Saturday, January 27, 2007

MORE PICS-RM23Miillion PIRATED SOFTWARES & GAMES Seized in RAID at INDAH Parade, Sri Petaling; 3 Workers Detained & 224,500 Illegal Discs Taken Away

Raid is MORE important then Friday Prayers. 25 of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry enforcement personnel (forgot their Friday prayers) and started the raid at 2.pmand ended at 10.00pm – for 8 hours they spent collecting and carting away the thousands of discs. This is more rewarding.

But these raids are bad for Visit Malaysia 2007. Where would the "kwai lows" (foreigner tourists) find their cheap DVDs and Discs at petaling street? They have also raided VCD /Discs processing outlet (see link at bottom)

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January 27, 2007 00:23 AM
Anti- Piracy Squad Seizes 224,500 Softwares, Games Worth RM23 Mln

ABOVE & BELOW: The enforcement officiers took a "whale of a time" to sort & collect the thousands of illegal discs and carted them back to the Ministry. And what would they do with them? Take some home and watch them if the titles are interesting. They would not notice a few missing for the thousands confiscated for sure.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 (Bernama) -- Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry enforcement personnel Friday raided three premises at the Indah Parade shopping complex in Seri Petaling and seized 224,500 copies of pirated computer softwares and games worth RM23 million.

ABOVE & BELOW: The enforcement officiers had no choice but to collect the thousands of illegal discs and took them back to be sorted out later

The ministry's Enforcement Deputy Director-General Firdus Zakaria said the three shoplots, located on the second floor of the complex, were used to store pirated items bound for local distribution. "

ABOVE & BELOW: Some of the discs are ready to be despatched to various parts of the country either by courier of parcel post.

We also detained three workers in their 30s in the eight-hour operation that began at 2pm involving 25 officers," he told reporters at the scene.

ABOVE & BELOW: The three "innocent" workers detained and handcuffed were just trying to "earn a living" in this legal or illegal business to them. Jail or fine, no problem - the boss will take care.

He said the three people were detained under Section 41(1)(D) of the Copyrights Act 1987 which carries five years jail or RM20,000 fine or both, if convicted.

ABOVE & BELOW: You name it, and they probably have it, all sort of software titles and games available and well stacked in piegeon hole shevles

"Two of the three premises have been raided twice - in 2005 and last year, but we are still tracking down the owner of these shoplots," he said. He said the raid was conducted after one-week surveillance.

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MORE PICS – SMASHED Pirated VCD PROCESSING OUTLET; RM10 Million Machineries Confiscated


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The place is Endah Parade, not Indah Parade.

9:32 AM  

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