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MORE PICS - RM1 M Robbery , 3 Killed in Poh Kwong Jeweler; Dead Robber Key led to 7 Arrest, Recovery of Loot; Gang Involved 3 Other Robberies, Kill 6

ABOVE: Accused Thai Miss Phailin Noochangphueak, 26 led out of the magistrate’s court in Petaling Jaya; Behind: Songsil Udtoom 37 (in white) and Jukkis 40 (in green); BELOW: Local Loo Yeong Guang, 30

= = == = = == UPDATE 18th Feb 2007; from STAR

Saturday February 17, 2007; Four face charges under ISA


PETALING JAYA: Three Thai nationals and a Malaysian were charged under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for illegal possession of firearms and bullets. Brothers Songsil Udtoom, 37, and Jukkis, 40, Malaysian Loo Yeong Guang, 30, and his Thai girlfriend Phailin Noochangphueak, 26, were charged at the magistrate’s court here with having five pistols and an AR 15 rifle. They face a second charge of having 336 bullets. Both charges carry the mandatory death sentence upon conviction. The four, all unemployed, were alleged to have committed both offences at Room 6104 of the Pyramid Tower Hotel in Bandar Sunway at 3.45am on Feb 4.

Accused: A policewoman leading Phailin out of the magistrate’s court in Petaling Jaya amid heavy security. Behind them are Songsil (in white) and Jukkis Udtoom (in green).

The Thai nationals said they understood the charges when Thai Embassy visa officer Zulkarnain Ali interpreted the charges for them. Magistrate Maimoonah Aid allowed DPP Salehuddin Saidin’s application to transfer the case to the Shah Alam High Court. She fixed March 9 for the case to be mentioned there. The four are among the seven suspected armed-robbers arrested after a robbery at the Poh Kong Jewellery in Subang Jaya early this month.

It is learnt that the other three gang members, all Thai nationals, were arrested in Kelantan, en route to Thailand in a bus, at a roadblock near the border and are being detained. According to a statement by Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, the seven were part of a 14-member gang that organised their robberies well before executing them. “Initial investigations revealed that the gang members were involved in no less than nine armed robberies in the Klang Valley as well as in Pahang and Seremban.

Five of the robberies involved goldsmith shops. “They are also believed to have been responsible for the murder of seven people including six security guards and a member of the public,” he said, adding that they also shot and wounded three other members of the public. The gang was allegedly involved in armed robberies at Kota Emas in Seremban, Tomei goldsmith shop in Puchong, Poh Kong outlets in Klang and Subang Jaya as well as car-jackings in Cheras and at the Karak highway.

= = == =UPDATE from STAR

Swift arrests

SHAH ALAM: Nine hours. That was how fast the police cracked the Saturday night jewellery heist at the Subang Parade shopping mall. Seven people were nabbed in raids in Subang Jaya and near the Thai border in connection with the crime at the Poh Kong goldsmith shop. Six of them, including a woman, are Thai nationals while the other is a Malaysian who is on the police wanted list in Negri Sembilan and Selangor. The police also recovered about 8kg of jewellery and a variety of firearms allegedly used during the robbery, in which two security guards were killed and a robber gunned down.

The woman and three men were picked up after policemen stormed their room at a luxury hotel in Bandar Sunway at 3.30am yesterday. Two hours later, three men were nabbed at Rantau Panjang, near the Malaysia-Thai border. To the lock-up: Two of the suspects being led away from the hotel yesterday. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the gang had also been responsible for three previous robberies at Poh Kong jewellery shops in Klang, Cheras and Puchong, in which three security guards and a bystander were killed. Musa described the gang as “ruthless and trigger-happy.” “The gang had made off with an estimated RM3.7mil of loot since March last year.

“The police are investigating if they were involved in robberies in other states as well,” Musa told reporters at the Selangor police headquarters here yesterday. The firearms seized were a Glock 26, a Sig Sauer 9mm, a .38, a Colt. 45 and a Remington, an AR-15 assault riffle and 278 bullets of various calibres. A pump gun belonging to one of the guards was also recovered from their getaway car. He said the detained Malaysian is wanted for alleged involvement in arms smuggling in Rahang as well as several theft cases in Selayang. The foreigners, who are all related, are from central Thailand.

It is learnt that the police got their break at the crime scene, when they found a hotel key card on the dead accomplice. While doing a body search on the dead robber, a call came in on his cellular phone. Investigations led a police party, comprising the elite Special Operations Force and Selangor police, to the luxury hotel at 3.30am. Following their arrests, the police put out an all-points bulletin for the remaining gang members and at about 5.30am, the getaway car was spotted at a roadblock in Salam, in Rantau Panjang district, Kelantan. The robbers had deserted the car and were arrested just as they were about to board a bus for Thailand. CID director Comm Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee and his deputy Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar coordinated the entire operation with the help of the respective state police chiefs.

= = = == =

SUBANG PARADE HEIST: Suspects nabbed, jewellery recovered

05 Feb 2007; NST

Trigger-happy gang hit thrice last year
THE gang’s modus operandi is to strike between 8pm and 9pm.

Gang members are trigger-happy, and unlikely to issue any warning.
Their targets are jewellery stores located inside shopping centres.
March 9, 2006: Three robbers, two armed with pistols, escaped with jewellery worth more than RM500,000 from the Tomei goldsmith in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor.
In the incident at the Giant hypermarket, the robbers shot twice at a 26-year-old security guard, wounding him in the stomach and left arm.
July 3, 2006: Three robbers armed with pistols escaped with eight trays of jewellery from the Poh Kong store in Balakong, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The robbery over in six minutes.
In the heist at the Econsave Hypermarket, the robbers shot dead two guards, aged 21 and 24, as well as a 36-year-old worker. A three-year-old boy was also injured in the lower left leg by a shrapnel.
Nov 14, 2006: Four masked men entered Poh Kong jewellery store in Bukit Tinggi, Klang, and got away with jewellery worth RM1 million. In the 9.30pm incident at the Tesco hypermarket, the robbers shot dead two guards, aged 30 and 33

= = == == = == =ABOVE: The dead Thai Robber; The key chain tag with Hotel Name is the MOST important clue that led the Police to the arrest of 4 Males & a Thaii woman at the hotel. All his "goodluck charms" were ineffective this time.

Within 7 hours 4 males (including a Thai woman) were arrested at a luxury Hotel in Bandar Sunway (must be the Hotel Sunway Resort)

ABOVE: the two Thai nationals being led away and BELOW - Close up of the Thai woman

and another 3 males in Rantau Pajnag in Kelantan. An array of firearms was confiscated. Police believed they were also responsible for 3 other robberies in 2006 in which 6 people were killed and RM3.9 worth of jewelley were stolen.

ABOVE & BELOW: The robbers's car at the hotel was throughly serached for further evidences

The IGP took a special interest in the case when he briefed newsmen of the arrest and the arms recovered and the stolen loot recovered. He described them as “ruthless criminals; trigger happy

Another guard Hashim 57.feigned death to save himself after being shot twice in the waist

= = == = == == = == =

February 04, 2007 21:51 PM

Abdullah Congratulates Police For Quick Action In Solving Robbery

SEREMBAN, Feb 4 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi congratulated the police for their quick action in solving a major robbery that took place in Subang Jaya Saturday night in which three people were killed and jewellery worth almost RM900,000 was stolen. "Congratulations for the quick action in solving this major robbery and bringing the culprits to book. "The Inspector-General of Police informed me that seven suspects had been detained, five in a hotel in Subang Jaya and two others in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan, while the stolen items were also recovered," he told reporters here when commenting on the police's success in just taking seven hours to solve the case. Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister, said that he had also been informed that an M16 rifle and six pistols were seized from the suspects. He said that the police's success sent a clear signal to criminals that they had better think twice before engaging in crimes. "They will be making a big mistake if they think they can get away with it," he stressed. In the incident at about 8.20 pm, five men armed with automatic pistols and revolvers staged a daring heist at a jewellery store in the Subang Parade shopping complex that was crowded with weekend shoppers. A shootout occurred leaving two security guards and a robber dead.

ABOVE & BELOW: The two guards who were shot by the robbers; pics (including the dead robber above) courtesy of KimHooi who was at the crime scene on that Saturday Evening. For a first hand account of the robbery go H E R E

= = == = == == = == =

Nation; Sunday February 4, 2007

Seven arrested in connection with robbery at Subang Parade

News Update by LOURDES CHARLES of The Star

SUBANG JAYA: In less than 10 hours, Selangor police arrested all the armed robbers involved in the Subang Parade shopping complex goldsmith shop robbery and recovered the loot as well. Out of the seven robbers arrested, four were found in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan while three others were arrested at a five-star hotel in Subang Jaya. The robbers consisted of six Thai nationals, including a woman, while the seventh person was a local.

Police also recovered at least six firearms including a M4 assault rifle (older version of a M16). It is learnt that the police got their break after finding a hotel key card on the robber who was shot dead by a security guard at the crime scene. Last night , the robbers caused panic at the shopping complex after killing two security guards at the Poh Kong Goldsmith Shop and escaping with 11 trays of jewellery.(BELOW) All the jewellery were recovered

= = = = =

Three killed in armed robbery


SUBANG JAYA: Hundreds of shoppers ran for their lives when five robbers opened fire outside a goldsmith shop in the Subang Parade shopping complex here last night. Three people – two security guards and a robber – were killed during the exchange of fire later inside the Poh Kong Goldsmith Shop on the ground floor. A third guard was seriously injured. The complex was packed with weekend shoppers when the incident occurred at about 8.22pm. Police later found almost 50 spent bullets on the ground floor of the complex and outside. One robber, believed to be a Thai national, was shot dead by a security guard of another goldsmith shop nearby. The remaining robbers escaped with 11 trays of jewellery. Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Tajuddin Md Isa said the five robbers were wearing baseball caps and armed with automatic pistols and revolvers.

It is learnt the dead robber was heading towards the second goldsmith shop while his comrades were robbing the first one. SAC Tajuddin said police recovered a revolver from the dead robber who was wearing several talisman. The seriously injured guard had been warded at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre. The police, he said, would view the footage of the CCTV camera at the shop to obtain more information. Police believe the robbers had accomplices waiting in several vehicles at various locations outside the complex. These back-up groups had fired several shots in the air as the suspects were running towards the getaway vehicles to confuse the public and to create a commotion. Police later found several slugs discharged from an M16 rifle across the road. They also found shattered glass at a nearby restaurant and some bullets outside.

Student Gadafi Ahmad, 19, said he was making reservations at a restaurant when he heard shots being fired. I saw the men all dressed in black coming out of the shop. One of them was brandishing a silver pistol,” he said, adding that the men ran towards the road outside the complex.

= = == ==

February 05, 2007 01:14 AM

Guard Killed In Subang Jaya Robbery A Filial Son

By Hamdan Ismail

MIRI, Jan 4 (Bernama) -- Aren Elong finds it difficult to believe that the RM700 given to her by her son, Wan Luhat, 43, who was one of the security guards killed in a shootout with robbers at a shopping complex in Subang Jaya, Selangor last night, would be his last. The widow, who has four other children, said that since her husband died 20 years ago, Wan, her eldest son, had been the family's sole bread-winner. "I have lost a son who was sensitive to my needs. Even at that age, he refused to get married simply because he wanted to take care of me," she told Bernama at her sister's house here tonight. She said that the last time Wan came home was last Christmas when he took leave for several weeks to be with them at their kampung in Long Laput, Baram before returning to Kuala Lumpur on Jan 8 to work. "During Christmas, he did not show any signs. He was always jovial and close to his siblings," said Aren, who found out about the tragedy that befell her son at about 9 pm Saturday night. One of Wan's sister, Alice, who resides in Kuala Lumpur, telephoned the family members here to break the news of the tragedy. Aren's youngest daughter, Olivia, said Wan had been working for four years as a security guard in Subang Jaya and had voiced his desire to find a less riskier job. "My brother did tell my sister Mariam that he was trying to find another job as the increasing number of armed robbery cases in Subang worried him. He did not want to be a victim. "Never in my life would I have thought that his fear would become a reality. But what can we do. It is fate," said Olivia. Prior to working in Kuala Lumpur, Wan had worked in Miri apart from Brunei Darussalam. Olivia said that every time Wan returned from Kuala Lumpur, he would spend a night at her house here before going back to Long Laput, which was a three-hour journey. Two days before receiving the tragic news, Olivia said that Wan had sent a short-messaging-system (SMS) message to Alice asking her to remit RM700 to their mother back home. It is understood that Wan's body will be arriving here at 10.00 am tomorrow. Wan and two other security guards were involved in the shoot-out with a group of robbers who had robbed a jewellery store in the Subang Parade shopping complex at about 8.22 pm. Apart from the two security guards, one of the bank robbers was also killed and seven hours after the robbery, the police succeeded in arresting seven suspects, aged between 36 and 47.

= = = = == Go H E RE On

MORE PICTURES – ANTI TOLL HIKE PROTEST- IOI Mall, Puchong 4th FEB 2007; 1000 came Scuffles Broke out; 13 Arrested Despite shouts of “Jangan Tangap”; Protesters Told to Assemble at Bukit Aman Today (5th Feb 07) to give Solidarity & Support to 4 called up for OSA


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