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MORE PICS & Video – Day 38 Altantuya Murder Trial; No Slippers - Sirul Jeep; No guns, bullets or explosives - Sirul apartment; No Promise to Sirul

see Bottom, anUPDATE: Day 39 – Altantuya Murder Trial25th sept 2007

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MORE PICS & Video – Day 38 Altantuya Murder Trial; More Stories & Memory Lapse; Sgt Rosli – “No see” Slippers in Sirul Jeep but Camera can; Sgt Nagen: no guns, bullets or explosives were found in Sirul’s apartment; C/I Koh: No Promise to Sirul during Interrogation

Malaysiakini was hard pressed to cover Day 38 Trial on Sept 24 2007 as they were still at the Lingam Video Clip on

Nazri: Because I'm his minister Beh Lih Yi | Sep 24, 07 2:17pm and

Minister’s claim full of holes

= == = == = = from the SUN
Sgt says he did not notice pair of 'blood-stained' slippers

Trial-within-a-trial submissions only at end of prosecution

Maria J. Dass; SUN
DAY 38 - (Sept 24, 2007):

ABOVE : Arriving in Court on Day 38; BELOW: Razak Baginda wearing his modified glasses after the eye operation;

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BELOW: Sgt Rosli Ramli testified now- he "Cannot see bloodied Altantuya Slippers in Sirul Jeep" yet the camera (cannot lie) can captured that pair of slippers in the photo

SHAH ALAM (Sept 24, 2007): Sirul Azahar’s colleague in the Special Action Squad (UTK) communications unit, Sgt Rosli Ibrahim, testified today he did not notice a pair of slippers in Sirul’s Suzuki jeep when he looked into the vehicle on the two occasions when he started the engine to warm it up. It was reported that a pair of Altantuya’s blood-stained slippers were found in the jeep. Referring to some police photographs, Rosli said he remembered seeing some newspaper in the jeep as shown in the photos but he did not remember seeing the slippers. "From the time I got the keys until the time I handed them over to investigating officer ASP Tony Lunggan, I do not remember seeing the slippers," he said during cross examination by Sirul’s counsel, Ahmad Zaidi Zainal. He said he had noticed some differences in Sirul’s jeep compared to the last time he had driven it, like a missing seat in the back. Earlier, Rosli told the court that Sirul had asked him to warm up his jeep engine using the keys that he had left in a tray on Rosli’s table at the UTK communications section’s store, while he was away in Pakistan.

He said he had started Sirul’s jeep bearing the registration number CAC 1883 two times during Sirul’s absence. Rosli only remembers that the second time he started the vehicle engine was in Nov 3 after Friday prayers. He said he handed over the jeep keys to DSP Mohd Khairi Khairuddin on Nov 3 but did not know the reason why Mohd Khairi had asked him for the keys. "Mohd Khairi returned the keys to me on Nov 6, and told me to hand it over to ASP Tonny when he comes later in the night," Rosli said, adding Tony turned up at 11pm to collect the keys.

Rosli said he did not touch anything in the jeep other than shift the gear and start the engine. He said on the two occasions that he started the engine, he left it running for half-an-hour while he had a drink at the nearby mess canteen. Questioned by Ahmad Zaidi, Rosli said during the time the engine was left running, the doors were unlocked. Asked if anyone was watching over the vehicle, Rosli said: "No. (I) believe that the area (where the jeep was parked) was safe." He agreed with Ahmad Zaidi that Sirul’s jeep was left unattended for a total one hour – half an hour for the first time he started the engine, and another half an hour the second time. Rosli also told the court he was not the only one using the room in the UTK communications section where Sirul’s jeep keys were placed in a tray on his table. "There are six other people who had access to that room," he said adding that the door to the room was sometimes left unlocked.

Rosli said other than Sirul’s jeep keys, there were other keys on the tray, including his motorbike keys, land rover keys and van keys. During re-examination by DPP Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah Rosli on whether he had checked the car thoroughly before concluding that he did not see the slippers, Rosli said: "I did not check the car thoroughly, but I did not noticed any slippers in that place (in the picture)." He added that Sirul’s car was neat when he had entered it to start the engine and not messy as depicted in the police photographs. Trial-within-a-trial submissions only at end of prosecution

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Witness Sgt. Nagendraroo testified
no guns, bullets or explosives were found in Sirul’s apartment

SHAH ALAM (Sept 24, 2007): Submissions on the second trial-within-a-trial to determine if a statement by second accused Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar, 36, should be excluded will be made only at the end of the prosecution's case. Judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin said that during the trial-within-a-trial there was also an application by the prosecution to impeach DSP Yusri Hasan Basri from the Special Action Squad (UTK). Yusri had during the trial-within-a-trial maintained he did not lie when he said that he and UTK personnel accompanying him had entered Sirul’s apartment together with the Serious Crimes Division (D9) officers from the Kuala Lumpur contingent headquarters (IPK KL). He also denied he had been coached to answer the question. "The decision on the impeachment will only be made at the end of the prosecutions case and therefore the submissions for the application to exclude Sirul’s statement will also be made at the end of the prosecutions case, together with the submissions for impeachment," said Mohd Zaki.

Earlier the last witness for the trial-within-a-trial Sgt Nagendraroo Surapudu (ABOVE) from IPK KL testified that no guns, bullets or explosives were found in Sirul’s apartment by the bomb disposal unit. He agreed that there was no serious threat and that was why there was no need for the bomb disposal unit to go in first. Nagendraroo said that when the unit reached Sirul’s apartment in Kota Damansara ASP Zulkarnain Samsudin had told them to wait about 40 meters away from the apartment block. He said the unit was called in to check Sirul’s apartment for guns, explosives and bullets about 10 minutes later.

ABOVE: Chief Inspector Koh Fei Chow said he did not hear ASP Zulkarnian Shamsuddin giving any sort of promise to 2nd accused Sirul Azhar when investigation was conducted

= = == = = = = = == Bernama Brief report
September 24, 2007 18:45 PM ; 'No Slippers In Sirul's Jeep' - Witness

SHAH ALAM, Sept 24 (Bernama) -- A special action squad (UTK) member told the High Court here today that he did not see a pair of slippers in Sirul Azhar Umar's jeep. Sgt Rosli Ibrahim, 36, attached to the Bukit Aman Police Headquarters, said he had the key to the jeep and had switched on the engine twice before the key was handed over to a police officer investigating the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu. "From the first time I had the engine running until I handed over the key to investigation officer ASP Tonny Lunggan, the slippers never existed," he said when cross examined by lawyer Ahmad Zaidi Zainal who represented Sirul.

He also told the court that the inside of the car was different before he handed over the key and several pictures shown to him in court, namely a mineral water bottle by a side of the backseat, the backseat's position and strewn newspapers. Sirul is the second accused in the murder trial. On the first day of trial on July 18, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah said the prosecution would prove a pair of slippers with traces of Altantuya's blood was found in Sirul's car.

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Go H E R E ON Day 39 Altantuya MurderTrial

MORE PICS & Video – Day 39 Altantuya Murder Trial; IT Police Cops Testified No Time Limit Amending Reports & Procedure - Officers only, Not for Public

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MORE PICS & Video – 2 AFRICANS HELD - Double Murder in Kepong; Beautician Ang Chin Ping, 36 & D Sales Agent;Wong Tan Yong, 32

Two Africans nabbed for double-murder
Charles Ramendran; SUN

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 24, 2007): Police have arrested two Africans after the stabbed bodies of two women - one naked - were found in a shophouse next to a hypermarket in Kepong today. The naked victim was beautician Ang Chin Ping, 36, whose two children - a four-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son - survived by locking themselves up in a room. They had lost their father who fell to his death from a building here early this year. The other victim, Ang's housemate, a direct sales agent was also found sprawled with multiple stabbed wounds.

ABOVE & BELOW: one of the two African staying 1st floor below taken in for questioning as suspects. People suspect the single mother beautician might be friendly with these two Africans. So what went wrong? And who created this murder reality?

Police picked up the Africans who stayed a floor below the murdered women.

Ang's children are believed to have witnessed the double-murder before locking themselves up in a room in the shophouse on Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2 (ABOVE) at 11am. Ang's son only emerged from the room after Ang's younger sister persuaded him to hand over the keys to the shophouse.

The sister had gone to the second floor shophouse to look for Ang after the latter failed to turn up for work and also did not answer her phone. The sister found on the front grilled-gate locked and was shocked when she took a peek and saw her naked body on the floor. She called out for her nephew who was too terrified to respond. The boy calmed down after being persuaded and pacified. She then called the police.

Police found a knife, believed to be the murder weapon, in the house. Investigators from Sentul police and a forensic team spent five hours dusting for clues. They found no signs of forced entry.

Except for the victims' handphones and identity cards, nothing else was missing.

The victims remains were sent to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur mortuary. Police said only a post mortem can acertain if the victims had been sexually assaulted as no seminal stains were traced at the scene. Police were also seen taking away two Indonesian women who were in the company of the murder suspects for questioning. However, it is unknown if they will be detained.

ABOVE: a body in the police van ready to be taken to KL Hospital for postmortem; BELOW: the 2nd body of the Sales agent being taken along the street.

Kuala Lumpur CID chief SAC II Ku Chin Wah said both suspects will be remanded to help police in investigations. Police have yet to establish the motive for the double-murder. He appealed to anyone with information on the murders to contact the Sentul CID at 03-4042 2222.
According the sister who declined to be named, Ang moved into the place about two months ago. Ang's cghildren are now under the custody of relatives

= = == =the STAR Account & Pic
Tuesday September 25, 2007; Night of terror for siblings


KUALA LUMPUR: Two children hid in terror as their mother and her housemate were brutally stabbed to death in their four-storey shoplot flat in Taman Usahawan, Kepong.
The four-year-old girl and her brother, six, hid inside a room after seeing Ang Chin Ping, 36, being dragged out from her bedroom by a man between midnight and 9am yesterday.

It was only at 10.30am that Ang’s younger sister, who suspected something amiss went to the flat as Ang did not turn up for work. After hearing his auntie’s voice, the boy opened the door and broke down in tears as he told her what he saw. Ang, 36, a beautician who was found sprawled naked in the hall, was believed to have been sexually assaulted.

Her housemate, Wong Tan Yong, 32, a direct sales agent was found lying face down in a room in the flat. Two Nigerian students, who lived two floors (ABOVE) below the victim’s unit, were detained at 3.30pm to assist police in the investigations along with two Indonesian women who came to visit them later. It is learnt that the students had visited the victim’s flat several times since the women moved in about two months ago. Neighbours said they heard arguments in Ang’s flat at around midnight.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Ku Chin Wah refused to confirm if Ang was raped as police were waiting for the post mortem report. He said police recovered a blood-stained knife in the flat. Initial investigations showed that the assailants took identity cards belonging to Ang and Wong and their handphones. Police have ruled out robbery as the flat was not ransacked. Ang’s husband committed suicide several months ago due to depression. The two children are being cared by Ang’s relatives.

= == = == =for UPDATE: Double Murder in Kepong


MORE PICS – Gigolos in KepongDOUBLE Murder in Kepong; SUSPECT is Business-Partner; Presence of African Blacks Feared, Nigerians image in Kepong dentedResidents Over-reacted & Protest their Large Presence in Kepong


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