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MORE PICS & Video – 500 Picket & Protest - Chase Out the PIGS by Oct 4 07; DAP accuses MCA Misleading Malacca Pig Farmers rights under Section 3A

MORE PICS & Video – 500 Picket & Protest - Chase Out the Babi PIGS by Oct 4 07; DAP accuses MCA Misleading Malacca Pig Farmers rights under Section 3A


MYT 7:30:28 PM; Pig farming issue settled: Najib

PUTRAJAYA: The pig farming issue in Malacca has been settled and the decision should make everyone happy, says Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. "The decision made should make everyone happy, including the farmers," Najib told reporters here Tuesday. Earlier, Najib met Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and MCA leaders, including the party president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, on the matter. "An announcement on the decision taken will be made by the Malacca chief minister," he said, after attending a function to announce the upgrading of University Teknologi dan Pengurusan Malaysia to a full university status.

The university is now known as Management and Science University. In his speech earlier, Najib urged lecturers to mould students into useful people. "Universities should be able to produce highly qualified graduates who also have people skills or human touch," he said. In order to compete with the world, he said, at least 40% of youths within the age group of 17 to 23, should have access to institutions of higher learning. Najib commended MSU for becoming a full-fledged private university within 10 years and for moving into the international circuit.

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October 01, 2007 19:02 PM
Pig Breeders Defy Order To Reduce Swine Population

ALOR GAJAH, Oct 1 (Bernama) -- Pig breeders in Paya Mengkuang, Bukit Beruang and Man Lok near Masjid Tanah have failed to reduce swine population from 140,000 to 48,000 even though they have only three days to go before the deadline.

Masjid Tanah Member of Parliament Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop who is Deputy Federal Territories Minister, said that only 34,022 pigs were removed from Sept 4 up until yesterday. "The breeders also failed to close down nine farms yesterday and most probably, they will not shut down another 10 by Thursday despite what had been agreed upon," he told reporters here today.

Earlier he chaired a meeting of the committee that was set up to monitor the progress of the pig relocation exercise. Abu Seman said the Melaka government had conceded the request made by the breeders and MCA leaders for a one-month grace period with the hope they would move the pigs out of the state. It seemed, however, the MCA leaders were not committed to ensuring the breeders keep their promise, he said. "The breeders and MCA elected reps and executive council members had been absent from the meeting twice and the excuse given was unreasonable - that they were busy with meetings," he said.

ABOVE & BELOW: One of the abandoned pig farm

He hoped the government would not give in to another compromise. By Oct 4, only 48,000 pigs are allowed to be bred in Paya Mengkuang while farms in Bukit Beruang and Man Lok are to be closed. "The breeders must follow the decision agreed upon. If they fail, action will be taken and we leave it to the government on what to do," Abu Seman said. The government had to be firm because excessive breeding caused serious environmental pollution, he said

ABOVE & BELOW: Signs of pollution

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Malaysiakini VideoClip on Huge support (see pics) for pig farmers as deadline nears was the last on the Pig Issue in Malacca.

Now a picket was held at the entrance to Payar Mengkuang on Saturday 29th Sept 2007 by about 500 residents from 17 Villages in the Kuala Linngi & Masjid Tanah areas. They were not happy with the authorities giving postponement to the pig rears in the state to move the pigs out of the state.

ABOVE & BELOW: The loud banners displayed showing their anger and dissatisfaction

A spokesman accused the pig rearers of resorting to dirty tactics to confuse the authorizes by shifting them without any intention to destroying them of shifting them out of the state

ABOVE and BELOW: The picket is part of the pressure applied by the Action Committee headed by Datuk Wira
BELOW: A spokesman voicing his views

= == = == == == the pig farms dirty tactics - shifting them from one place, hiding them - what choice do they have? Slaughter them and bring down the prices?
ABOVE & BELOW: The disgruntled pigs last days in Malacca
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ABOVE: a pig farm destined to be shut down without proper compensation?

= == = BACKGROUND: to the latest Pig Issues in Malacca

_____________Press Statement; by Lim Guan Eng

(Melaka, Wednesday) : DAP is shocked at the remarks by Melaka State EXCO member Koh Nai Kwong that they will disregard the law and use political means as politics is more effective and superior to law in resolving the problems faced by pig farmers in Melaka. How can a lawyer say that political means is more effective than the law when any civilized nation is governed by laws and proven by history to be successful only when conditions of rule of law exist?

Koh had explained that he had not mentioned the principles of compensation in land acquisition as outlined in Section 3A Schedule One of the 1960 Land Acquisition Act because he did not want this to be widely publicized and be detrimental to pig farmers. This is ridiculous. Being ignorant and having no knowledge of laws like Section 3A does not mean that the problem will go away on its own.

Koh should know that ignorance is no excuse and not an acceptable defense in law. For example if a man commits murder, it is not a defense for him to say that he does not know that killing people is wrong and a criminal offence. Similarly keeping pig farmers in the dark about section 3A and instead telling them that they will get full compensation to cover their investment without any reference to section 3A is a dishonest act that misleads and gives a wrong impression to pig farmers.

The 25 pig farmers outside Paya Mengkuang had agreed to land acquisition on condition that full compensation as promised by MCA is made, including not only their land but also buildings and equipment. Compensation for land is only a small portion of their total investment in pig farming as the bulk of it is in buildings and equipment. How can MCA promised that they will get full compensation including buildings and equipment when Section 3A expressly stated that the value of buildings not in accordance with the land use shall be disregarded?
Many pig farmers had told me that they were not aware of Section 3A until DAP had highlighted and explained to them the legal impact. Political means can not over-ride and negate laws like Section 3A unless it is abolished in Parliament. After being caught by DAP for not explaining section 3A to pig farmers, MCA is now saying that we can disregard section 3A and use political channels.
This is wrong because every first year law student knows that so long as laws such as Section 3A of Schedule One of the Land Acquisition Act is not abolished, it will still have legal effect over Malaysia. MCA is wrong to tell the pig farmers that they can get full compensation under the Land Acquisition Act as the will only be paid for their land. The only way for pig farmers to get full compensation is not through the Land Acquisition Act.

To get full compensation, pig farmers can not afford to behave irresponsibly like MCA in ignoring section 3A but understand the legal implications by demanding that MCA and the state government gives a black and white commitment to give a special allocation separate from the Land Acquisition Act to pay for the buildings and equipment. Unfortunately, two MCA EXCO members had refused to give such written commitment. If both Koh Nai Kwong and Seah Kwi Tong believes in political solutions they must explain why they dare not use political means to insist that Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Ali Rustam respect and comply with Cabinet and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s directive that there shall be no massive pig culling exercise and that pigs can continue to be reared if they comply with environmental standards. Despite Najib announcing this in Sin Chew Jit Poh on 16.9.2007, none of the two EXCO members dare raise this in the State EXCO meetings.

Instead both they and MCA Melaka have worked hand-in-hand in full collaboration and support of Ali Rustam’s ultimate objective of closing down pig farms in and outside Paya Mengkuang to reduce pig production to 48,000 from the present 145,241 pigs. That is why MCA is NOT talking about allowing pig farms that are clean to continue rearing pigs but complying with Ali Rustam’s ultimate objective to see how many pig farms can be closed and 97,241 pigs can be culled in a period of only one month.

DAP express disgust that all the successful efforts by the pig farmers and residents on 4 September 2007 in preventing 2,000 government personnel including FRY, water cannons and helicopters, from culling one single pig has been undone by the so-called “consultative mechanism” of MCA.. Without Ali Rustam needing to send a single government official into Paya Mengkuang, MCA has been able to do what Ali could not do on 4 September that is close down pig farms and reduce pig production. Such loyalty and successful efforts by MCA on behalf of UMNO is the reason why UMNO loves MCA so much.

As for the 8 pig farms in Paya Mengkuang that has been ordered by the Veterinary Department to close down within 7 days by 1 October 2007, DAP will be preparing a memorandum to be presented to the Agriculture Ministry in Putra Jaya in the next one or two days that the Ministry direct the Melaka Veterinary Department to withdraw this unfair and unreasonable closure notice.

At a meeting with pig farmers from both in and outside Paya Mengkuang at the Paya Mengkuang association office yesterday, the pig farmers unanimously passed the following resolutions:
1. Demand that the Melaka State government respect Najib announcement that cabinet does not approve the massive culling exercise and the pig farmers who are clean and comply with environmental standards will be permitted to rear pigs.

2. That the land acquisition and reduction in pig production to 48,000 pigs is equivalent to closure of pig farms in Melaka.
3. Oppose the forced closure of 25 pig farms outside Paya Mengkuang by the 4 October 2007 according to the formula of 5 pig farms in 21 September, another 5 pig farms in 30 September, finally the 15 pig farms by 4 October 2007 is unreasonable and unfair . It was agreed to without the consent of the pig farmers.
4. Resolve to resolutely defend their pig farms from unfair closure done without any prior consultation and when many of these farms are clean and comply with environmental standards.
5. Express support solidarity for the Secretary of the Pig Farmers Association Paya Mengkuang Tan Lee Zhu for being forcedly accused by 3 pig farmers that they were misled by her to lodge police report against MCA when they had in fact voluntarily lodged this police report against MCA on their own.

Until now, the pig farms said that police report against MCA still being lodged.

== = = == = =

Malacca extends deadline to pig farmers

The Star; SEP 21 2007

Oct 4 is the new deadline given by the state government to reduce the number of pigs in farms in Paya Mengkuang, Bukit Beruang, Man Lok and Londang. Masjid Tanah MP Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop said the initial deadline today was extended because the pig farmers had managed to take out only 23,824 pigs, with another 97,241 pigs still remaining. Abu Seman, who heads the state government committee monitoring the process to reduce the pig population, said the farmers also agreed to close all pig farms in Man Lok, Bukit Beruang and Londang by Oct 4.

“After Oct 4, the government will ensure that only 48,000 pigs are allowed in Paya Mengkuang,” he said. Abu Seman, who is also Deputy Federal Territories Minister, said five pig farms in Man Lok would cease operations today while another five farms in Man Lok, Bukit Beruang and Londang would close on Sept 30. “Another 15 farms in Man Lok and Bukit Beruang will cease operations on Oct 4,” he said, adding that the state government would monitor their closure. The agreement was reached following discussions between state MCA officials and the farmers to solve the issue.

The initial deadline to reduce the number of pigs in the state from 140,000 to 48,000 was agreed upon when the state called off an operation to cull pigs two weeks ago. Deputy Agriculture Minister Datuk Mah Siew Keong, who visited the farms in Paya Mengkuang yesterday, said the director-general of the Veterinary Services Department and its state directors had met in Putrajaya to draw up guidelines for sewage treatment at pig farms.

In PUTRAJAYA, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the farmers had to adhere to the agreement for the Malacca state government to be flexible in its deadline. “The state government has agreed to be flexible, including in the deadline, to solve this issue, provided the farmers keep their commitment,” he said after witnessing the signing of an agreement between Felda and Indonesia’s PT Kalpataru Investama on planting of oil palm in East Kalimantan.

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Malaysia halts forced pig slaughter, heading off ethnic showdown

The Associated Press; Sep 21 2007

The Malaysian authorities have suspended plans for a mass culling of pigs owned by Chinese farmers, officials said Thursday, averting a potential showdown in a dispute with racial overtones. Ethnic Chinese politicians and community leaders persuaded the government of the southern state of Malacca this week to extend an imminent deadline for the slaughter for at least two weeks, said Seah Kwi Tong, a state legislator. "No action will be taken. There will be no culling this week," said Seah, who belongs to the Malaysian Chinese Association, a key party in the country's ruling coalition. Authorities had ordered breeders to slash the numbers of their pigs from 153,000 to 48,000 by Friday, warning that remaining livestock would be slaughtered due to residents' complaints about odors and pollution from farms.

The deadline was issued after a Sept. 4 standoff, when authorities tried to forcibly start the cull in a village in Malacca and breeders barricaded their farms to prevent police from coming in. The issue has raised concerns about racial tensions in this Muslim-majority nation. Virtually all pig farmers are ethnic Chinese, mostly Buddhists and Christians, while many of the residents who object to the swine are believed to be Malay Muslims. Pigs are considered unclean in Islam. Farmers have sold many pigs in recent weeks, but "they cannot reach the target," said Seah. Another state lawmaker, Koh Nai Kwong, said there were still some 90,000 pigs in more than 80 farms. Ten farms are expected to close permanently by the end of September, and their owners may turn to cultivating palm oil or rearing cows and goats, Koh said. "We're trying to resolve the problem without conflict," Koh told The AP.

"We understand the farmers' feelings, because most of them have been in this business for so many years." Koh said the state government still hoped to cut the number of pigs to 48,000 by early October, but he and Seah declined to say whether there would be any forcible culling after that if the farmers fail to meet the figure. The authorities say villagers and tourist resorts often complain about the smell from the pig farms, and some allege that pig waste has been dumped into rivers. Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia's biggest pork producers, but pig rearing has long been sensitive for Malay Muslims, who make up nearly 60 percent of the country's 27 million people.

= == = == = ==
September 20, 2007 16:26 PM

Pig Farmers Must Fulfil Commitment To Relocate

PUTRAJAYA, 20 Sept (Bernama) -- Pig farmers were today told to fulfil their commitment to relocate their farms which do not meet the stipulated sanitary standards, as scheduled. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who issued the reminder, said the Cabinet wanted the pig-rearing issue be resolved amicably.

"I had discussed the matter with the Melaka Chief Minister (Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam) yesterday. We will try to come up with the best formula to reduce the pig population in the areas concerned, which have caused pollution problems. "The farms involved had agreed to relocate the animals according to the schedule," he added.

Najib said the schedule for relocation would be discussed with the Melaka government which had agreed to be flexible on the deadline as long as the pig farmers kept their promise. Prior to this, the state government had given until tomorrow for pig farmers in Bukit Beruang, Paya Mengkuang and Man Lok to restrict the number of animals to 48,000 from more than 100,000. On the government's decision to postpone the implementation of e-Kesihatan for commercial vehicle drivers from this October 1, Najib said it was because of strong objection from various quarters. "The Cabinet was thinking that if we were to implement a scheme, it should be accepted by all parties.

"So, we need to fine-tune the health screening scheme and its conditions to satisfy all," he added.

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Reprieve for Malacca Pigs – No more Mass Killing. Cabinet 2 solutions - allow pig farmers change land tenure or assure banks not to recall temp leases

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MORE PICS & Video – 50,000 Pigs Saved from the Pit; Deal hammered out - between MCA leaders, Police & farmers;Farms Relocate to Selangor and Johore.

= = =some off beat news

ABOVE & BELOW: Pop Singer Diva Sharifah Aini (Sept 07 photos, still looking gorgeous in her fifties?) was complaining RTM no longer play her Raya Songs. Who could be so cruel to deny her some Raya duit. Could it be the all powerful Zam who gave the ban order?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who could be so cruel to deny her some Raya duit. Could it be the all powerful Zam who gave the ban order?

It is becos she no pakai no tudung and aso no pi no dating with pak zam the mamak

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