Monday, May 22, 2006


Curiosity is a Natural State of Mind
How many can understand the brain, a physical organ, taking up space exists in time whereas the mind takes up no space does not have its basic existence in time?
Curiosity is a natural state of mind. Most of us have many questions, and it doesn't matter how many answers we get, we still have more questions. When we were young, we asked our parents many questions and many were never answered.
And as we grew up, we asked our teachers, friends and various wise people many questions pertaining to important issues as well, some of which were also never answered.
It seems that we can never get enough answers, but that’s the way the mind is. We always feel curious with our inquiring mind collecting a lot of good and bad information and data each day, possesses it and makes it become its own.
But the inquisitive nature of the mind without the power of discernment can cause most of the misery, dissatisfaction; prejudice and discrimination among us and with various subjects in life when due to our limited understanding are unable grasp the answer that is beyond it.
So the saying “Curiosity killed the cat” is also very true. Apparently cats are curious animals that like to investigate, but their curiosity can take them places where they might get hurt.
And it is the same with children, like cats, are curious and like to test to find out what is dangerous. For example the kid might stick his finger into the electrical outlet and get a huge shock.
For the adults, bombarded with so much info and beliefs and with the mindsets will have a lot of trouble struggling between different ideals, groups or systems of thought.
So what is the solution? The sages and masters have all along recommended meditation - to clear your mind from all the rubbish and prejudices accumulated to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” - to seek "enlightenment".

So after we’re enlightened we see things differently; all our answers appear naturally, or we don't have any more questions. That's the best way because no question is a good question! When we’re enlightened, we rise above this position of bad and good, of the discriminating nature of the mind.


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