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Namewee RM500 Fine & 1 Month Jail – in National Anthem Act; MCMC Probe - Add Salt to Wound; Politicians - let Emotional Anger Flow Through

and the latest UPDATE from Malaysiakini, story H E R E for subscribers

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ABOVE: Malaysiakini broke the news H E R E that Wee is now being investigated by MCMC. Obviously this is because the RM500 and 1 month jail is viewed by the authorities especially the Culture Minster Rai Yatim as insufficient

Namewee RM500 Fine & 1 Month Jailunder the National Anthem Act; MCMC used to Add Salt to his wound; Politicians - let Emotional Anger Flow Thruthey disappear

The action taken by MMNC is obviously to get the Rapper “Namewee; - Wee Meng Chee to bleed more. The wound (fine & jail) that the National Anthem Act that can inflict upon him is not enough; so they are looking at the laws in MCMC to see if they can add further salt to his wound. Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim is fully aware of and he has brought up a valid point and asked other politicians not to be too emotional over this issue.

Yes emotions like energy, they flow through you; you feel them and then they disappear. When you try to hold them back they build up and when you get angry if there is further incitement, people might protest and get violent. .
Politicians should be more level headed; Wee’s spontaneous expression of his inner feelings generate the appropriate emotions and the politicians should let them flow through. If you don’t like it, don’t view it and get all shooked and worked up.

It is somewhat fashionable to place feelings above conscious thoughts, the idea being that emotions are more basic and natural than conscious reasoning is.

The two actually go together but your conscious thinking largely determines your emotions, and not the other way around.
The point is that we are here in existence to experience. No right or wrong.(according to the man made laws) No good or bad. No evil. We are here to watch our beliefs—regardless of what they are—spin out into reality. Why deny Wee the emotional experience even though they may be negative?

The flow of life implies that life is spontaneous and Wee is just acting it out. As all of you know, spontaneity knows its own order. The gods created the Universe out of joy and playfulness and creativity, not because they thought they had to. Your being is blessed and spontaneous because it is. And fulfilling it with nature automatically fulfills your purposes and, in your terms, your responsibility.

If the politicians equate Wee’s spontaneity with irresponsibility; abandon with evil then if you abandon yourselves to yourselves, then what good would seem to spring out of the heavens of your being? Our world is in dire straits because we do not trust ourselves. Our social institutions are set up (with the man made laws) to fence in the individual, rather than to allow the natural development of the individual.
Ultimately the magic of your being is well equipped to help you find fulfillment, understanding, exuberance, and peace. Your education tells you that the world is defined by its physical aspects alone. When you think of power you think of, say, nuclear energy, or solar energy - but POWER is the creative energy within men's MINDS that allows them to use such powers, such energies, and such forces. Wee has that true power in the imagination which dares to put up the video in such a way no one has done it

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August 20, 2007 22:43 PM

Rais Tells Politicians Not To Be Emotional Over "Negaraku" Issue

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 20 (Bernama) -- Politicians were told not to be emotional over Malaysian student Wee Meng Chee mocking the "Negaraku" and to leave the investigation to the Attorney-General for action to be taken. Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said politicians could only act as the executive power (if they had the power) and not follow their emotions. "This is the system is this country. The process of the law must be carried out. It's now left to the Attorney-General (Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail) to act," he said when asked to comment on the issue after launching the book,

"Malaysian Constitutional Landscape: The First 50 Years", here today. Asked about the penalty under the National Anthem Act 1968, Rais said We could be fined up to RM500 and jailed not more than one month for the offence. "I will also leave it to the Attorney-General to see whether Wee can be charged under other Acts. I hope the issue will be resolved soon," said. Meanwhile, the book launched today provides a comprehensive look and in depth analysis of the Federal Constitution's evolution since 1957. Rais has also contributed the first chapter on "The Road to
Independence" in the 19-chapter book

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= == Excerpts of his Interview (from Jeffooi.com)

When asked on his father's confidence in the MCA to resolve the issue, he said: "It's my father who has confidence in them, I never said that. On my part, I will certainly have my ways of handling it." "I've asked my father not to handle it, but he was adamant that he must get somebody to handle it for me," he added. "My father has to resort to his own means and I can't interfere."
"But if you ask me if I have confidence, I have no comment," he said. "I can't say whether I am confident or otherwise because that's not how I would handle it myself."

The legal way
When asked to elaborate on what he meant by "his own way of handling", Wee said: "Right from the start, I felt I should go through the legal channel as they only wanted to play up the issue." "That's my stand right from the beginning. If I had to apologise, I will only apologise by the law," he said. "I will not apologise to anyone. Those people are just playing up a lot of things at my back."

"They have their own agenda, I can't help it. You see, the general election is drawing nearer, so is Merdeka. They have their own kind of pressure."
"I have apologised and yet the matter cannot be resolved, they must have a lot of explanation to do... to the Malays, (perhaps) to the people who are against me."
Is the Negaraku-ku controversy laden with political motives? "You know I know lah," said Wee obliquely.

Full interview H E RE in Chinese, by subscription

ABOVE: Wee in his Taiwan Studio


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fine him, jail him by all means. Increase the penalty if you have to - no problem to that.
But please impose the same on those UMNOputras who have uttered much worse seditious remarks in their General Assembly. If you don't you are no better than a hypocrite and suscribe to double standards.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Laksarian said...

To all supporters of Namewee and also supporters of freedom of speech, myself and a few volunteers are planning to hold a silent protest on the National Day. We need your support as there’s only a small amount of us.

We won’t force any of you to participate but I must ask you this, you can bravely defend Namewee behind your computer screen, but are you brave enough to take action in the public?

Some detractors say that we are only all talk and no show, how we are all cowards who will run away from confrontation. Well, now is our chance to prove them wrong.

If you are serious in joining us and want to know further details, please email us at:




3:28 PM  
Blogger ibnawawi said...

National anthem and national flag are sacred to all Malaysians. We should respect our flag and the anthem at all time. Namewee's act is an act of a traitor. He's not naive, he's educated. He must have known that. He's now facing the consequences. Accept it like a man. Be responsible la.

1:35 PM  

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