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LOCAL CANCER Cure - Periwinkle Flower Kill Cancer Cells; But You CREATE & DRAW CANCER to You; What you FEAR MOST, You DRAW TO YOURSELVES.

Have no fear about this Cancer disease.

You can rid yourself of ANY ILLNESS when you realize that you CREATE & DRAW such illness to yourself. What you FEAR MOST, you DRAW TO YOURSELVES. And if you are very fearful and paranoid about Cancer you draw it to you. Now, if you decide to leave this world, that is your right; go in joy and vitality, but go because you know you decided (your time is up and you have achieved what you set out to do in this life) to leave, and not as a victim of a disease that has been given a name like CANCER

On the other hand if you decide you want to continue to live, and then live in your full glory and strength. If you decide to live, then tell yourself you WANT to live and KNOW the reasons, and your body will repair itself in joy and glory. You are not a victim!
While such situations as illness are chosen by the personality, the individual is always left to work out its OWN SOLUTION. Complete recovery, illness, or early death is not preordained on the part of the entity [or whole self]. The general situation is set up in response to deep inner involvements. The problem is a challenge set up by the entity for one of its own personalities, but the outcome is up to the personality involved. One does not choose illness per se for a lifetime situation.
The inner self, as distinguished from the more accessible sub consciousness, is aware of the situation and finds release through frequent inner communications where successes are remembered and experienced. The dream state becomes an extremely vivid time, for such experiences assure the personality of its larger nature.

It knows it is more than the self that it has for a time chosen to be. You need to LEARN the power of thought and emotion. Once you realize that your thoughts form reality, and then you are no longer a slave to events and to OLD or NEW doctors

True self-knowledge is indispensable for health and vitality. The recognition of the truth about the self simply means that you must first find out what you think about yourself subconsciously. If it is a good image, build upon it. If it is a poor one, recognize it as only the opinion you have held of yourself and not an 'absolute state.'
You must learn to trust your own spontaneous nature. Your nervous system knows how to react. It reacts spontaneously when you allow it to....In spontaneity there is a discipline that utterly escapes you, and an order beyond any that you know. Spontaneity knows its own order.

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January 23, 2007 22:26 PM
USM Scientists Say Periwinkle Flower Can Kill Cancer Cells

ABOVE: Prof. Madya Ishak Mat showing the periwinkle and its extracts that have been proven to kill cancer cells.
KEPALA BATAS, Jan 23 (Bernama) -- Studies by medical experts from Universiti Sains Malaysia's Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (USM-IPPT) have found that extracts from the humble Periwinkle flower (Bunga Kemuning Cina) can kill cancer cells. IPPT (Clinical Services) Deputy Director, Dr Narazah Mohd Yusoff said the discovery prompted the team to test the Periwinkle flower extracts on animals. "If our tests on animals proved effective, then we will test the Periwinkle extracts on humans and prove that they can kill cancer cells," she told reporters here Tuesday.

She added studies on the Periwinkle flowers have entered the third year and is led by IPPT Deputy Director of Research, Prof Madya Ishak Mat sponsored by MAKNA (National Cancer Council) which gave a RM300,000 grant. "Tests on the Perinwinkle's effectiveness on humans will take five years and if found to be successful can be used as medicine to kill cancer cells when treating breast cancer," Dr Narazah said IPPT is also conducting several studies on cancer and has accepted 268 patients, three of them with breast cancer. "Some have been placed in the Kepala Batas Hospital and are being treated by IPPT specialists," she added.

Earlier, IPPT Director Dr Ramli Saad urged the public to visit the medical centre for an examination as it is not only equipped with the latest equipment but also have a pool of specialists. "Our services are also provided for free." IPPT which is currently temporarily occupying a building will be moving into its own building complex in Bertam in three years. When completed, IPPT will be equipped with laboratories, wards and equipment costing RM958 million. Dr Ramli said when completed in 2010, IPPT will be able to conduct 150 types of research including Oncology, Cardiovascular, Integrated Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Neuro Science, Immunology, Oral Science, Nuclear Medicine, Clinical Toxicology and Poisoning.

"IPPT is the world's premier medical research centre as it has the three elements of disease research, creating cures, conducting of clinical tests and treating of patients," he added. Studies conducted by medical experts showed that 80 percent of the world's natural pharmaceutical ingredients are found in Malaysia and Borneo.

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But the scientifically the best Natural Killer cells are found in Transfer Factors

ABOVE: from STAR, 20th Nov 2005

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