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MORE PICS & Video – Maika AGM Saga Continues – S Subramaniaum lodged Police Report; Alleges thugs Present; Can Identified Person who accosted him

UPDATE from: Sunday STAR, September 2, 2007

Subra lodges police report over Maika incident

KUALA LUMPUR: Former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam lodged a police report yesterday alleging that several people had attempted to assault him during the 24th annual general meeting (AGM) of Maika Holdings Berhad at the Sime Darby Convention Centre here on Thursday. He alleged they charged at him and pushed him when he was speaking at the meeting.

He alleged that there were some people who looked like thugs at the meeting and a particular group charged at shareholders who continued to speak, manhandled them and dragged them out of the hall. He claimed that the group of people also removed the microphones so that nobody could speak. Speaking to reporters after lodging the report at the Brickfields police station, he said shareholders were not allowed to talk in the meeting and that it was a denial of the fundamental right of shareholders to speak on the affairs of Maika.

Meanwhile, Maika shareholder S. Nadarajah claimed that The Star's report on the AGM, which was published on Friday, was inaccurate. The report said he had commented that the meeting was conducted in a “gangster-like manner” and that he had apologised

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Maika holdings
claimed some people had came to the meeting not to discuss business matters but came with a different agenda – to create a scene.
S Subramaniam coutered that there is no necessity for the group to act aggressively towards him as he had the right to ask questions as shareholder.

ABOVE: the 24th AGM was held on the eve of Merdeka day Day at the Sime Darby Convention Centre.

ABOVE & BELOW: After 5 mins from Start of the AGM, there was a big scuffle and pandemonium broke out before order was restored after quite sometime. see bottom link to previous post on this incident

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ABOVE: Malaysiakini reports on Datuk S Subramaniam making a police report (BELOW); details H E R E by Subscription. He said his supporters had identified those responsible.

MORE PICS & Video – Maika AGM SagaS Subramaniaum lodged Police Report; Alleges thugs Present; Can Identified Person who accosted him

September 01, 2007 19:12 PM

Subra Lodges Police Report On Him Being Roughed Up At Maika AGM

ABOVE: Brickfields Police station and BELOW: Manipulating through the computer to have the finalized report with the aid of his supporter.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 (Bernama) -- Former MIC deputy president Datuk S.
Subramaniam today lodged a police report on him being roughed up by a group of men during the 24th Maika Holdings annual general meeting here on Thursday. He lodged the report at about noon at the Brickfields District Police Headquarters here.

ABOVE: The officer who took the report (BELOW), checked it, print a copy, certified it and made a Photostat copy - all for a nominal fee of RM2
Brickfields OCPD ACP Junaidi Sulaiman, when contacted, confirmed receiving the police report. In the report, Subramaniam requested the police to investigate the alleged presence of thugs claiming to be proxies of Maika Holdings shareholders at the AGM.

ABOVE: With report in hand, S Subramaniam with his entourage of supporter explained (BELOW) to media present the harassment he went through

ABOVE: S Subramaniam elaborated about what happened:

“One person pushed me and said “you don’t have to speak”. I can identify that person. When I was speaking to the chairman, one person put his hand on my shoulders, pushed me, and raised his hand to attack; but others stop him”

"I also want the authorities to investigate the real cause of the incident and who was behind it. The media members were there, and I am sure there were many witnesses to picture what happened that day. "I was supposed to lodge a report yesterday but I needed some time to gather information on the group of men who shoved me," he told reporters after lodging the report. Subramaniam said every shareholder of Maika Holdings had the right to ask questions as they had invested their money in the company. "Some of them have invested tens of thousands of ringgit. When they need clarification, the higher committee (chairman and CEO) has the responsibility to answer.

"I hope that in future there would be a systematic procedure during the Maika Holdings AGM and fair treatment given to all shareholders," he said. Subramaniam claimed on Thursday that he was shoved twice by some proxies of Maika Holdings shareholders when he tried to ask questions and make a proposal to Maika Holdings chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Manaf.

= == = == Watch Video Clip (1.15min) on Subra Report, his comments, S Raman & S Chandran Views

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See H E RE related previous Post on

MORE PICS & Video - Pandemonium - 24th Maika Holdings Meet - 1 Knocked Unconscious – 1 Bleeding; O C A Bhd Sold for RM129.8 mil; Subra pushed & acosted

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MORE PICS Video – SIL Khairy Pulling the String
To Follow Father-in-Law? Malaysia an Islamic state, a secular nation… or becoming a corporate state?

ABOVE: Malaysiakini Sept 1 07 has reported of the Anxiety that the nation faces in its 5oth Anniversary. Details H E R E.

After 50 years, we are still learning and searching? The mention by Anil (Below) of a new force and Malaysia heading towards a Corporate State is indeed frightening. Our missing dimension is human fulfilment. Wisdom comes from the integration of knowledge, consciousness and conditioning as you discover and follow your path or purpose in life. In our society there are abundant opportunities for individuals to acquire knowledge, yet at the same time, it has reduced the opportunities for the integration of that knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom begins with knowledge, but recognizes that knowledge is not enough. Knowledge requires accuracy, but accuracy is not enough. We need truth.

For example, we can goggle for hundreds of references that eating a vegetarian diet is valuable, yet how do we know that vegetarianism is best for us at this time in our lives? It may be accurate that a vegetarian lifestyle is very healthy, for example, but truth may prevail that it is inappropriate for you at this present time

ABOVE: Anyone surprised that the Son-in-law was chosen to pull that string?

Merdeka! But beware the new power.

posted on Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 1.00 am

Just watching the 50th Merdeka celebrations on TV and I can't help but notice how top BN politicians are dominating the proceedings.The 8tv talk show hosts are singing the praises of the PM. Samy and Ong Ka Ting are hovering around the PM. So too Hishamuddin Hussein.

Khairy Jamaluddin raising the flag… Khairy leading the Youth of the BN component parties in a marchpast…Najib literally breathing down Abdullah's neck, looking over his shoulders, as the PM delivers a "spirited" speech.

(Fifty years ago, the Tunku was flanked by Najib's father Razak, Cheng Lock, and Sambanthan. Umno Youth leader Sardon Jubir placed a chain around the Tunku's neck in recognition of his role as Bapa Kemerdekaan.) Dressed in BN blue, Abdullah uses words such as "terbilang" and "gemilang" (from the BN tagline), raising his voice in an attempt to fire up the crowd - but he ends up coughing in between… 0ops.Someone, tell him that yelling at the top of his voice is not his style. In front of him, Umno flags (and was that an MIC flag I spotted?)

flutter next to the Jalur Gemilang. (Hmm, that gemilang word again.) Excuse me, are we celebrating the BN or Merdeka here? Has the campaign for the general election begun?
After 50 years, opposition parties and civil society groups don't seem to have much of a part to play in the official Merdeka celebrations. I don't see any of the key opposition politicians around. Fifty years of independence… and it has come to this. In a sense, this exclusion is symbolic of the larger exclusion of alternative histories and interpretations of the road to
Independence and the role played by left-wing parties in hastening Merdeka. It also ignores the colonialists' commercial grip on Malaya, which explains why the British preferred to deal with Umno and the Alliance rather than the multi-ethnic left-wing Putera-AMCJA alliance, which sought immediate independence in 1947.
Remember, the British were reluctant to leave
Malaya not because they were fond of us but because they were fond of our rubber and tin. They wanted to protect their commercial interests in Malaya – their plantations and tin mines and their cheap access to these resources - and make sure that resource-rich Malaya remained in the hands of "friendly parties".

Meanwhile, we are still grappling with what exactly the Malaysian nation is. The PM's and his deputy's pronouncements that Malaysia is an Islamic state (or is that country?) have only clouded the issue. Their Islamic state is based on Islam Hadhari. (Does Islam Hadhari condone the cruel ISA?) So does that make it different from Mahathir's pre-Islam Hadhari pronouncement on 29 September 2001?
Those who feel that
Malaysia is a secular nation point to documents related to the formulation of our Constitution and statements made by our "founding fathers". They can also point to certain judicial observations made over the years to the effect that ours is secular nation and not an Islamic state. Those who argue that Malaysia is not a secular nation point to policies and activities such as the building of mosques, Islamic schools and the propagation of the religion over public broadcasting stations to strengthen the position of Islam.
Fifty years ago, just before his now-familiar exultant cries of Merdeka!, the Tunku, in his stirring Proclamation of Independence,solemnly pledged that

"…akan kekal menjadi sebuah negara demokrasi yang merdeka dan yang berdaulat serta berdasarkan kepada kebebasan dan keadilan dan mengkekalkan keamanan di antara segala bangsa. Kuala Lumpur, 31August 1957?
"… with God's blessings shall be forever a democratic and independent State founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of its people…" (emphasis mine).

We know of course there has been some conflict – a legal lacuna – between the civil and sharia courts in a string of cases involving conversion cases and family disputes where one party is Muslim and the other non-Muslim. A solution must be found to these conflicts. Nominally, we are supposed to be a parliamentary democracy.

But for the most part - notwithstanding the ideological shift towards greater exclusivism among the right-wing ethno Malay-Muslim nationalists - the debate masks the emergence and entrenchment of a new power in our land. Just as British commercial interests figured prominently in the Merdeka era, today a new force has emerged quietly, exerting its influence on the ruling elite behind the scenes. In this excerpt from a piece I wrote for the Herald, I discuss how this force has extended its influence to nearly all facets of Malaysian life:

Ever heard of the terms "corporatocracy" or a "plutocracy"? How about a corporate authoritarian state or a corporate police state? I am not saying that we are any of these. But what we are witnessing now is the emergence of powerful corporations, which, while they don't wield actual power, exert tremendous influence over the ruling class. As time goes on, these corporations are likely to increase in power, and if they are multinationals, they can grow even bigger and more powerful than many smaller nations. Award-winning journalist John Pilger refers to them as the "The New Rulers of the World". Another economist, John Perkins has also used the term "corporatocracy" in his book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" to describe a system of governance controlled by "big corporations, international banks, and government".
In a corporatocracy, politicians tend to be very friendly to corporate interests. The media too are controlled by huge corporations and they usually publish corporate propaganda, which promotes the interests of corporations and their products.

A plutocracy is somewhat similar. It is a system of government controlled by a small percentage of very wealthy individuals and this system can also benefit and include those in power. A small group of wealthy individuals influence or control most of the levers of power and opportunity. The genesis of the turn to the market and corporate values in Malaysia can be traced to the time when Mahathir promoted the Malaysia Inc concept in the 1980s. Since then, corporate values have seeped into our system of higher education with the corporatisation of universities. University authorities are increasingly adopting corporate terminology while proudly touting their ISO credentials. Now we hear of plans for corporations to "adopt" poorer schools. At one time, the government was even talking about corporatising state-run hospitals before a public backlash put a stop to that (though we can now see attempts at "backdoor privatisation/ corporatisation" of the health care system).
Now, we are seeing moves to corporatise state water authorities. Everywhere we turn, we can see the influence of the corporate world even in our popular culture. Meanwhile, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists – many are so enamoured by the cut-throat, profit-at-all-costs corporate world that some have forgotten the real values of compassion, love, and justice

espoused by their respective religions. Instead of aspiring to a life of service to the Lord's vineyard, many of us aspire to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder.
You can also see the immense influence that corporations wield in these days of global warming. While individuals have been urged to be environmentally conscious, there is no similar call (or penalties) to the large corporations to cut down on their toxic fumes, greenhouse gases and harmful effluents. So, you tell me, do we live in an Islamic state, a secular nation… or a corporate state?

= == = == = == == =
September 01, 2007
00:30 AM
Holography Relives Tunku's Declaration Of Merdeka

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 (Bernama) -- The past came back to "life" tonight as Malaysians watched "Tunku Abdul Rahman" declaring the nation's independence at Stadium Merdeka here. Holography, one of the marvels of modern technology which itself demonstrated how far Malaysia has come in 50 years, created images of the scroll bearing the Declaration of Independence being delivered to the country's first prime minister and of the Tunku, after reading it, leading the nation in seven rousing shouts of Merdeka. There was a simultaneous re-enactment, with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi playing the lead role.

The rise of the nation, from being an agricultural state with more than half its people in poverty, to a modern industrial powerhouse that is among the top 20 trading nations of the world, was reflected in the extensive use of modern visual effects to bring reality to the past. Stadium Merdeka's football pitch became a huge screen for large format projections, while a panoramic screen stretched almost a quarter of the stadium's perimeter.The capacity crowd was awed in particular by the holographic displays which showed up giant images of the Tunku and the other past prime ministers as the distinctive achievements of each of their administrations were hailed. With the stadium's design being restored to its original form when the country's independence was declared, the Merdeka spirit that was sparked 50 years ago was felt by the crowd who had gathered for the mammoth Merdeka golden jubilee gathering.

As soon as the rousing shouts of `merdeka' ended, the crowd was taken on a nostalgic journey to show the achievements of the past leaders via a slide show, lights, holography and dances reflecting the glory of the past prime ministers. Beginning with the era of Tunku Abdul Rahman which used the independence as the theme of the presentation, the crowd was entertained to an acrobatic display by about 300 members of the Malaysian Defence Forces (ATM). The era of the late Tun Razak Datuk Hussein filled the second slot with agricultural development as the theme and a dance performance entitled `Buku Hijau' (Green Book) and Felda by about 1,000 teachers in the Klang. Valley which was then followed by the era of Tun Hussein Onn with the theme of racial unity through a dance by about 2,000 teachers.
The Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's administration which carried the theme of infrastructural development
was staged by 770 students with a band performance and this was followed finally by the era of the present

prime minister, Abdullah.The theme of the 15-minute performance was human capital development shown via a rhythmic gymnastic performance by 1,500 members of the Sokka Gakkai Association. Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, Abdullah and members of the Cabinet attended the celebration. The performance concluded with a fireworks display and singing of patriotic songs including `Tanggal 31 Ogos', `Malaysia Berjaya' and `Jalur Gemilang' as well as the `joget merdeka' dance by 6,000 dancers. The event was participated by about 18,000 people from various departments and agencies including the Federal Territory Education Department, the ATM, Sokka Gakkai Association, political parties, youth bodies, the Istana Budaya and the Royal Malaysia Police Band.


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