-up View

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ABOVE and BELOW: What is left of the blown & burnt out Roof with twisted I- beams and metal structures distorted by the heat.

ABOVE: Another view of the mess after the fire died out BELOW: Closed-up details

= = == = == = == == = = =

ABOVE & BELOW: These cylinders opened up along the welded seams and exploded. They would also fly somewhere and gravity would bring them down. These "bombs" caused no "harm" as they are NOT filled with shrapnels or metal parts. They make loud explosive noise and just burned out.
ABOVE & BELOW: The adjacent buildings were also affected when the "cylinder missiles" came flying in attacking. But they did not cause much fire. The direction of these missiles depended on which part of the cylinder ruptured. It will fly a distance if the bottom part is opened and the explosive force acts like a jet to propel the cylinder in the direction it was angled.

ABOVE: An aerial view of the burnt out acetylene cylinders and other gas containers. Many did not explode as the built up pressures were insufficient to rupture the cylinders due to insufficient heats and others just leaked off the gas when the valves gave way. The cylinders placed at the outer walls were again not affected (but only charred) as the radiated heat was also not strong enough. BELOW: A closer view, some of the cyliners were distorted in shape. Looks like "BBQ" sausages

ABOVE: The fire viewed at a distance and BELOW, a Zoom-up closer view

== = = == = == =

1st March 2007; Thursday, Shah Alam:

A fire broke out early Thursday morning at a gas filing facility (acetylene gas, used together with Oxygen for Gas welding or Metal cutting) in section 26 along Persiaran Serbak Bernam, Shah Alam.

ABOVE: The fireball explosion (that could be heard several kms away) and BELOW another closer burning view

The loss was estimated to be over RM10 Million and no one was reported to be injured. The fire started at about 4.30am in the morning and when an emergency call was received, the fire services department dispatch 8 Fire Engines from Shah Alam, Bukit Jelutong, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Sri Andalas, Subang Jaya.

ABOVE & BELOW: The burning of the buildings after the gas explosions

It took more than an hour before the blaze was put off. Several explosions were heard at the height of the fire when the huge gas tanks exploded.

ABOVE: The police personnel arrived at the scene and they had nothing much to do as the residential flats were far away and not much people bother to go there to watch the inferno even though they heard the explosions. Sleep is better.

A total of 60 officers from the fire services department and the Fire & rescues team were involved in putting out the blaze.

ABOVE: the arrival of the fire engines and the scramble to connect the hoses to the underground water hydrants (BELOW, & BELOW) and when turned "ON" the pumps from the fire engines booast up the water pressure to douse off the flames

As the factory lots in Shah Alam are well spaced apart with wide separating walls, there was no danger of the fire spreading but adjacent buildings were also affected.

A short video of the fire & explosions taken from a distance can be seen H E R E

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Chinese Text as Reported by CHINA PRESS

Automatically translated Text of the above CHINA PRESS Report as translated by Google Translate; The meaning is NOT 100% but you can get some ideas what were reported.

March 1, 2007 17 : 47 barrels suspected gas leak caused chemical plant explosion Shah (Shah -- 1) a barrel suspected gas leak caused fire Shah one chemical factory explosion this morning, a large number of barrels of gas everywhere missiles 2 factory adjacent to the chemical plant caused by the fires also affected, resulting in heavy losses. Fortunately, the night staff on duty at that time in the factory, fled immediately, and with no one killed or injured in the explosion. This incident today at 4:30 in District 1 Shah SS26 chemical factories.

It emerged that the chemical plant only a few staff members and guards in the explosion, and they escape. According to save the near-reported to the Board immediately. According to the chemical factory in that explosion occurred, it caused a raging fire, a large air pressure barrel because of the fire. 30 meters long missiles opposite the factory to the ground. He pointed out that the location of the factory was destroyed, the barrels are stored gas storage, Most of the barrels were installed at some of the species called acetylene gas;

The warehouse was burnt to ashes, a large air crash flown  barrel. Romania 1% 000 factories have been destroyed. He said that the two adjacent factories and chemical plants are affected, including offices and factories, such as the roof, have been burned at the scene. Gas barrels everywhere missiles, "according to colleagues this night, the situation is very critical and gas barrels everywhere missiles The fire was too late. "He indicated that the gas stored in the storage bins, which often happen Fire hidden trouble in the aerial minor. But factory workers have been found immediately. In addition, Shah received According to save for the Emo "China" when that Administration received in the 4:30 a.m. vote reported, and arrived at the scene at 4:47, the fire is very intense, it time more than one hour and 15 minutes before the fire fight. He said, at present, which caused the fire is still under investigation, but the figure is calculated on the three factories.

He said that the plant usually have taken preventive measures, there would be no human negligence, I believe is only one accident. Acetylene is a highly flammable gas acetylene news dictionary, called oxy - acetylene, is the smallest member of synthetic hydrocarbons. Its chemical formula C2H2. Acetylene at room temperature is a colorless, and highly flammable gas, and the existence of the garlic smell. More than 100 kPa pressure that would occur in a very violent chemical reaction, and back to carbon and hydrogen. Generally, acetylene mainly for industrial use, especially welders, metal, It also has been used carbide lights (light vehicles and the miners).

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2007 Markets Meltdown –How It Happened? by Professor Paul Krugman, (Princeton U) University; Stanley Roach (S. MORGAN) : It was China Made Market (as Almost all things are now) Correction for Unbalanced Economy; US$1.5 trillion globally paper lost

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The Narcotics Officer (51) on official duty but was clad in civilian clothes and enjoyed himself with a GRO (24) in a BMW car. Went to sleep in the cool air Cond but “forgot” or could not wake up. Both killed by CO poisoning

& the latest police Update spin: he was on "secret assignment" and the 24 year old GRO is Pis cilla Jim

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MORE PICTURES -36 VEHICLES Worth RM 3 Million RECOVERED -24 4WD in 17 CONTAINERS Enroute United Arab Emirates Ordered Home with Interpol HELP; Police Arrested 3, Looking For 3; 4-WD Vehicle of Stolen Choice bound for Afganistan, Pakistan & Africa


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I have more photos on the accident site. How do i contact u? any email?

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