Friday, May 19, 2006


The above is the heading of a direct response to an earlier letter posted in Malaysiakini on 15th May 2006 . See here my earlier blog on this harrassment.
In the absence of a report and concrete and documented evidence from the victims, the hands of the police are tied to nab these predators who take advantage of the innocent (or some willing?) students. It takes great courage as victims to openly become accusers in such circumstances.
How many would bring themselves to such exposure and be openly identified. It is sad indeed that these state of affairs in institutions can continue.
The following is a reproduction of the above response for easier reading.
"This whistleblower who has blown the lid on cases of sexual harassment of female medical students perpetrated by their university lecturers ought to document the facts and report the matter to the police and proper authorities.
Without proof and a formal complaint, it is difficult for the cases to be investigated and the culprits be brought to book.
While such cases are often delicate and hard to prove, it is not difficult to snare lecturers who prey on vulnerable students. The students who are preyed upon must not be afraid of these sexual predators even though they have power to pass or fail them. They must report any incident of sexual pressure brought to bear upon them and cooperate in a sting operation.
If the predators know the risk of being caught, it may eradicate this unethical practice. Those who have power over others must never abuse that power for personal advantage especially in an immoral act of sexual gratification. Lechery is no respecter of persons, and it behooves those who have a sexual problem to seek help or change their ways before their lust destroys their careers and families in acts of pleasure that will inevitably be regrettable.
I just hope there is a reliable group or someone that students who are victims of sexual harassment can turn to for help. It is indeed a sad day to read of such improprieties perpetrated by the highest echelon of society. Let's hope the black sheep are culled expeditiously before they can damage innocent lives."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, trap them and skin then alive!

10:01 AM  

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