Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Are they "directing themselves" making their own choices in association with "WHAT YOU WANT and NOT WHAT IS EXPECTED"?.
There is this nagging question often asked: “Why are there so many single, successful, beautiful girls out there who have beautiful characters, charming, and smart (too smart perhaps) and are independent but single and some choose not to get married and not to have children?”
One reason given is that males felt intimidated by females who are too smart and independent and some guys who feel they must earn more than their girlfriend, or smarter.
Others complain that females are too materialistic and too choosy, looking for that RMS (rich man son) but most of them are realistic in their choices. Many would just prefer a simple career minded right partner who can contribute and support a family.

THEN WHY SO MANY ARE LEFT ON THE SHEVES? Like that unsold left over duck on the hook?

I believe since we moved into your new millennium our new century there is this shift in consciousness in women not wanting to get married and not wanting children. This is becoming more and more commonly expressed and less and less unusual with the female gender.

One of the elements of this shift in consciousness is a shift from the male energy to the female energy, which is expressed differently. The male energy is intellectual, the female energy intuitional.
In this, there is a tremendous shift in energy within our reality, and this is also redefining our roles. It is not eliminating our beliefs, but it is redefining our roles.
The emphasis of this shift in consciousness is upon the individual and directing of themselves, not upon the direction of authorities or allowing other individuals to be directing in expectations, but each individual directing themselves, which is shifting beliefs.
This is not to say that the beliefs are being eliminated. They are not. But our association with them is shifting, for we are directing of ourself and generating your own choices in association with WHAT YOU WANT and NOT WHAT IS EXPECTED.
Throughout your history, there has been a very different expression of energy, and therefore, there has been a responsiveness with you all in association with authority of some type or another, not necessarily even an individual. It may be a concept; it may be a philosophy, a belief which generates expectations.
Not necessarily those other individuals generate the expectation, but in association with the beliefs, you generate the expectation of yourself.
But this is shifting, and the female gender is not necessarily designed merely for procreation. These are beliefs. It is a CHOICE. And what do you think ladies & gentlemen?


Blogger cheng sim said...

maybe they just don't wanna have kids? sometimes kids are such a burden to their career jobs. take up most of their time. then again, this reminds me of the girls in Sex and The City. its nothing wrong being a bacholerette. we live in a modern world now.

2:08 PM  

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