Monday, October 01, 2007

MORE PICS – Gigolos in Kepong? Double Murder Main SUSPECT is Business Partner; Large Presence - African Blacks in Kepong feared – Residents Protest

UPDATE: Double Murder in Kepong

MORE PICS – Gigolos in KepongDOUBLE Murder in Kepong; SUSPECT is Business-Partner; Presence of African Blacks Feared, Nigerians image in Kepong dentedResidents Over-reacted & Protest their Large Presence in Kepong

UPDATE: October 02, 2007 15:45 PM Chef's Remand Extended

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 2 (Bernama) -- A 35-year-old chef is being remanded for another six days to assist in investigation into the murder of two women in Kepong.

Magistrate Nuryusliana Yusof today allowed the police's application to extend the seven-day remand, which ended today, to Oct 8. Beautician Ang Chin Ping, 36, and her housemate, Wong Tan Yong, 32, a direct sales agent, were found dead in a shoplot flat in Taman Usahawan on Sept 24. Ang is believed to have been sexually assaulted while Wong's body had stab wounds.

= = == == = == =Original Post

Whenever there is a killing or Murder in any area; it sent a chill down the spines of residents and neighbors When Malaysiakini had the Body in Sports Bag story under Headlines online on Sep 18 07. Details H E R E. many people wondered and it turned out to be the missing 8 year old Nurin. Malaysiakini latest story -

Former MP to file for judicial review Beh Lih Yi | Oct 1, 07 2:31pm is on Wee Choo Keong, who lost his Bukit Bintang parliamentary seat following an election petition in 1995, plans to contest the decision in the wake of the latest video-clip scandal.

Similarly the double-murder sent similar fears to the Kepong residents in Taman Usahawan. And when two Black Nigerians were arrested as suspects, they were quick to voice their worries and fears and organized a Petition on Sunday 30th Sept 07 – a signature campaign. To limit the foreigners coming in? But many came as legitimate students and bringing a “little prosperity” in renting out the condos & flats and spending their money.

To add spice, to the murder and the Blacks, Bernama had a report that the Nigerians were suspected Gigolos.

ABOVE & BELOW: Why are they protesting? They came here and make a lot of noise, some eat without paying and reportedly one was seen pushing a supermarket trolley down a high rise building. These are a few isolated incidents; Primarily they came as students to pursue a higher study, which they find it cheaper. And most of them came from affordable families who can afford to send their children over here. The Kepong folks were just overreacting over the Double murder and when two of the arrested were Nigerians, they were quick to condemn all of them.

= == = ==== == = == = == = == == = == = == ABOVE & BELOW: Who can occupy these overbuild flats & condominiums? They rented these and spend money on upkeep and food that contribute to the to the economic activities of the local people. In Cheras, the Sedaya College acknowledged, they rented out 70 units there as "hostel" facilities for these foreign students. The local Colleges & Government welcome them as they bring in the foreign exchange just as Tourism Minister welcomes the Tourists who bring in the Big Money for the Hotels & the Restaurants.

But the most mischievous report is from Bernama (See BELOW, you don't find them in the local media perhaps.) They accused some of them came in camouflaged as students but were actually working as gigolos - male prostitutes (to satisfy the single, widowed or divorced housewives?) . Once again they may be some but it is too harsh to condemn these black Africans, bearing in mind they are human beings, all children of God.

= == = == == = == = =

Monday October 1, 2007

Chef taken to scene of crime; By KULDEEP S. JESSY

ABOVE & BELOW: More Posters showing ther concern and dissatisfaction

KUALA LUMPUR: Police brought the 35-year-old chef arrested in connection with the brutal murder of two women to the scene of the crime in Kepong. The chef, the only suspect in custody, and a police team comprising the investigating officer and forensics unit from the Sentul district police headquarters visited the flat in Taman Usahawan at about 2pm yesterday. Beautician Ang Chin Ping, 36, and her housemate Wong Tan Yong, 32, a direct-sales agent, were found dead in a shoplot flat on Sept 24. Ang is believed to have been sexually assaulted while Wong’s body had stab wounds. Ang’s six-year-old son and four-year-old daughter are said to have witnessed the murders.

ABOVE: an organizer of the Petition

The team also took a statement from the chef yesterday and about an hour later, took the man to his house, which was located on the fourth floor of a shoplot, behind the two victims' flat. At his house, the police team recovered a shirt and a pair of pants.

ABOVE & BELOW: two residents interviewed expressed their fears

The two pieces of clothing are believed to have been worn by him on the day of the murder. Police also took the chef to a confectionary shop owned by Ang, where they recovered a cellular phone. It is learnt that the chef was Ang’s business partner in the business. When contacted, City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Ku Chin Wah confirmed that the police team had visited the crime scene with the chef. “We will continue to investigate the case and hope that the collection of this latest information and evidence will bring about positive developments,” he added. Police initially arrested two Nigerians on Sept 25. Later that day, the chef was arrested when he went to the Sentul police station for questioning. The two Nigerians were released on Saturday.
ABOVE & BELOW: Kepong Residents waiting to sign the petition

= == = == = == =Bernama "reliable" sources

September 25, 2007 16:39 PM

Two Nigerian Murder Suspects Are Gigolos?

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 25 (Bernama) -- Two Nigerian students detained in connection with the murder of two women in Kepong yesterday might have worked as gigolos.
Initial police investigations revealed that the suspects, in their late 20s, had arrived in the country on student visit passes. A reliable police source told Bernama that police were trying to determine whether the duo abused their visit passes and instead operated a male social escort service.

The Nigerians, usually seen in the company of groups of local women, are in police custody to facilitate investigations into the brutal murder of beautician Ang Chin Ping and direct sales agent Wong Tan Yong. Ang, 36, and Wong, 32, were found stabbed to death. A blood-stained knife, believed to be the murder weapon, was found in the house. Ang, a mother of two, is believed to have been sexually assaulted as well. Two Indonesian women, believed to be friends of the Nigerians, have also been picked up to shed light on the killings which occurred in a four-storey shoplot flat in Taman Usahawan.

Bernama understands that among others, the police are trying to ascertain whether the double murder was linked to a failed money transaction. The source said: "Having come to know that the Nigerians were frequent visitors to the home of the murder victims, the police are looking into the motive of the killings. "Currently, we're in the midst of recording statements from neighbours on how well the victims had known their alleged assailants." Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur CID chief SAC II Ku Chin Wah declined comment on whether the Nigerians were involved in social escort service as investigations were underway.

= = == = =Picket in Kepong against Africans

ABOVE: Waiting for thier turn to fill up their name; BELOW: Getting more names form her diary

= = == == = == == == = =MM outdated story

Double murders shock residents

By RAHMAN DAROS; 01 October, 2007; MM

THEY felt their presence. Although the group of Africans living in the apartments above the shoplots at Jalan Metro Perdana 2 in Kepong Entrepreneur Park normally kept to themselves, they could be a nuisance at times. Residents said the Africans could turn rowdy whenever they brought home large groups of friends. But the residents never felt intimidated by them. Yesterday, however, their worst fears became real. Two women, in their 30s, had been brutally murdered in one of the second floor apartments. The naked bodies of the victims were lying in a pool of blood.

The body of Ang Ching Ping, 36, was found in the living room while her housemate, Wong Tan Yong, 32, was found sprawled in her room. Ang’s two children, aged four and six, were found huddled in another room, unhurt. Two of the Africans, living in an apartment on the fi rst floor, were arrested in connection with the double murder. Police were alerted by Ang’s brother at 11am. One of the residents, Koh Huey Yen, said her family did not know the victims although they lived next door. “We were busy working.

Our time at home also differed from theirs,” she said. “We normally leave early in the morning and return about 6pm. We never bumped into them and do not even know how the victims look like. “Yes, the Africans are everywhere. Sometimes, I can hear them arguing with a woman and sometimes they played loud music, but we were not bothered.” Koh said the Africans had never caused problems. She, however, admitted that their sheer numbers frightened her at times. Koh also said the neighbourhood was otherwise peaceful with practically no crime in the area.

A neighbour, Tan Chee Koon, said he was on the phone between 11.30pm on Sunday and 1am yesterday, but did not hear anything unsual. “The double murder could have happened later, I don’t know,” he said. Another neighbour, who identified herself as May, claimed she heard screams as if a person was in pain at 12.30am yesterday, but thought a couple was having sex. “I heard a man saying ‘Hoi’, as if telling the woman to keep quiet,” added May, who lives with her mother. She said she had seen one of the victims escort her children to school, but was not acquainted with her.

= = = ==BACKGROUND Info

MORE PICS & Video – 2 AFRICANS HELD - Double Murder in Kepong; Beautician Ang Chin Ping, 36 & D Sales Agent;Wong Tan Yong, 32

Two Africans nabbed for double-murder
Charles Ramendran; SUN

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 24, 2007): Police have arrested two Africans after the stabbed bodies of two women - one naked - were found in a shophouse next to a hypermarket in Kepong today. The naked victim was beautician Ang Chin Ping, 36, whose two children - a four-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son - survived by locking themselves up in a room. They had lost their father who fell to his death from a building here early this year. The other victim, Ang's housemate, a direct sales agent was also found sprawled with multiple stabbed wounds.

ABOVE & BELOW: one of the two African staying 1st floor below taken in for questioning as suspects. People suspect the single mother beautician might be friendly with these two Africans. So what went wrong? And who created this murder reality?

Police picked up the Africans who stayed a floor below the murdered women.

Ang's children are believed to have witnessed the double-murder before locking themselves up in a room in the shophouse on Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2 (ABOVE) at 11am. Ang's son only emerged from the room after Ang's younger sister persuaded him to hand over the keys to the shophouse.

The sister had gone to the second floor shophouse to look for Ang after the latter failed to turn up for work and also did not answer her phone. The sister found on the front grilled-gate locked and was shocked when she took a peek and saw her naked body on the floor. She called out for her nephew who was too terrified to respond. The boy calmed down after being persuaded and pacified. She then called the police.

Police found a knife, believed to be the murder weapon, in the house. Investigators from Sentul police and a forensic team spent five hours dusting for clues. They found no signs of forced entry.

Except for the victims' handphones and identity cards, nothing else was missing.

The victims remains were sent to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur mortuary. Police said only a post mortem can acertain if the victims had been sexually assaulted as no seminal stains were traced at the scene. Police were also seen taking away two Indonesian women who were in the company of the murder suspects for questioning. However, it is unknown if they will be detained.

ABOVE: a body in the police van ready to be taken to KL Hospital for postmortem; BELOW: the 2nd body of the Sales agent being taken along the street.

Kuala Lumpur CID chief SAC II Ku Chin Wah said both suspects will be remanded to help police in investigations. Police have yet to establish the motive for the double-murder. He appealed to anyone with information on the murders to contact the Sentul CID at 03-4042 2222.
According the sister who declined to be named, Ang moved into the place about two months ago. Ang's cghildren are now under the custody of relatives

= = == =the STAR Account & Pic
Tuesday September 25, 2007; Night of terror for siblings


KUALA LUMPUR: Two children hid in terror as their mother and her housemate were brutally stabbed to death in their four-storey shoplot flat in Taman Usahawan, Kepong.
The four-year-old girl and her brother, six, hid inside a room after seeing Ang Chin Ping, 36, being dragged out from her bedroom by a man between midnight and 9am yesterday.

It was only at 10.30am that Ang’s younger sister, who suspected something amiss went to the flat as Ang did not turn up for work. After hearing his auntie’s voice, the boy opened the door and broke down in tears as he told her what he saw. Ang, 36, a beautician who was found sprawled naked in the hall, was believed to have been sexually assaulted.

Her housemate, Wong Tan Yong, 32, a direct sales agent was found lying face down in a room in the flat. Two Nigerian students, who lived two floors (ABOVE) below the victim’s unit, were detained at 3.30pm to assist police in the investigations along with two Indonesian women who came to visit them later. It is learnt that the students had visited the victim’s flat several times since the women moved in about two months ago. Neighbours said they heard arguments in Ang’s flat at around midnight.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Ku Chin Wah refused to confirm if Ang was raped as police were waiting for the post mortem report. He said police recovered a blood-stained knife in the flat. Initial investigations showed that the assailants took identity cards belonging to Ang and Wong and their handphones. Police have ruled out robbery as the flat was not ransacked. Ang’s husband committed suicide several months ago due to depression. The two children are being cared by Ang’s relatives.

= == = == = UPDATE: The two suspects - Nigerians were released on 29th Sept 2007


Blogger Bello said...

It's sad to see that a country like Malaysia can treat Nigerian students like that. Malaysians are quite poor with history, the should go back and read about what Nigeria have contributed towards its development. Give us time, I bet you in the next couple of years, you will hardly find any of us studying here. As for me, i won't even encourage africans to come here.

1:34 AM  
Anonymous BrightEyes said...

Some people in Kepong (and Malaysia) were waiting for the chance to unleash their racism upon Africans, the murder finally gave them the excuse to do it. I wonder if they will apologize to the Africans now that the two Nigerian suspects have been cleared of involvement.

Having lived here and in the US, I find that many Malaysians tend to be more racist than the whites themselves.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an Asian I don't see why I have to apologise for idiots who prefer to judge others on race but I will anyway. It is true that Asians are quite hung up on race, esp Malaysia where they claim unity but only amongst their own ethnic groups-quite embarrassing. I've lived in the West where my upbringing and roots are multi cultural and again, I'm sorry to say this but had it been a white man arrested or a colony of gwai los living in Kepong there would be no petitions, no racist attitudes and not even half as much press. This is coming from an Asian herself-such is the obsession over fair skin and anything 'Western' with all these bl**dy culturalists. And from someone possessing a Malaysian ID card, I say more of the world should come in to Malaysia because that's the only way we'll ever learn since we're too lazy to open out minds and Western immigration still sees us as a third world country to grant access to 80% of the time.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Nazri bin Ghani said...

Africans have big reputation of playing victim game all the time. I lived and work in USA before and fed up with the political correctness Blacks are getting from the media. The best political correctness propaganda is "Blacks are without sins". Blacks make up 14% of the population of US and Hispanics too make up about 14-16%. How often do you see Blacks on tv compared to Hispanics ? Plenty for blacks and rarely for hispanics. Asian girls are now targeted for sexual assaults by Blacks now.

1:36 AM  
Blogger Nazri bin Ghani said...

Malaysians have the rights to live in safe environments. Those African barbarians are not students but criminals that need to be punished. I'm sicks of those Asian brainwashed by political correctness that believes that lighter skin people are racist and in the wrong all the time. Why there's no outcry of racism when Indonesian illegals are arrested or protests held by Malaysian-Chinese against Indonesians criminals ?

1:48 AM  
Blogger Ulemu Phiri said...

Nazri , shut the fuck you goat-fucking , idol worshipping , incest-loving terrorist. You're nothing but a piece of snit that sits behind the keyboard talking ill of Africans because they're better than him.
I am sorry that one african girl rejected you taking it out on every other African is retarded. Please get a brain and an education and stop living in the past.

3:33 PM  

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