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MORE PICS & Video – SAMY Last Stand & Exit from Sungai Siput? – Opposition & BN component parties are questioning his Indian support fro MIC

Latest UPDATE: January 30, 2008 19:42 PM - Samy is still indispensable??

Perak MIC Wants Samy Vellu To Contest In Sungai Siput Again

IPOH, Jan 30 (Bernama) -- Perak MIC wants the party's president, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, to stay on as the Barisan Nasional candidate for the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat that he has held for eight terms. Perak MIC chairman Datuk G. Rajoo said all 750 MIC branches in the state were supportive of the idea during a meeting held recently.

"All branch heads and secretaries who were there gave 100 percent support to Datuk Seri Samy's leadership and wanted him to contest in Sungai Siput again," he told reporters here today. He said Samy Vellu's leadership was still needed not only by the MIC but also for the interest of the Indian community. On the preparation for the general election, he said, the party was confident of defending its two parliamentary and four state seats in Perak.

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Jan 29 2008: PPP, Chairman Kayveas latest response & advice to Samy:

"He shouldn’t take it out on other component parties. He should pay attention to what’s happening now in the community. As I said real time, face it what is real; what is really happening on the ground. What is the real situation and address the situation, rather than pushing the bug, looking for victims or accusing others."

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ABOVE: Good for Samy. He has lost pounds of flesh running around fanning support from the Indian community, with the assistance of BN.

Samy Vellu is a harassed, angry and troubled man these days. Not only is he on overdrive and overworking himself, he might suffer a collapse & expired himself out even before he had the chance to contest in his Sungai Siput constituency. If he survived, then it would be his last stand and an ignominious and inglorious defeat to cap 34 years in Sungai Siput by Dr JeyaKumar (BELOW)

Not only are the opposition parties nibbling at him over the erosion of Indians support for him, he has told off other BN component parties to “hand off” his Indian problems" and not to “break the pot” which is already cracked (see in the Video Clip).
After the “evening with the PM” last Sunday, he has to ask the lady Sport Minister to ask the Indian Youths to continue supporting the fading Samy Vellu . He received a memo on Problems faced by Indian Youths prepared by Malaysian Indians Youth Foundation – a coalition of Indian Youth Bodies. See the Bernama report below, they can’t give him even one line of credit on this Memo. Enough memos have been submitted and the problems are already well documented. It was another BN project to shore up his declining influence in the Indians community. Enough is enough after 34 years Samy.

= == = == == = == =January 27, 2008 23:12 PM

Samy Vellu Affirms He Will Defend Seat

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 (Bernama) -- Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu will be defending the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat which he has held since 1974, in the upcoming general election. "(I will) definitely be contesting. If there's no head, there will not be a body (followers)," said the MIC president. He said the question of him being exhausted after serving the people for so long did not arise. "Not tired....when you serve for the benefit of the people, you should not be," he told reporters after closing the Indian Youth Forum 2008 with Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said here Sunday.

Meanwhile, in her speech, Azalina (ABOVE) said the ministry had never discriminated against any association or non-governmental organisation, including the non- Malay based ones, in granting aid. "We cannot discriminate against any association as the country is multiracial. We try to give the best service to all," she said. Azalina also wants the younger generation, including from the Indian community, to show their support for the Barisan Nasional government. She said the government had no problems in providing aid to all communities although some quarters thought otherwise. "The government has undertaken various programmes, including the Rakan Muda and National Youth Action Plan, which also involve Indian youths," she said and refuted claims by certain quarters that such programmes only focused on Malay youths.

= === == = = and Samy is a confused man over the "candle light" vigil - not inside a temple

January 27, 2008 23:10 PM
Samy Vellu Demands Apology From DAP Chairman For Insulting Hindus
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 (Bernama) -- MIC president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu Sunday demanded DAP chairman Lim Kit Siang to apologise to all Hindus for insulting their religion. He said Lim and his deputy chairman, M. Kulasegaran, had call for Hindus to bring candles into their temples, which Samy Vellu described as tarnishing the holiness of the religion. "He doesn't know anything about Hinduism. He belittles the religion. Kulasegaran, despite being a Hindu, is also insensitive in the matter because as Hindus, we are only allowed to light a certain type of lamp or fire for religious ceremonies in temples, not candles," he told reporters after closing a forum for Indian youths, together with Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said here today.

Samy Vellu also said that he thought the issue of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) had been resolved but Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and the DAP were still harping on the matter. He was reacting to a call by Lim and Kulasegaran for Hindus to light candles in temples as a show of protest over the detention of five Hindraf leaders under the Internal Security Act (ISA). Lim should make an open apology for using Hindus house of worship for political purposes, he added.

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January 26, 2008 17:51 PM
Samy Vellu Wooing Indians With Direct, Frank Discussions

SUNGAI SIPUT, Jan 26 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu continued to juggle between his duties as the Works Minister, MIC president and Sungai Siput MP by criss-crossing the country to explain to the people and resolve their problems from clogged drains to community woes. He met more than 250 MIC branch leaders in Ipoh yesterday to explain the true situation with regards to the Indian community, and moved to Sungai Siput today to meet his constituents. Tomorrow, he will put on the Works Minister's cap to officiate at a programme in Seremban, which incidentally involved a group of young Indians.

"I have been meeting many Indian groups, not just MIC members, to explain to them the true situation and also gathering information from them as well as resolving their problems on-the-spot," he said in a statement today. Samy Vellu said an effective leader would know how to spread his work and divide his or her time evenly to ensure they cover maximum places. Samy Vellu said certain quarters, possibly aligned or with the opposition, have been spreading lies and propagandas, especially through the SMS, to win over the hearts of the Indians.

"I have met many groups of Indians in hot spots but after meeting them, I realise that things are not as what is being circulated via the SMS," he said.
He said the majority of Indians, especially the voters are "still very much with (supporting) the Barisan Nasional and the MIC" although some of them are not happy with certain policies which the MIC was correcting. "Generally, they are happy with what the government and the MIC have been doing but they want us to do more. They said they will continue to support the Barisan but want their grievances to be resolved," he said. Samy Vellu said during his meetings with several Indian groups, including youths, he assured them that the MIC had held several discussions and had proposed to the government several steps to remedy the dissatisfactions among Indians. The Minister urged Indians not to gamble with their future by supporting the opposition in the coming general election. He said they should not let emotions rule their thinking but cast their votes wisely. "I want the Indian community to be rest assured that the MIC has been fighting for their cause and we will pursue them vigorously," he added.

= == = == = =DAP should concede that Dr Jeyakumar is a better & more qualified candidate to take on Samy

Dr. Kumar to take on Samy Vellu

Ipoh, 17 January 2008

Last night , the Parti Sosialis Malaysia’s (PSM) National Election Committee after having consulted the various communities in Sungai Siput as well as due to the overwhelming support received by Dr. Kumar from many individuals in Perak as well as Nationally, have decided that the right candidate for the Opposition to take on Samy Vellu in the coming election would be Dr. Jeyakumar.
Dr. Kumar has been seen as the most serious, laudable and creditable candidate to take on Samy Vellu. The decision to field Dr. Kumar once again was achieved after many quarters feel that this is the right moment to oust Samy Vellu and that it is important for the opposition to field a candidate with the capacity to defeat Samy Vellu who have been holding on the seat for the last 33 years .

In 1999, PSM’s election petition was thrown out by the court after PSM put forward a case that Samy Vellu won because of phantom voters. In 2000, PSM used the SPR’s public complaint avenue and put in a test case of complaints against 340 voters, which the Party claimed were phantom voters. The SPR conducted a public inquiry, where MIC defended those accused by PSM as phantom voters, and the result was that 97% of the voters were found to be non Sg. Siput residents and were subsequently removed from the list. SPR then did an amendment which made it difficult to PSM to pursue to remove further phantom voters from Sg. Siput as well as revive the entire list.

In the last two elections, Dr. Kumar stood against Samy Vellu in a three cornered fight and in both these occasion, the PSM candidate came out second. In the last election, Dr. Kumar received 8,562 votes while DAP candidate lost his deposit with 2864 votes. In Jalong, PSM candidate, K.Segar also came out second in a three cornered fight. DAP candidate came out third. PSM stood under PKR logo in these areas.
With this scenario, it looks like PSM would once again stand in both, the Parliament as well as the
Jalong State seat. According to PSM National Chairman, Dr. Nasir Hashim, the party would be contesting in two state seats in Selangor – Kota Damansara and Semenyih. While in Perak, besides Sungai Siput and Jalong, PSM would be eyeing for another two state seats, which the party is still negotiating with the DAP.

Fighting Samy Vellu’s money and manipulation would be a uphill task. But with the current wave and PSM’s consistent work in Sg. Siput, we think the moment is right and changes are finally possible.

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