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MORE PICS & Video - Illegal Racers Rule the Streets of KL at Weekends, 4 Nabbed on Aug 26 07 along Streets near Dataran Merdeka; RM5000 Fine & 5 Years

ABOVE : Malaysiakini news that matter cover the latest Ugly side of Beauty Pageant details H E R E. But it has no time to see the dark side of the Illegal Racers & the Mat Rempits that took over the streets of Kuala Lumpur during the weekends. The clampdown is now on. The police are conducting weekly operation to reduce these menaces
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ABOVE & BELOW: The streets of Kuala Lumpur are alive with cars during the weekends for testing their modified souped vehicles

Monday, 27 Aug 07: Kuala Lumpur: A policeman and air force personnel are amongst the 4 civil servants to be charged for illegal racing after they were nabbed early Sunday morning. The other two are an administrator at a Military academy and an employee at a local town council.

ABOVE & BELOW: One of the illegal racers being taken in

The four were spotted driving recklessly at the city centre. They will be charged on Monday under Section 42 sub-section 1 of the Road Transport Act 1987 which carries a fine of RM5000 and a jail term of 5 Years.

ABOVE: The motor cyclist pointing at the driver who nearly knocked him down

The royal Malaysian Air force personnel was apprehended when he nearly knocked down a motor-cyclist at Jalan Raja Laut. The other three were arrested in Jalan Tun Perak and were taken to the Jalan Bandar Police station for further questing but were later released on Police bail.

ABOVE: The start of a race was abruptly interrupted and BELOW: Viewers were cursing the Police operation for spoiling their weekend fun
BELOW: Another car being questioned

Other operations were carried out along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Dataran Mederka. Meanwhile Squad 43, arrested 9 Mat Rempits which include a girl student from Pandah Indah. During school vacation, more than 50 were detained’

ABOVE & BELOW: The Subaru Technical International (STI) that was spotted

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'Squad 43' for other states

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 23, 2007): The special unit to address the Mat Rempit problem will be extended to other states in view of the success of the squad here, Bukit Aman traffic police chief SAC II Hamza Taib said today.

ABOVE & BELOW: The weekend operation also caught a number of Mat Rempits together with their machines roaming the streets of KL

He said Squad 43, set up by the Kuala Lumpur traffic police and had made 242 arrests up to July. The unit would be extended to states like Penang, Perak, Johor and Selangor by year-end, he said. Hamza said proper planning had to be done to curb illegal motorcycle racing. He said the menace had spread to Johor Baru, George Town, Ipoh, Alor Star and Malacca. "Some of these illegal motorcycle racers are even willing to come all the way to Kuala Lumpur to learn the skill from their peers here," he said. From 2005 until July, 1,557 illegal racers had been arrested of whom 1,436 were Malays, 63 Indians, 51 Chinese and seven others.

ABOVE & BELOW: They were hand-cuffed to prevent them from bolting away
Those arrested included the self-employed (269), unemployed (256), students (238), labourers (186), factory workers (174) despatch riders (161) and mechanics (59). He said 913 of them were aged between 16 and 20, 550 between 21 and 25, 63 between 26 and 30, 26 below 15 years, and five above 30. "Concerted efforts from all parties, and not just the police, are necessary to address the problem," Hamza said.

ABOVE: The majority is male and BELOW: the rose amongst the thorns was also nabbed, apparently a student frm Pandan Indah, Cheras

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= = =Watch the Video Clip (1 min 52s) on Illegal Racers Nabbed and Mat Rempits Detained

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ERRANT JUDGE Datuk Hashim Yussoffailed to deliver 35 judgments; Is this characteristics of a Good Judge straying from the proper standards?

No wonder the Chief Judge was so “gloomy face” disinterested (See Pic BELOW) during the opening of the new Courts Complex. He must have heard about the disclosure from Karpal Singh in Parliament and was fully weighted down to follow the opening ceremony (he was looking at the other side) wondering how he should respond in facing this "truth".

ABOVE: The Chief Justice at center; When DYMMSPBYD Agong hit the button with the "Mallet" it cleared off the mist revealing a model of the Courts Complex (Below). This is another Malaysia Bolih "creative idea". Gone are the old way of viewing a plaque. More pics below

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Karpal: It's Federal Court judge Datuk Hashim Yusoff

by B. Suresh Ram, Sun

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 27, 2007): Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh today named Federal Court judge Datuk Hashim Yusoff in the Dewan Rakyat as the judge who failed to deliver about 35 judgments. The veteran lawyer, who is DAP chairman, took the opportunity during the debate on the Industrial Relations Act (Amendment) Bill 2007 to make the allegations, offering evidence. He said Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim had said he would investigate if there was any evidence. "I have the evidence right here and I can prove it in Parliament," he said. Karpal said as such, the ball is in the court of Ahmad Fairuz to resolve the matter by looking into his allegation. He said the Federal judge in question had not written judgment in 35 cases, including four in which the convicted are languishing in jail despite being sentenced to death seven years ago. "Does he (Hashim) have the characteristics of a good judge?" he asked. As Karpal sought to continue his debate by calling for "bad judges" to be fired, Deputy Speaker Lim Si Cheng cut him off, saying that what he was saying had nothing to do with the Bill. Later, in a press conference in Parliament house lobby, Karpal said Ahmad Fairuz must explain the delay in appointing the new Chief Judge of Malaya. He also questioned why only one name was given to the Rulers Conference for consideration. Karpal also called for a Royal Commission to be set up to look into how judges are promoted. "The CJ promised that the post of the Chief Judge of Malaya would be filled by the end of this month. We are more than nearing the end of the month." The previous Chief Judge, Tan Sri Siti Normah Yaakob, retired on Jan 5. On Aug 21, Ahmad Fairuz had disputed allegations that he had erred in promoting judicial officers who had not written judgments. He had also asked for proof that he had elevated undeserving judges. Hashim was High Court judge between June 16, 1995, and Aug 8, 2002, after which he was appointed Court of Appeal judge. He was elevated on July 28 to the Federal Court. In an immediate response later, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said the rulers did not object to the list of potential candidates for the post of Chief Judge of Malaya in their recent conference as claimed by some parties, reports Malaysia's national news agency Bernama. "They (the Conference of Rulers) did not object but they did raise some points," he said. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would be making an announcement on the appointment soon, he told reporters after the official opening of the new RM270 million court complex by Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin in Jalan Duta.

Nazri said Abdullah met Tuanku Mizan last Wednesday (Aug 22) to discuss the list of potential candidates to fill the post. On another issue, Nazri said the writing of judgments was not the only criterion to promote judges. There were other criteria like patience and hard work which were considered before a person got his promotion, he said.

Updated: 08:17PM Mon, 27 Aug 2007

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MORE PICS & Video – High Speed Chase on Highway; Two Thieves got the Loot, Failed to Escape in 20-year Nissan Sunny- Rammed barrier - Batu Tiga Toll - Crashed below Flyover


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