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MORE PICS – Murdered MCA Ching Eng Wah - MCA Youth vice-chairman who Missed the MCA Assembly;- Back to Square 1 -Stick to Constitution to resolve

UPDATE: Aug 21 07

Tuesday August 21, 2007
MCA man laid to rest; By TUNKU SHAHARIAH
PADANG SERAI: Slain MCA leader Ching Eng Wah, 43, was laid to rest at Sungai Lembu Chinese cemetery in Bukit Mertajam. Thirty-two pallbearers took turns to carry the casket for some 10km from Ching’s house in Taman Damai before the hearse was driven to the cemetery. Ching’s son Hong Lit, 15, and daughter Ee Pan, 14, led bout 700 family members, friends and MCA members at the funeral.

Those who paid their last respects were Kedah Wanita MCA chief Datuk Lim Bee Kau, Padang Serai MCA division chief Goh Ten Hock and Padang Serai MCA Youth chief Dr Chin Tung Leong. Hong Lit and Ee Pan held back tears as they led the prayers. Seated at the foot of their father’s coffin, both were guided by the priest during the funeral rites. Their mother Low Mui Keow, 40, was too distraught to speak did not accompany the cortege to the cemetery. Ching, who was Padang Serai MCA Youth vice-chairman, was shot dead in his Low was beside her husband in their silver Mercedes Benz car on Friday when two suspects men on a motorcycle pulled alongsidethe car at the traffic lights junction at Jalan Padang Serai and opened fire.
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ABOVE: Malaysiakini screaming Headline story HERE

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The wife was reported at a loss to understand why someone would want to take the life of her husband and left her to care for the two young children. It must be a lesson for her. If we do a Reality analysis, the Murder was done by two hired killers; But who created this reality of murder? We must be aware we make our own reality: our dreaming reality, our waking reality, and all realities in which we have existence.

You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience (being murdered is also an experience of course). THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.. You create your own reality (i.e. in this case the murder). You form your experience according to your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Whatever you focus on in your mind will be materialized in your life. If you want to change your reality, you must first change the thoughts and emotions that you focus upon.

Now how is it possible you can create your own murder; surely you would not want to be killed?

Look at this rich wealthy towkay with a nice Merc. Now what was his purpose in life and fundamentally what he was seeking to express in this physical focus? Obviously, the money fascination and all the issues surrounding it perhaps. Money and more money by any means with the power & influence he had.
He was using ALL his energy to create his wealth but unable to identify what is value and the creation of value. When generating more money, you also automatically associate that that shall generate an expectation of more responsibility. Now ask his wife what means has he adopted to get so rich and in such a short time. How many people he had stepped on in the process to make more money – they call it business rivalry or monopoly? The animalistic survival instinct takes over. The hunter is forced to emotionally identify with its prey. So to kill is to be killed. The balance of life sustains all. So unknowingly and blindly he was creating his own murder – the reality that happened.

In this physical existence you are learning how to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to you. Some of your feelings and thoughts are translated into OBJECTS in a medium you call space. Others are translated into EVENTS in a medium you call time. Space and time concepts (exist in physical realm) are illusions.Murder is an even at a specific time. The question arises, how does the particle (and the human) create its own reality? Metaphorically speaking, we swim in a sea of probable events - a field of probabilities, but we activate only those events we choose (by free will) to turn into our reality.

We are, as humans, blessed with the ability to create a near-infinite number of events.
So amid the mad daily scramble, you do make your own reality.

In physical world reality, you are learning -- you are supposed to be learning -- that your thoughts have reality, and that you create the reality that you know.

And physical life in a reincarnational self is not some chaos thrust upon you, some evil from which you must shortly hope to escape. It is a particular reality in which you have chosen to know your existence, in which you have chosen to develop yourself; and again, it is indeed a system like no other system--a unique and dear and beloved portion of reality in which you have chosen to flourish for a while. And in denying it, again, you deny the reality of experience."
Karma presents the opportunity for development. It enables the individual to enlarge understanding through experience, to fill in gaps of ignorance, to do what should be done. Of course free will is always involved.
When you leave this dimension, then you concentrate upon the knowledge that you have gained. If you still do not realize that you create the reality that you know, then you return and again you learn to manipulate and again and again you see the results of your own inner reality as you meet it objectified.

You teach yourself the lesson until you have learned it. And when you have learned it, then you have begun to learn how to handle the consciousness that is yours intelligently and well

= = ==UPDATE:Sunday STAR, August 19, 2007

Murdered MCA Youth leader’s wife baffled over motive
SUNGAI PETANI: The wife of slain MCA Youth leader Ching Eng Wah is baffled as to why someone would kill her husband. “I don’t know exactly what happened and the reason why he was brutally murdered in my presence. “I want to know the motive.
I want the police to investigate if revenge is the reason. “

As a housewife, my task is to handle the daily running of our family business,” Low Mui Keow said at her home in Taman Melati, Padang Serai, yesterday. Ching, who was Padang Serai MCA Youth vice-chairman, was shot execution-style at the traffic-light junction of Jalan Padang Serai in Padang Serai on Friday after having breakfast. Low, 40, was in his car when two men on a motorcycle pulled up alongside the driver’s side and shot the 43-year-old Ching in the head through the right window.

She would leave it to the police to find out the motive for the murder as she had to tend to her two grieving children aged nine and 15 years. Meanwhile, Kedah MCA chief Datuk Beh Heng Siong urged party members not to speculate on the motive behind the murder. “We regret the incident as Ching’s death is a loss to the state MCA. However, we don’t want to complicate matters by speculating on the cause of the crime. Let police investigate,” he said. Padang Serai MCA Youth chief Dr Chin Tung Liung described Ching as a selfless, hard-working leader who always placed the needs of others before his personal needs.

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MORE PICS – Gunning of MCA Ching Eng Wah - Padang Serai MCA Youth vice-chairman; Not related to Party or Politics Claimed MCA Sec Gen Ong Ka Chuan

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August 18, 2007 12:53 PM

Slaying Of MCA Youth Leader Not Over Politics - Ka Chuan

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 (Bernama) -- MCA believes the murder of Padang Serai MCA Youth vice-chariman Ching Eng Wah is not over politics or internal party problems, party secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said today. "We don't believe it is related to the party or politics, definitely not. We have more than 1.1 million members who come from a diverse background. "We will let the police to investigate," he told reporters after opening the 32nd Wanita MCA assembly at Dewan San Choon in Wisma MCA.

Ching, 43, who was an aluminium frame supplier and had business concerns in Padang Serai and Sungai Petani, was shot dead execution-style at a traffic junction (BELOW) in Padang Serai yesterday. Witnessing the horror was his wife Low Mui Keow who was seated beside him in their silver Mercedes-Benz.

The couple was on their way home to Taman Melati after having breakfast in Padang Serai town when two men on a motorcycle pulled alongside the driver's side at the Jalan Padang Serai traffic light and shot Ching in the head through the right window. He died while being rushed to the Metro Specialist Hospital in Sungai Petani. Police believe the motive could be revenge or business rivalry.

Ching suffered the same fate as Lunas state assemblyman Dr Joe Fernandez, who was shot dead when he stopped his car at a traffic junction in Bukit Mertajam town, in November 2000. Earlier, in his speech, Ong said MCA wants to increase its women membership, particularly women below 35 years' old. He said the party's wanita membership was 427,814 against men's 694,369, with a difference of 266,555. "Of the 427,814 women members, 119,422 are under 40, comprising 27.9 per cent of women members and 10.64 per cent of the party membership," he said. He said this indicated vast potential for improvement in women's membership and hoped Wanita MCA would recruit more young members.

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MCA Youth leader gunned down

PADANG SERAI: Padang Serai MCA Youth vice-chairman Ching Eng Wah, 43, was shot dead execution-style at a traffic lights junction here yesterday. Witnessing the horror was his wife Low Mui Keow who was seated beside him in their silver Mercedes.

The couple were on their way home at 8am after having breakfast in Padang Serai town when two men on a motorcycle pulled alongside the driver’s side at the Jalan Padang Serai traffic lights and shot Ching in the head through the right window. Ching suffered the same fate as Lunas state assemblyman Dr Joe Fernandez, who was shot dead when he stopped his car at a traffic lights junction in Bukit Mertajam town in November, 2000. Low called her brother Boon Lai, 37, while still remaining in the blood-soaked car. Boon Lai, Ching’s son and their worker rushed over to take Ching to the Metro Specialist Hospital in Sungai Petani. However Ching was pronounced dead on arrival.
Kulim Deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Ghuzlan Salleh said police have classified the case under Section 302 of the Penal Code. Kedah Wanita MCA chief Datuk Lim Bee Kau said there was a worrying trend of criminals being daring, to the extent of committing murder in broad daylight. Shot in the head: Ching Eng Wah, who just had breakfast with his wife. “It worries me that such a vicious murder can take place in a small place like Padang Serai. “The prevalence of crime such as this requires some drastic measures by the police. They should check how weapons could be easily obtained,” she said, adding that more police patrols were also required.
Kedah MCA Youth chief Boey Chin Gan said Ching was an active party member who was also the division’s branch Youth chairman. He said Ching, who was an aluminium frame supplier and had business concerns in Padang Serai and Sungai Petani, had been with the MCA for eight years.
Ching leaves behind a 14-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son. His body was taken to the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital mortuary for a post-mortem.

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Sunday STAR, August 19, 2007 Stick to the Constitution

MALACCA: The MCA Youth has pledged to defend the sanctity of the Federal Constitution to ensure a united and progressive society that allows the freedom to practise one’s religion. Movement chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai (ABOVE) said the spirit of the Constitution must be preserved for a long time for the sake of the future generation and the document must be the reference point. “Whenever there is a conflict of opinions about a situation we are not comfortable about, we should refer back to the Constitution,” he said during his speech at the opening of the movement’s annual general assembly. Liow said it was not MCA’s culture and certainly not the MCA Youth’s, to wave a sword when making a point.

“If we wanted to wave something, why not a handphone? A handphone signifies communication and can also be said to promote understanding. We in the MCA Youth rather wave the Federal Constitution,” Liow said as he held out a copy of the document. His entire central committee then stood up and waved copies of the country’s supreme law to loud applause from the floor. Party deputy president Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy opened the assembly which was held at the
Pay Fong Middle school hall here yesterday. Liow reminded the delegates not to take lightly the unity which had been enjoyed since independence but instead strive to not only preserve but also to strengthen it. “We must appreciate the unity and remind ourselves of the spirit behind our Federal Constitution, which is full of spirit of solidarity, natural justice and goodwill.” Quoting Perak Raja Muda Raja Nazrin Shah, Liow said the integrity of that document must be protected at all costs and that many misunderstandings may be avoided if the principles embodied in the Constitution were adhered to strictly. “We should not pressure others or to cause tension but instead promote the culture of open-mindedness and always be ready to engage in healthy discourse.
"In the Barisan family, we are brothers, there is no master and slave, there is no question of who is being scared of whom or who should kowtow to whom,” Liow added to applause. He said the authorities should do away with labels like ‘Muslims and non-Muslims’, ‘bumiputras and non-bumiputras’ among Malaysians to eradicate racism and advocate the spirit of ‘rakyat
Malaysia’. Liow also revealed that the Education Ministry had allocated RM14mil for Chinese primary schools under a four-year adoption programme by MCA Youth. He said the move was to upgrade the quality of education in Chinese primary schools to a higher level that was comparable to international standards
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ABOVE; Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen speaking to her MCA flock of sheep; BELOW: Her right and left hand women closed supporters
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ABOVE & BELOW: Section of the women delegates at the Youth Assembly

Sunday August 19, 2007

Chan: Use formula of founding fathers to resolve issues

MALACCA: The formula of having heart-to-heart talks, as drawn up by the country’s founding fathers, should continue to be used when trying to resolve any issue, said MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy “MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai and Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin should work together like our national leaders – Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun V.T. Sambanthan,” said Chan. He said these past leaders reached consensus through various informal but honest and frank talks and thus laid the foundation of cooperation of the different communities that make up Malaysia. “This is my advice to youth leaders and as long as they keep talking to each other, we are not worried.”

Khairy was present at the Youth annual general assembly yesterday. “Everyone should treasure the tradition of working together which started 50 years ago,” Chan said to reporters after opening the Youth annual general assembly at Pay Fong Middle School here yesterday. Earlier, in his opening speech, Chan said history had recorded many cases of “win-win situations” obtained by working together and “lose-lose circumstances” because of confrontations. “Any act of looking after self-interest at the expense of others will only lead to criticism and confrontation. Living harmoniously and willingness to share will only benefit everyone,” Chan said. He also pointed out that with globalisation, our competitors are not those within Malaysia but actually those outside of Malaysia, especially from developed nation, who are prone to setting regulations that favour them.

He also reminded MCA Youth delegates to continue helping the Chinese to attain higher education so that all could contribute to the nation.

= = == = = and the Wee's Saga continues on the sidelines at the Assembly but "lesbian" Azalina is UNforgiving

Nation; Sunday August 19, 2007; Just a wee issue, say Liow and Khairy

Two leaders discussed Wee Meng Chee's songs issue

MALACCA: MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai and Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jammaluddin agreed that the Wee Meng Chee issue should be downplayed. “There should be restraint in this matter and we must not sensationalise too much. We need to look at it rationally,” said Khairy after meeting Liow on the sidelines of the MCA Youth General Assembly Liow pointed out that there should not be so much pressure exerted on Wee as he was just a student and he had already apologised. .

The two youth leaders also urged all quarters to allow the Attorney-General to look into the matter and not jump to any conclusion about what the decision would be. Muar-born Wee, a 24-year-old mass communications student at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, had come under fire after he posted a six-minute video of a Mandarin rap number using the Negaraku as background music.

Wee had since apologised but the issue took another twist when his two songs were sold by VCD peddlars in Muar. “Each party – Umno, MCA and MIC – has its own view on this issue and so it is important for us to sit down and discuss the matter, not only in terms of his actions in the eyes of the law but the impact younger generation,” said Khairy. The Youth delegates also spoke at length about the matter. One after another speaker stressed that Wee had apologised.

= = ==

from “lesbian” Azalina

August 18, 2007 22:43 PM
Student Who Mocked Negaraku Must Face The Music - Azalina

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 (Bernama) -- Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said (ABOVE) said the student who mocked Negaraku in a rap video clip should be punished. "He had gone overboard and must be punished as a lesson to others. Youths must act accordingly as they are the future leaders," she said when launching a Rakan Muda Lifestyle Carnival here today.
Azalina said what the Taiwan-based student did was
against the aspiration of the country which wanted a charismatic and patriotic young generation.

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