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MORE PICS–ANTI TOLL HIKE PROTEST- Jan 21 07 Cheras Turned SOUR; 21 ARRESTED; 4 Injured; Detained includes-Tian Chua, Dr Hatta Rami & Ronnie Liu

UPDATE: Jan23 2007; 9.55am

The'Cops used excessive force on anti-toll demonstrators'

Pauline Puah and Charles Ramendran; SUN; Updated: 07:39PM Mon, 22 Jan 2007
PETALING JAYA (Jan 22, 2007): Police have been accused of using excessiveforce to arrest demonstrators who were about to hold a peaceful protest against toll hikes at the Cheras toll plaza yesterday. DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the party would lodge a complaint to the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) and was considering legal action against the police force. In a press conference at the Selangor DAP office today which was attended by four men who claimed they were beaten up, a short video clip was also shown of 28-year-old manager Ho Chee Loong being assaulted during his arrest. The four - who showed bruises and scratches on their bodies - are members of Bandar Mahkota Cheras Open Access Road Action Committee (BMC).

ABOVE: Ho Chee Loong being arrested and BELOW: escorted to the police truck

= = = = = == = = == = = = == = = = == = =

ABOVE: Ho Chee Loong was bundled up the truck and sat down and BELOW: The officicer behind tightly gripped him by the neck. It must hurt and painful

The committee was formed by the residents after their only access road to
the township was allegedly blocked illegally by Grand Saga, the
Kajang- Cheras Highway concessionaire. As a result, they were forced to pay toll.
Chee Loong and his brother Chee Hui, 27, a technician, were arrested together and were allegedly roughed up when they struggled. Chee Loong said the policemen, who were in plainclothes, had no reason to use force against them as they were unarmed and were not violent. He alleged the policemen hit him in the groin when he struggled. "They also beat me with batons and bare hands. My shirt was torn by them," he claimed, adding that he was given outpatient treatment in the
Kajang Hospital and given a three-day medical leave.
The video-clip showed Chee Loong and Chee Hui being dragged into a police
truck. The former was later seen being punched several times by an unidentified police officer.

And Who is this plain clothes officer? - that did the punching
ABOVE: This officer in (dark blue jacket) arrived behind the truck and (BELOW) climbed up.

= = = = = == = = = == = = == = == = == = ==
ABOVE: The officer getting ready for the first PUNCH on his groin (stomach) area(BELOW). The officer on the left was holding HO down. He must have yelled out "oouucch" in great pain
= = = = = = = == = = == = == = = =
ABOVE: The officer swung his arm to the right and delivered the 2nd PUNCH (BELOW) delivered in quick sucession after the 1st one

= = = = == = = = after the punches he climbed down the truck

and all those arrested were taken to Kajang Police lock-up and released sometime at 10.00 pm

all above images from DAP Video (available somewhere in the WWW)
= = = == = == ==

BMC chairman Tan Boon Wah, 37, and Tan Han Kuo, 40, a businessman, also accused police of arresting them without giving them sufficient time to disperse. The Sunday demonstration, where 21 protesters were arrested, was the third demonstration organised by Protes - a coalition against the toll hikes at five private highways in the Klang Valley from Jan 1.
Those arrested included Parti Keadilan Rakyat information chief Tian Chua,
DAP's Ronnie Liu and PAS treasurer-general Dr Hatta Ramli
. Police did not arrest anyone in the last two demonstrations held at the
Sunway City toll plaza and Gombak respectively. Kajang police chief ACP Rosli Md Nizam, when contacted, said he had not viewed the video clip. He said Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng had met him on Sunday in the police headquarters over the detention of the protesters but did not raise the allegations with him. "The assembly was illegal as they had no permit and we acted according to the law. Minimum force was used when some resisted arrest. They struggled violently when my men tried to handcuff them," he said. He added that four of those detained complained of health problems and were promptly taken to the Kajang Hospital where they were treated and released. He added their condition was not serious as they would otherwise have been warded. Police had recorded statements from all those detained. Investigation papers will be handed to the Attorney-General's Chambers.

= = = = == = = = = ==Jan 22 2007, Monday

The police must have been given strict orders to stop these protests in view of the negative image they might have on foreigners visiting. But by far and large the
visitors are shielded from these protests as the majority of mainstream media have toed the line and refrained from reporting such protest except some mosquito papers.

ABOVE & BELOW: The FRU men in the front line back-up by policemen and plain-clothes SB people at the back waiting for action at Cheras Batu 11 on Sunday 21st Jan 2007

A crowd of about 100 protesters turned up near the Batu 11 toll plaza before 4 pm but they were confronted by a crowd of police personnel comprising mainly the FRU and a large number of uniformed and plain clothes officers. Unlike the last two protests organized by the Anti-Toll Hike Protest in Gombak and Bandar Sunway, this time the Police did not give the protesters the chance to do their business. Tough and rough measures were adopted to disperse and arrest the leaders and resident protesters as the assembly was deemed to be illegal without a permit and could not be held.

By 4.00 pm, two groups of protesters were formed – one at the barrier to Bandar Mahkota and the other near the rest area of the toll plaza. The Police were intercepting people walking to the toll booths by setting up roadblocks.

ABOVE: Wearing a cap and waving a flag, Bandar Mahkota member is the hero facing the FRU men at the main road and when the "tangap" was given, he was the first casualty to be arrested (BELOW). They held him by the throat.

Then ALL were warned to “disappear” within 5 minutes through the police car audio speakers. But many refused and when the “tankap” signal was given, the frontline protesters were arrested and forcibly man-handled and beaten when they refused to enter the trucks. The rest ran for their lives. Residents shout of "police beatings could be heard.

ABOVE & BELOW: More arrests and when you refused to move, you must be removed by being "carried"

Those detained included the leaders in the Protest committee - PKR Information chief Tian Chua, PAS leader Dr Hatta Ramli, DAP leader Ronnie Liu, BMC Tan Boon Hwa & Lim Kin Sin. Four arrested were injured and were rushed to hospital to receive the necessary examination and treatment. All were taken to the Kajang police station and have their statements recorded

ABOVE : When you refused to walk up the truck, you must be hauled up forcibly and he seems to be in pain moaning (BELOW). Was he beaten?

The DAP secretary Lim Guan Eng was informed and he went to the police station to “negotiate” for the release of those detained. A group of DAP supporters also gathered at the Kajang police station to wait for further developments. By late evening all were released.

ABOVE: Another arrest and another one in pain and BELOW: A tiff between a female protester and a female arrester ended up being arrested.

= = = == = = =

and this is the STAR Brief report

22 arrested over unlawful assembly

KUALA LUMPUR: Police arrested 22 people for unlawful assembly at the Batu 11 toll plaza of the Cheras-Kajang Expressway. They were among 100 who had gathered at about 4pm to protest against the recent increase in toll and did not heed police warning to disperse. Among those arrested were Parti Keadilan Rakyat information chief Tian Chua, PAS leader Dr Hatta Ramli and DAP leader Ronnie Liu. An online news portal reporter's camera was also seized by the police but was, however, returned to him later. Police said four protesters including Tian Chua sustained injuries when a scuffle broke out. Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Rusli Mohd Nizam said the protesters were detained for carrying out an unlawful assembly. They were later released on police bail.

= = = == = = = =

and in Chinese from

Merdeka Review Report:

= = === = = and read how LITRAK (LDP toll) justified the increase and how they spent the compensation; Believe it or NOT.

Litrak director Datuk Lin Yun Ling

Litrak defends toll hike, compensation; By Adeline Paul Raj;

January 17 2007

HIGHWAY concessionnaire Lingkaran Tran Kota Holdings Bhd (Litrak) defended its January 1 toll rate increase and the RM150 million government compensation yesterday, saying the company's cash flow was not as large as people perceived. Litrak director Datuk Lin Yun Ling said although the company's accounts show that it had made a net profit of RM80 million last year, it did not mean that RM80 million had flowed into the company's pockets. "This is not so. What the accounting profit does not reflect is that if Litrak were to repay a huge loan or part of a huge loan, it is not reflected in the profit," Lin told reporters after the annual general meeting of Gamuda Bhd yesterday, in which he is, group managing director.

Gamuda owns 42 per cent of Litrak, the operator of the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP). The LDP was one of five highways in the Klang Valley on which toll rates were increased on January 1. Lin said the bulk of revenue collected from the toll over the next eight years would go towards loan repayment. Litrak still has some RM800 million in loans to service, he said. "Any financial analyst and investment manager will tell you that for a company like Litrak, you should look at the cash flow statements (rather than the profit and loss accounts) for a true measure of financial performance," he said. Cash flow statements show how much revenue was collected, all the operating expenditure and loans repaid by the company.

"When you take all that into account, you'll find that only RM6 million flowed into the company," he said. Lin lamented that few people realised that a toll highway takes time, at least six years, to reach a good level of traffic volume. "By then, a RM1 billion loan will snowball into a RM1.5 billion loan. So even if you appear to be doing well, you already have an even bigger mountain to climb," he remarked. He pointed out that traffic on Litrak's Sprint Highway, for example, is quite busy now after five years with over 150,000 vehicles per day. "But if you look at the audited accounts, the loss is over RM40 million a year and it will have accumulated losses of RM200 million before it starts turning profitable," he said. He noted also that in an open-toll system like the LDP, only one-third of the traffic actually pays toll as many had already worked out ways to use the toll-free sections and bypass the toll gates. He went on to say that if people only focused on "negatives", it would be detrimental to future investments in road infrastructure."Certainly, there would be reluctance by the authorities to approve new highways, especially in the Klang Valley.

In 6 years from now, you can expect to see massive gridlock in the Klang Valley. For every two cars on the road today, there will be 3 by then," he remarked. On the RM150 million compensation it will receive from the Government, Lin said ALL OF IT would be used over the next three years to reduce traffic congestion on all highways.


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