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RM2M Malaysian Tsunami Memorial – BN Artificial Project scheduled - Delay & Disappointment? Dec 26 04 Tsunami 3 Years Recalled – Prepare for next one?

Malaysiakini published my letter on Jan 26 2005 (before this Blog was first established on May 12 2006) under “Dec 26 Tsunami – We made it happen?” after much vetting and minor editing. At the bottom is the original submitted. And Malaysia Memorial. Where is Malaysia RM2 Million one and how does it look? Has the foundation been laid? It is behind schedule started in Oct 2006. Who has pocketed most of the Two million ringgit?

No one dies under any circumstances or in a disaster (like in this Tsunami) that is not prepared to die. There is always some conscious recognition, however, though the individual may play tricks with himself and pretend it is not there. Even animals sense their dying ahead of time and on that level man or woman is no different.
Many more human beings are aware of their impending deaths than is generally known. It seems, perhaps, easier to have no conscious idea of the year or time that death might occur. Unconsciously of course each man and woman knows, and yet hides the knowledge. In the entire fabric of your existence, this life is a brilliant, eternally unique and precious portion, but only a portion, from which you emerge with joy and understanding whether you die tomorrow or in years to come. The choice of life and death is always yours and will dictate the way you die, as well as the time.
Those who die in catastrophes choose the experiencethe drama, even the terror when that occurs. They prefer to die in the direst circumstances – being swept away by the raging waves of an ocean or crushed by an earthquake or battered by the winds of a hurricane. They prefer to leave physical life in a blaze of perception, battling for their lives, at a point of challenge, “fighting” and not acquiescent.

Natural disasters possess the great rousing energy of powers unleashed, of nature escaping man's discipline. And for the young who died under such conditions may hold the strong belief that old age represents a degradation of the spirit and an insult to the body. Slow death in a hospital or an experience with an illness would be unthinkable to these same people.

A catastrophe is used consciously or unconsciously according to the individual. Some people change their plans and leave town a day before a disaster comes about. Others stay. None of this is accidental. Unconscious material is admitted into consciousness according to those beliefs an individual holds about himself, his reality, and his place in it.

Those who want to use their unconscious precog­nition of such an event will take advantage of it and save themselves, and choose - not to be involved. If they do not, believe in such advance warnings and deny themselves conscious knowledge, yet still believe in their overall security, they will unconsciously act without knowledge of their reasons.

And there will be others who are a part of the calamity for their own reasons. Life and death are but two faces of your eternal, ever changing existence, however. feel and appreciate the joy of ' your own being’. Many live into their nineties without ever appreciating to that extent the beauty of their being. You have lived before, and will again, and your new life, in your terms, springs out of the old, and is growing in the old and contained within it as the seed is already contained within the flower.

= = == = == == And are we prepared for next one?

Yes we are over prepared, the the last two years at every earthquake the Department has been issuing warnings and withdrawing them later. According to the Metrological Department Head Dr Mohd Rosaidi Che Abas(BELOW). And when it comes to spending money, there is no lack of suppliers making a quick one off gain at inflated prices.

= == == = == = == == = == == = == ==

ABOVE & BELOW: The national Seismic Network transmitting all the DATA

= == = == = == = == = == = == = ==

ABOVE & BELOW: The tidal Gauge to monitor the waves movement

= == = == == = == == = == = == = =
ABOVE: Also the Deep Ocean Buoys and BELOW: the Coastal Camera Network

= == == == == =

ABOVE: The total death toll tally 216,950, this figure can only be an estimate and BELOW: the countries affected

December 26, 2007 18:01 PM

Memory Of Tsunami Still Haunts Kuala Muda Coastal Villagers

SUNGAI PETANI, Dec 26 (Bernama) -- Three years after the tsunami, victims of the tragedy from more than 20 villages in Kuala Muda, near here, are still coping with the loss of their loved ones and property. "It's difficult to come to terms with the destruction as all our efforts perished in the tsunami," said a victim, Marzuki Abdul Hamid, 58. However, he accepted it as a test from God. What was once a scene of devastation is now a new and well-organised settlement. Marzuki was attending a wedding in Penang when the disaster struck on December 26, 2004.

ABOVE: The wave of destruction.

"When I called up my friends in Kampung Kepala Jalan to find out what happened, they told me that my house had been swept away by the tsunami.

"I'm thankful that my family members were safe although what was left of my house was only the pillars. It was a blessing in disguise. Nevertheless, we must always be prepared in facing such a calamity," he told Bernama. He said it was a welcome relief when they were relocated along with other victims to Kampung Permatang Katong and later renamed Taman Permatang Katong by the government. Immediately after the tsunami, they were temporarily housed for 10 days at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Kota Kuala Muda.

ABOVE: The horror when the water subsided and BELOW: the floating car in the wave of water

As for Awang Ahmad, 62, tears welled in his eyes when he recalled the tsunami which hit Kampung Tepi Sungai, next to Kampung Kepala Jalan. "I was dumbfounded and cried when the guests at the wedding of my son ran helter-skelter while the dishes on the tables were swept away by muddy water," he said. Although Awang lauds the move to have a tsunami memorial at Kampung Kepala Jalan, he feels that it does not live up to the villagers' expectations as a monument in honour of the casualties and survivors as the signs of destruction have been removed. "With that, there's also nothing real to show to the future generations on the tsunami's devastation," he said.

A visitor from Taiping, Perak, Norhisham Othman, 34, who visited the memorial was disappointed as he had expected to see at least the remnants of a house at the memorial. "There is no longer any sign of destruction and what is displayed at the memorial is artificial," he said. Meanwhile, it is learnt that the Kuala Muda District Council is not holding any function to commemorate the tragedy. Taman Permatang Katong Tsunami Victims Resettlement Association would be holding a "tahlil" at Kampung Masjid Kuala Jamek Mosque tonight, said its chairman Yusoof Awang.

= == = = == = = 2007/12/24

RM2m tsunami memorial project

SUNGAI PETANI: Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of the tsunami which hit the region killing thousands of people. In the Kota Kuala Muda district, 11 people died and nearly 4,000 were made homeless when their houses were destroyed or damaged by the tsunami. A memorial is being built at Kampung Sungai Muda to show the devastation in the village. The RM2 million project launched in October last year for completion early this year is behind schedule. A villager, Md Hafizi Ismail, 40, said visitors would miss the opportunity of seeing the houses damaged by the tsunami. "The houses have been replaced with new concrete structures with beautiful gates." Hafizi lost two daughters aged 6 and 10 in the tsunami.

ABOVE: The Wall of Remembrance in Thailand; Where is Malaysia RM2 Million one and how does it look? Has the foundation been laid? It is behind schedule started in Oct 2006. Who has pocketed most of the Two million ringgit?

= == = == = == =
December 26, 2007 12:23 PM

Tsunami Blessing In Disguise For Langkawi Village

LANGKAWI, Dec 26 (Bernama) -- On hindsight, the Indian Ocean tsunami of Dec 26 2004, which claimed more than 200,000 lives in several countries, came as a blessing in disguise for Kampung Kuala Teriang here. Three years after the tsunami damaged houses and infrastructure, the village has undergone a facelift with amenities much better than it had had before the tsunami struck. "We are thankful that the government and private sector have provided us with a community hall, stalls and a concrete bridge to replace a wooden one," said Abdullah Osman, chairman of the village development and security committee. He said the Sheraton Langkawi Hotel had provided RM150,000 for the construction of the hall and the bridge, which facilitates the movement of fishermen between the Kuala Teriang and Batu Ara villages. Batu Ara and Kuala Melaka are the two other villages also hit by the tsunami. Abdullah said the hall, which can accommodate more than 100 people, was now being used by the villagers for various activities such as meetings, courses and court games.

The Langkawi Municipal Council has erected six stalls in Kuala Teriang town for the villagers to trade their wares, he said. He also said that many of the houses along the coast which were damaged by the tsunami had been repaired for occupation or rent. Villagers whose houses were badly damaged had been allocated houses in Taman Ara Jaya in Kampung Batu Ara, Padang Matsirat, he said. Abdullah said the Drainage and Irrigation Department has planted mangrove along the coast to curb erosion. He also said that the site of a damaged house belonging to villager Jam Sulaiman, 60, has been earmarked for a kindergarten to be run by the Community Development Department (Kemas).The sea is also offering more food after the tsunami struck. The Kuala Melaka coast has been swarmed with "beronok", a kind of sea cucumber, which the villagers harvest to make "kerabu" (salad).

= == = == and in other countries, they remember the ones who lost their lives

Asia remembers tsunami victims three years on

Wednesday December 26, 4:12 PM
CALANG, Indonesia (AFP) - Three years after
Indian Ocean nations were lashed by massive tsunamis, sombre ceremonies were held Wednesday to recall those lost in one of the worst natural catastrophes in modern times. In Indonesia, mass prayers were held outdoors and at mosques across Aceh, the staunchly Muslim province at the northern tip of Sumatra island, where some 168,000 lives were claimed by the earthquake-triggered walls of water. The toll here was more than half the 220,000 killed in a dozen nations, including Sri Lanka, India and Thailand, with thousands of unidentified victims buried in mass graves hastily dug in the disaster's aftermath. Wednesday's main ceremony was held outdoors at a village on the outskirts of Calang, one of the areas of Aceh obliterated in the disaster. "I came here to pray together with other residents. I pray for my wife and my child who died in the tsunami, hoping they are now resting in peace," said Alimudin, a 61-year-old retired local government official. Aceh governor Irwandi Yusuf, a former rebel fighter, told about 1,000 residents, school children and officials that he hoped "we can learn from the tragedy to improve our piety towards God." "Let us leave behind all our tears and work together to rebuild Aceh, hoping that one day we can repay our 'debt' to the international community," he said. The international community pledged more than seven billion dollars to help reconstruction in Aceh, which is well on track towards completion. Yusuf, who was detained in a jail that was destroyed by the tsunami, was elected in December last year following a historic peace pact spurred on by the disaster -- one of its few silver linings -- that saw a 29-year
separatist conflict end. Also in
Indonesia, a dramatic drill simulating a tsunami strike was held in Java's coastal province of Banten involving around 9,000 residents, local television reported. The simulation, designed to test a tsunami warning system gradually being rolled out, saw hundreds of students, along with residents clutching children, rush to higher ground assailed by wailing sirens.
"This country is vulnerable to tsunami threats. Let us pray to God for this
country to be kept safe from tsunamis," President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

said after observing the exercise. Sri Lanka, which suffered 31,000 deaths, marked the anniversary by opening a showpiece bridge in the southern coastal town of Matara, gifted by SouthKorea. President Mahinda Rajapakse observed two minutes of silence at 9:25 am, the time when the first giant waves lashed the coastline in a disaster that also displaced a million people on the island. Sri Lanka's post-tsunami reconstruction work has been dogged by graft and renewed fighting that has blocked relief to survivors, with less than a fifth of the money pledged properly accounted for, according to watchdogs. In India, where more than 16,000 people died, hundreds of survivors, mostly poor fishermen and their families, held a procession in Nagapattinam district in southern Tamil Nadu state, where more than 6,000 people died. Youngsters from tsunami-affected families offered flowers to the victims, while earlier in the day parents who had lost children three years ago thronged local beaches and prayed for the souls of their loved ones. Tens of thousands of Indians lost huts in the disaster and rights groups say more than 20,000 tsunami-affected families are still waiting for new homes.

ABOVE: The Ban Nam Khem Memorial Wall, Thailand in memory of those who perished

Orange-robed Buddhist monks gathered by Thailand's Andaman Sea for a blessing ceremony in memory of the 5,400 people killed in the kingdom, half of whom were foreign holiday-makers. About 200 people from Thailand and abroad, many of whom lost loved ones in the tragedy, sat silently and grasped red roses as the monks chanted blessings. Attendees then walked out onto Phuket's Patong beach and cast the flowers, representing the dead, into the sea. Memorial services were planned throughout the day in the the six southern Thai provinces hit by the tsunami.

= == == =Background, the Original submitted

Dec26 Tsunami – we created & formed it?

In the Larry King's interview (CNN on Jan 7 2005), a panel of six spiritual leaders offers their insightful views on the Dec 26 Tsunami disaster but none offer a plausible explanation for the causes. Reference to the interview ( with CNN’s Larry King, spiritualist Deepak Chopra said
“... there's lots of evidence, even scientific, that the earth is a living organism. Is it possible that our consciousness and the turbulence in our consciousness have anything to do with the turbulence in nature?”

If we quiet the turbulence in our collective minds and we heal the rift in our collective souls,” Chopra said, “that could have an effect on nature’s mind -- if nature has a mind.”
In this regard, Seth (of Jane Roberts explains that those in earthquake regions are attracted to such spots because of their innate understanding of the astonishing relationship between exterior circumstances and their own private mental and emotional patterns.

Here you can find individuals of great energy; of unstable, ‘excessively’ temperamental natures.
They need a strong stimulus or impact with reality against which to pit themselves. However there is often a great impatience with social situations and unusual vitality. Such individuals operate at a high pitch, and en masse emit inordinate amounts of emotional non-physical qualities which being unstable affect the deep electromagnetic integrity of the earth's structure.

No event is predestined. Earthquakes and their resulting tsunamis are often associated with periods of great social change and unrest. The Aceh and Sri Lanka areas have been in turmoil for years. The earthquake caused a tidal wave on one side of the world, just as a stroke might affect a portion of the body far from the original damage. Here you can find individuals of great energy; of unstable, ‘excessively’ temperamental natures and with intense capacities for creativity and innovation.

If we believe that the earth is a ‘living organism’ then our planet has a body as much as we have. Our blood follows certain prescribed patterns - so does the wind. We are inside the body of the earth in those terms.

As your body is in a state of constant flux and chemical interaction, so is the atmosphere, which reflects on another level all of the psychic, chemical, and electromagnetic properties that exist within the body. There is little difference between the currents of blood that flow through your veins, and the wind current, except that the one seems to be within you -and the other without. Both are manifestations of the same interrelationship and motion, however.

As cells within your body influence it, so too does our individual body affect the larger body of the earth. The weather faithfully reflects the feelings of individuals in any given local territory. Overall weather patterns follow deeper inner rhythms of emotion. We do not simply react to the weather, we also help to form it

In the same interview, the Muslim scholar Maher Hathout agreed that the tsunami was not a punishment thrown down by God. He said: ‘It was an accident.’ If we accept the possibility of the slightest, smallest, most insignificant accident, then indeed we must believe in a universe in which accidents are not the exceptions but the rule? Once we accept that idea, then we must accept the idea of a random accidental universe, in which we are at the mercy of any accident in which mind or purpose have little meaning. In which we are at the mercy of all random happenings.
In such a universe, the individual has little hope for he will return to the non-existence that he came from. He has no control over his destiny and can be swept aside at any point by random fate over which he has no recourse.

The only answer to this is to realize that we form physical events - individually and en masse. We form and create the physical reality – including the Dec 26 Tsunami


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