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MORE PICS & Video – Day 41 –Altantuya Murder Trial; Defense Queried Toll Plaza Records Differences – Sirul’s Car on Day Altantuya went missing

MORE PICS & Video – Day 41 Altantuya Murder Trial; Toll Plaza Records - Sirul Car on Oct 19 2006 Day Altantuya went Missing

Malaysiakini has lost interest in the coverage of the Altantuya Mirder Trial in its 41st Day (others called it 42nd) and focused on the Myanmar’s issues on

Burmese Embassy sees red Andrew Ong | Sep 28, 07 10:59am and

Bring Burma crisis to the UN fore, PM urged Sep 28, 07 1:36pm

But for those interested, read on

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Touch 'n Go evidence on Sirul's movement on day Altantuya went missing

R. Surenthira Kumar and Maria Angela, from the SUN

DAY 41 (some call it Day 42) – Sep 27 07

Shah Alam Court
SHAH ALAM (Sept 27, 2007): Evidence was introduced by the prosecution in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial today to show Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar’s movements on the day the Mongolian woman went missing. Operations executive for Rangkaian Segar Sdn Bhd, the operators of the Touch ‘n Go card, Wan Abdullah Wan Ali, 30, testified records revealed the smartcard, issued under Sirul Azhar’s name was utilised on four occasions on Oct 19, 2006, the night of Altantuya’s disappearance. He was replying to questions posed by Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah during the examination-in-chief on Wan Abdullah,(BELOW) on the 41st day of the murder trial.

ABOVE & BELOW: Wan Abdullah from Touch & Go being grilled in witness box on Day 41 Trial

Touch ‘n Go card is used as a mode of payment for highways, public transportation, parking at selected places and theme parks. Each time a consumer uses the Touch ‘n Go card, the electronic card reader will deduct the exact fare or charges from the value stored inside the card. The consumers can top-up or reload the card with a pre-defined amount to continue using it.

Wan Abdullah said the details of the smartcard transactions were made available by his company following a request from the police, in connection with the investigations into Altantuya’s murder.
Tun Abdul Majid took Wan Abdullah through the printout copies of the Touch n’ Go card transactions made with the card belonging to Sirul Azhar. He then zoomed into the transactions of the smartcard on
Oct 19, 2006. He told judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin, the UTK personnel’s card was used at the Jalan Duta and Kota Damansara toll plazas. The transactions took place between 7.14am and 9.57pm.

Wan Abdullah said the records showed Sirul Azhar had used the Jalan Duta and Kota Damansara toll plazas during the time and each time he exited, the toll was deducted from the smartcard.
Tun Abdul Majid: (ABOVE) Refer to document P115. Transaction 62833, dated
Oct 19, 2006. The record showed the entry plaza as 240, where is this?

Wan Abdullah: The Kota Damansara toll plaza.
Tun Abdul Majid: Does this mean, Sirul Azhar entered the highway through the Kota Damansara toll plaza?
Wan Abdullah: Yes.
Tun Abbdul Majid: And he exited through the Jalan Duta toll plaza?
Wan Abdullah: Yes.
Tun Abdul Majid: Transaction time,
7:14:47, what does this indicate?
Wan Abdullah: Exit time.

Tun Abdul Majid: Why is the entry time not registered?
Wan Abdullah: We only record the time when payment is made during exits. Its because when a user enters the highway, payment is not immediately imposed.

Tun Abdul Majid: For transaction 62833, at the Kota Damansara toll plaza, a fee was not imposed?

Wan Abdullah: No.
Tun Abdul Majid: The next transaction, 62832?
Wan Abdullah: The user entered through the Jalan Duta toll plaza and exited at the Kota Damansara toll plaza at
Tun Abdul Majid: Where was the fee imposed on the user?
Wan Abdullah: At the Kota Damansara toll plaza.
Tun Abdul Majid: And the deduction can be seen at the card blance in the last column of the printout?
Wan Abdullah: Yes.

Tun Abdul Majid: Transaction 62831?
Wan Abdullah: On
Oct 19, 2006, user entered through the Kota Damansara toll plaza and exited at the Jalan Duta toll plaza at 8:48:32pm.

Tun Abdul Majid: Transaction 62830?
Wan Abdullah: On
Oct 19, 2006, user entered through the Jalan Duta toll plaza and exited through the Kota Damansara toll plaza at 9:57:23pm.
Tun Abdul Majid: Transaction 62829?
Wan Abdullah: On
Oct 20, 2006, the user entered through Kota Damansara and exited through Jalan Duta at 12:01:26am.
Razak Baginda
Wan Abdullah also told Tun Abdul Majid, there was no chance of a Touch n’ Go card user’s transactions not being recorded when it is utilised. He however admitted the timing recorded on the print-out differed with the timing recorded on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) located at the toll plazas. The lapse of a few seconds, he explained was due to the separate software systems used by Rangkain Segar and the toll concessanaires.
Wan Abdullah told this when he was asked to look at the printouts of the CCTV recordings made at the toll plazas on
Oct 19, 2006.

Tun Abdul Majid also told the court, the police also sought for the information on Touch n’ Go cards registered under L/Cpl Rohaniza Roslan and Chief Insp Azilah Hadri.
Queried on the differing format in the printout produced by him and the one furnished by his former superior officer, Wan Abdullah said the additional two columns, showing other details of the transactions, could not be printed out by him as he did not have the necessary access.

Tun Abdul Majid then asked for an adjournment for them to summon Wan Abdullah’s former superior, who is now attached to Bank Islam in Kuala Lumpur to take to the witness stand.

ABOVE: Abdul Razak Baginda arriving in Court always looking up for daughter Roweena & Wife Mazlinda waiting up there and BELOW: The hooded ones coming out of the Car Park on Day 41 of Trial

During cross examination, Sirul’s defence counsel Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin asked Wan Abdullah to explain the differences that were evident between ID 120 which was a transaction record of a Touch and Go which was printed on Nov 2, 2006 and P29 which is the same transaction details printed later on May 31, 2007.
Wan Abdullah also admitted he was not able to answer all the technical questions pertaining the operations of the computer programme as he does not have the expertise to do so. When Kamarul asked Wan Abdullah to explain why there were differences in the card refill date on the two documents, the latter replied: "This programme has a few versions, there is one version for customers, versions for banks and so on."
"The latest version has additional information which is to be updated by the call center," he added. Among the other discrepancies between the two documents were the fact that some of the entry toll plazas which were named in ID120 were not named in P29.

Kamarul: Do you have the expertise to explain why some of the toll plazas were named in one document but not in the other, and why this is so?
Wan Abdullah: No
Kamarul: This has to be referred to a programmer?
Wan Abdullah: Right
Kamarul: You can’t explain why it is named in one document and not in the other.
Wan Abdullah: Yes
Kamarul: You are not familiar with the computer programme and operating software and it’s usage.

Wan Abdullah: Right
Wan Abdullah said that he printed P29 but does not know who printed out ID120.

Kamarul also questioned Wan Abdullah on time differences recorded.
ID120 (Touch n Go transaction) stated that Sirul had exited Jalan Duta at
However the picture of his vehicle entering the PLUS Kota Damasara toll heading to Jalan Duta shows 7:14:47.

To this was Wan Abdullah said that there may be differences of a few minutes between the times shown by Plus Highway CCTVs and the time recorded by Touch n Go, however he said the discrepancies are not recorded anywhere.
Wan Abdullah also said that he could not tell if the Suzuki jeep in the picture was coming in or going out of the Kota Damansara toll.
He also agreed that he could not say for sure that the vehicle in the picture is the same vehicle using the Touch n Go card (which transaction is recorded in ID120).
The hearing continues tomorrow.

ABOVE & BELOW: Close up on the Hooded ones on Day 41 trial. The attire is different but who is who?

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