Sunday, June 18, 2006

MORE Pics – WEAPONS, LOOT of CAR THIEVES Displayed by CHERAS Police; 3 Persons (30 – 50 in ages) were caught in Tmn Connaught and the nearby HIGHWAY

The weapons and handcuffs used

A thief was caught red handed breaking into a vehicle in Taman Connaught and latter 2 of his gang members were also caught at the nearbyhighway while trying to escape. They are believed to be part of the gang stealing cars and selling them cheap between RM4000 –RM5000 each.
From those caught the police managed to recover a pistol, samsurai sword, a long parang, an assortment of knives, hand-cuffs and walkie talkies used in their operations in the housing neighborhood. A BIG LOOT of stolen accessories especially CD and Casette players and CAR NUMBER plates and valuables were displayed. Check the pic below, you might recognize your car plates and stake a claim.

Your car would probably be cannabalised for parts and if it is around, where would it be?

The trio are now remanded until Monday and the police are looking for the other members with the help of Interpol.
These organized gangs are rampant in most housing estates. The modus operandi is to break your car side windows (so as NOT to activate your alarm system) and crawl in to try to take your car if it is not properly secured. If they cannot get it started, they would try to dismantle the audio players.
It is advisable to TAKE OUT the front panel from the player if they can be removed and getting a mechanical lock is ALWAYS better than to rely on your electronic alarm system which can be easily disarmed.

Recognise your Audio player, check it out at Cheras Polise Station?


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