Thursday, August 30, 2007

MORE PICS & Video - Pandemonium - 24th Maika Holdings Meet - 1 Knocked Unconscious – 1 Bleeding; O C A Bhd Sold for RM129.8 mil; Subra Hit

ABOVE: Attendance to the AGM was by Registration and BELOW: Entrance straightly upon registration for bona fide shareholders

ABOVE: Malaysiakini had the early report of S Subramaniam - the former MIC No 2 being physically pushed and hit, details HERE and there was pandemonium after the meeting was called to order. Other Malaysiakini reports are:-

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ABOVE & BELOW: One of the shareholders having a brawl with opposing camp members

= = == = == = =BELOW: another scuffle between rival groups

Thursday August 30, 2007, STAR

Subra shoved at Maika AGM

ABOVE: Datuk S Subramaniam had to be steadied by his supporter after being physically manhandled at the brawl in the Maika Holdings 24th AGM and BELOW: Recovering from the ordeal, seemed to be short of breath

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ABOVE & BELOW: He angrily condemned the organizers of the meeting for what happened. Watch the video clip - words from his own mouth

KUALA LUMPUR: Former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam was shoved around during a heated exchange between rival groups of shareholders at the 24th annual general meeting of Maika Holdings here Thursday. Subramaniam, who was furious after being prevented from putting up a suggestion to Maika Holdings chairman Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdul Manaf, walked out of the hall, accompanied by several of his supporters and returned about 15 minutes later.

ABOVE: one of the man was "knock-out" completely on the floor after receiving the right punch on the head BELOW: A closed-up view

One shareholder, who attempted to throw curry powder at others, was apprehended and taken out of the hall. He suffered a gash on the head while resisting. He asked to see the former deputy president and only went away after being assured by Subramaniam that he was all right.

ABOVE: This 60-year old man had a jab and cut on the forehead and had to be helped away (BELOW) for first aid treatment

Another shareholder, S. Nadarajah caused a furore when he said that the AGM was conducted in a gangster-style manner. He, however, later apologised for making the comments. Officials said about 900 shareholders attended the annual general meeting, the first time that such a huge number had turned up in the company's history.

ABOVE: Elderly man was manhandled using his T-shirt collar as a strangle hold, further tightening could easily kill him; BELOW: He insisted showing his wounds to the former MIC No:2

Abdul Rashid had a tough time controlling the meeting with shareholders from the rival camps; one aligned with MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and the other with Subramaniam, shouting at each other. Despite the heated exchanges, the meeting went on smoothly, with Abdul Rashid replying to the questions put forward by the various shareholders including DAP's Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran. At about 1pm, the shareholders were asked to vote on the various resolutions including one calling for the sale of the insurance company Oriental Capital Assurance Bhd for RM129.8 mil.

ABOVE: With Kulasegaran (Left), DAP MP for IPOH, this shareholder complained bitterly about the Police being inside the meeting and were not doing much and BELOW:This shareholder explained with the disposal of Insurance unit, the proceeds can be used for those who wants to be "out" - See video for his exactwords

Maika's management claimed that the sale of OCAB would enable the company to clear its outstanding debts and repay the shareholders who wanted to withdraw their investments. Speaking to reporters later, Subramaniam said he was pushed when he tried to put forward a suggestion at the meeting. He said he was not opposed to the sale of OCAB but wanted Maika should give the first option to an Indian community-linked company or cooperative so that its majority stake would remain in the community's hands.

ABOVE & BELOW: Who is in charge? Still arguing?

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= == = Watch Video Clip (within a Clip 1.35 min) - Brawl at Maika Holdings 24th AGM - 30 Aug 07

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Anonymous Lon said...

"remain in the community's hands"???

That's a KJ statement.

Is everyone really so racist?

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