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MORE PICS - 31 CHINESE National GROs & 12 Local MASSAGE PARLOUR Girls Detained in Raids in KLANG, BANTING, SUBANG JAYA Seafood Restaurants

====UPDATE; Feb 13 2007

February 12, 2007 19:52 PM

50 Massage Parlours In Klang Told To Stop Operation

SHAH ALAM, Feb 12 (Bernama) -- Fifty of more than 60 massage parlours in Klang have been told to cease their operations for failing to meet their licences' specifications. The orders were given after an operation against massage parlours in Klang began last Jan 31, led by Islamic Affairs, Youth and People-Friendly Committee Chairman, Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil. Rahman, the Executive Councillor responsible for the Klang Municipal Council said the massage parlour operators could resume business if they meet the requirements and specifications of their licences and those with expired licences renewed them.

"We want them to toe the line. Massage parlours are allowed for
health purposes and not vice activities
," he told reporters after opening the Youth Leadership and Sports Development Programme, here Monday. He added the eight female (Muslim) students who were detained during the operation will be sent to attend counselling sessions with the Selangor Islamic Religious Department. The students who were waiting for their Sijil Pelajaran
Malaysia results were attracted to work as part-time masseuses due to the lucrative pay. Rahman said their parents were stunned to discover that their children were working as masseuses. For the non-Muslim under-aged girls who were caught working as masseuses, they will be sent to the Welfare Services Departmen
= == = = = == = = = = ==

Seven (SPM) Muslim Students Caught Moonshining as Masseuse while waiting for the Results; Parents Unaware of Activities were informed by Selangor Islamic Affairs and Youth Committee chairman, Exco Member Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil

For the girls, they were not “earning some money” but earning very good money. But he could not established they provide “extra services” when the curtain is drawn

Tuesday February 13, 2007, STAR
Students hired as masseuse nabbed

SHAH ALAM: Seven girls caught working in massage parlours in Klang during recent raids were awaiting their SPM results. Selangor Islamic Affairs and Youth Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil said the students were hired to work as masseuse. He added that the girls, all Muslims, had lied to their parents that they were working in fast food outlets and health centres. “We spoke to their parents and were told that they had no inkling their daughters were working as masseuse,” he added.

ABOVE: State Islamic Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil (in white rimmed Cap) and his Video Cameraman recording the raid (for evidence?) at a massage parloiur

Abdul Rahman, who was among the state executive councillors assigned to lead raids on massage parlours in a state-wide operation that began early this month, said the girls would be sent for counselling. “Those caught more than once would be sent for rehabilitation,” Abdul Rahman told reporters after opening a retreat organised by the state Youth and Sports Department. The exco member believed that the girls had resorted to working as masseuse in massage parlours due to “bad influence” and to earn some money.

On the raids, Abdul Rahman said about 95% of massage parlours in Klang were found to have breached licensing conditions. There are about 52 licensed massage parlours in Klang.

= = == = == =

The raid was led by State Exco members as announced by
Selanogr MB Mohd Toyo. Now why would these Exco members want to get involved? For some cheap thrills perhaps if they are not given “free massages”. Surely their male & female enforcement officers are capable of doing the job. As usual the GROs from China came in as tourists and get involved in this lucrative massages + + trade.

What is more worrying to the State Islamic Affairs Dept is that young local Muslim girls are also recruited into this profession to satisfy the Malay Males.

= = = = == = ==
Thursday February 1, 2007; Shocking find by councilor;

ABOVE: State Islamic Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil (in white rimmed Cap) and his enorcement guys (BELOW) at the raid

KLANG: A Selangor state executive councillor was shocked to find teenagers working at a massage parlour near his service centre.

"If the massage is for the legs; then it is OK! But if they deviate from this, then action has to be taken to withdraw the licence"

State Islamic Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil was taken aback when he found out that some of those who were working at a massage parlour in Bukit Tinggi were from his Sementa constituency.

ABOVE & BELOW: The front end women at the massage parlour

Twelve girls in the parlour were detained.I am going to see their parents and tell them about their children's activities,” he said. Abdul Rahman was one of the exco members in Selangor who led raids at massage parlours throughout the state.

ABOVE: She spotted the Cameraman and BELOW:Shouting & waving her hand "stop"

Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, who announced the state-wide operations earlier yesterday, said all exco members and local council presidents would be conducting raids at such outlets for the next two weeks.

ABOVE: One of the girls was in "shock " and fainted and (BELOW) had to be carried out

He said reports on all the raids would have to go straight to him. “We are going to be very thorough in our inspections. We will check the licence, building layout, those employed there – everything,” Dr Khir said, adding that the state had stopped issuing licences for massage parlours last year.

ABOVE & BELOW: The GROS at Banting "seafodd resutaurants" hiding in the cubicles

Raids were also conducted at Bandar Baru Klang, where 20 Chinese nationals were detained to facilitate investigations.

ABOVE & BELOW: The China "dolls" trouping out from the hideout to the police truck waiting outside

Klang Municipal Council president Abdul Bakir Zin said his enforcement officers would check on all 57 massage outlets and 52 entertainment outlets throughout Klang.

In Banting, OCPD Supt Zulkifli Mohamed (ABOVE) said three raids were conducted in Taman Banting Baru, Taman Chempaka and Jenjarom. He said 11 Chinese nationals aged between 22 and 35 were arrested.

Selangor exco to check on vice at massage parlours

01 Feb 2007; Neville Spykerman; NST

SHAH ALAM: Massage parlours in Selangor will be seeing VIP customers every night for the next two weeks. The state executive councillors will not, however, be going there for strong hands to soothe their aches and pains. Rather, they will be on the lookout for establishments that offer more than a massage to customers.

ABOVE & BELOW: Up the truck they went for further questioning and possible deportation

The move is part of Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo’s plans to bring errant operators of massage parlours to book. Dr Khir, who announced the extraordinary move yesterday, has not exempted himself from going to ground to monitor the activities of massage parlours.

Exco members will be accompanied by officials from local authorities, police and Immigration. They will ascertain if the establishments have licences to operate and if they are following the rules. He said the move was necessary because of the inordinate number of massage parlours in the state which gave the impression that "the people of Selangor had a chronic problem with aching backs". Licences for massage parlours have to be renewed on an annual business and can be revoked if illegal or immoral activities occur on the premises. Dr Khir said the state government planned to take the fight against vice to spas and health clubs in hotels and restaurants next. He said the authorities were aware that vice was big business in some restaurants in Kuala Langat. "Customers are even willing to pay to have girls sit on their laps," he said. Speaking after the weekly state exco meeting, Dr Khir said both the best and worst local authorities would be "honoured" at the annual awards ceremony this year. = = = = = = == = =

January 31, 2007 22:39 PM

Operation To Weed Out Illegal Massage Parlours In S'gor Launched

ABOVE & BELOW: In another raid, the women enforcement officiers collecting evidences from the living quarters of the GROS

SHAH ALAM, Jan 31 (Bernama) -- Selangor Wednesday launched a two-week operation to weed out vice and other immoral activities carried out under the guise of massage parlours in the state. Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo and State Secretary Datuk Ramli Mahmud will join the operation at random to determine the extent the directive from the state government to its agencies not to issue any more massage parlour permits had been adhered to. A squad comprising officers from local councils in the state and police, led by a state Exco member will conduct raids on illegal massage premises. Dr Mohamad Khir said that the officers responsible for issuing massage parlour permits would be held accountable if any illegal outlets were found to be operating in areas under their jurisdiction. He said that he had received many complaints through e-mail about problems which arose from the operations of these massage parlours.

ABOVE: Everthing were ransacked and evidence of condoms (BELOW) were conficated

"The public did not complain about the non-existence of massage parlours, but they complained of too many of them," he said. Dr Mohamad Khir said that some restaurants in Kuala Langat were even offering girls to sit on male patrons laps for a fee. On reports that the Malaysian Chinese Muslims Association was finding difficulty to obtain a permit to build a mosque, he said, the association merely submitted an application without a structure plan, not stating where it was to be located and wanted a high state government allocation. He said that he had no objections to Chinese Muslims wanting to build mosques.

= = = ==
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Blogger kittykat46 said...

Haha...overhead some mata-mata having their tea-break. These kinds of raids are quite popular with the mata-mata, the only drawback is they have to work extra late.

Chance to see-see and touch-touch some pretty ladies for free lah...

6:04 PM  
Anonymous tom said...

Yeah, why aren't women police officers used to carry out raids on "massage parlours"?!

Whenever they raid the Sultan Ismail clubs (I was there in person myself), there are plenty of women officers with the male officers, although some had "RELA" uniforms.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aha tom, what were u doing during the raids?! having some clean fun! oh btw if the girls could find better jobs, they wouldnt work in mp right?

9:47 PM  

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