Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MORE PICS – 22 FOREIGN WOMEN DETAINED in Vice Raid at HOTEL after Tip Off; Mainly Chinese & Vietnamese; 9 Couples in Locked Rooms & 6 at Lobby

ALL of them - too shy to show their faces!
This raid is in support of VMY 2007 to keep the city "vice free" for tourists to see only what they want them to see.
Tourists, To enjoy yourself, Go Bang Kok in Thailand.

Look what religion has done to these people with their beliefs. No wonder so many people question religion. To them (most afraid of their sensual natures) excessive sexual behavior obviously will be considered depraved and immoral. They demand abstinence and denial of you as sexual beings. Trust yourself for greater self-understanding and you will need not project repressed tendencies upon others.

Your spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness. Your spirit was born in flesh to enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness, to feel energy made into corporeal form.

You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body. You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness. You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength and vitality that is within you; to create the spirit as faithfully and as beautifully as you can in flesh. In the most basic sense, the purpose of life is being--as opposed to NOT being. Enjoy yourself spontaneously

And what did John Remsburg said?

"An ignorant people are generally a religious people, and a religious people nearly always an immoral people."

= == and below: Couple arrested for allegedly supplyying prostitutes

22 Foreigner women were detained in a vice raid at a hotel early Wednesday morning following tip offs from members of public..

All of them entered Malaysia as tourists and were believed to be involved in vice activities.

The early morning raid was conducted by 10 police offices from the crime division led by D7 Head Supt Zaki Mazlan. (BELOW)

At the time of the raid 9 couples were found locked up in several rooms having fun and 6 were detained at the lobby looking for clients. At the rooms several sex toys and condoms were also found.

All were taken to the police headquarters for particulars to be taken and possibly charged and deported later.

= = = = = = = == =

and who are the suppliers?...

Tuesday January 23, 2007
Couple arrested for allegedly supplyying prostitutes
By Muguntan Vanar; STAR

KOTA KINABALU: Police arrested a couple allegedly involved in a "prostitute supplying" syndicate after seven Filipino women escaped from their clutches. The couple, a Malaysian man and his Filipina girlfriend, were arrested by a team from the Kepayan state police headquarters at an entertainment outlet in Penampang on Monday night after the women escaped.

The women aged between 19 and 27 had told police they slipped away on Jan 7 from the couple, who kept them under lock and key at an undisclosed house near here. They were ferried to a nightclub in Penampang daily where the clients paid RM300 for every sex session. Sabah Deputy Criminal Investigations Chief Asst Comm Ahmad Lofti Khalid, in confirming the arrest of the two who were in their 20s, said on Tuesday that investigations were being carried out on the couple's alleged involvement in forcing the girls into prostitution.

"At the moment, we don't see others involved," he said. It was learnt that the women from Manila were promised high paying jobs as waitresses in Sabah by the couple. However on arrival in Kota Kinabalu, about a month ago, they were taken to a house before they were taken to an entertainment outlet in Penampang where they were supposed to accompany guests and also go out with them. When the girls escaped, they met up with a local Filipino who gave them refuge and later helped them inform the Philippines embassy in Kuala Lumpur. The embassy informed police in Kota Kinabalu, who meet the victims, which in turn led to the arrest of the couple on Monday.


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